Prentiss County Brides

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NABOR, Effie RUTHERFORD, J S 1896-Aug-26
NANSE, Angeline JONES, Anderson 1888-Nov-25
NASH, Lula BIGHAM, Ben 1898-Apr-09
NASSEY, Henrietta BONDS, A D 1880-Aug-13
NEAL, Alto ALRED, A N 1898-Sep-22
NELSON, Annie JUMPER, Moses 1886-Dec-23
NELSON, Annie THOMAS, J H 1897-Dec-28
NELSON, Finnetta KIZER, E H 1880-Dec-01
NELSON, Augustus MILLER, Catharine 1881-Jul-16
NELSON, Burge LINDSEY, John 1897-Jul-07
NELSON, Lena FLAKE, Arthur 1895-Jun-14
NELSON, Lizzie PANNELL, Bell 1895-Jan-31
NELSON, M M Miss ROWLAND, D T 1900-Oct-31
NELSON, Racheal WARREN, Marshall 1894-Oct-05
NELSON, Vester AGNEW, Anthony 1889-Oct-10
NEUSON, Lucy YOUNG, Marian 1878-Jan-07
NEWBERRY, Julia MACON, George 1894-Jun-23
NEWSOM, E E Miss JORDON, F J 1877-Nov-05
NICHOLE, S E Miss COX, James M 1899-Feb-07
NICHOLS, Alice WINDHAM, David 1890-Dec-05
NICHOLS, Dollie VANZANT, N T 1892-Dec-07
NICHOLS, L E Miss REECE, A B 1891-May-30
NICHOLS, L E Miss REECE, H B 1891-May-30
NICHOLS, Lula MCDONALD, W H 1898-Apr-23
NICHOLS, M E Miss MCDOWELL, W T 1892-Oct-19
NICHOLS, V Annie COLLIER, G W 1888-Jul-15
NICHOLS, V F Miss NICHOLS, John 1879-Nov-05
NICHOLS, Virginia TAYLOR, Louis 1881-Jan-12
NICHOLSON, Clemmice MOORE, M M 1895-Jan-11
NICHOLSON, Dora JOURDON, W F 1890-Aug-25
NICHOLSON, Dora Dean JOURDAN, W F 1890-Aug-25
NICHOLSON, L O Miss BOLTON, W B 1891-Dec-02
NICHOLSON, Leona JONES, Riley 1896-Nov-28
NICHOLSON, Modena WESSON, F J 1880-Mar-03
NICHOLSON, Mollie CROUCH, W F 1894-Nov-30
NICHOLSON, Pearl SWINNEY, W F 1897-Jan-05
NIMBLE, Alice MCANALLY, R C M 1897-Nov-19
NIX, Atha ALLEN, J L 1890-Nov-13
NIX, Atha ALLEN, J T 1890-Nov-13
NIX, Dorothy JONES, Luke 1887-Dec-12
NIX, Ellen BILLINGSBY, Noah 1896-Aug-27
NIX, Kate MIZE, D W 1895-May-11
NIXON, Lissy TIMBERS, C A 1897-Dec-22
NOBLE, Lucy BRADDY, Joseph 1889-Feb-23
NORMAN, Alma CARSON, J C 1896-Oct-27
NORWOOD, Emma MCCARLEY, P W 1878-Oct-31
NORWOOD, Ida ELLIS, John 1878-Dec-17
NORWOOD, Mollie DICKSON, John 1877-May-14
OAKLEY, Alice MUSE, E D 1896-Dec-12
OAKLEY, Hattie E HOUCH, R M 1898-Aug-06
OAKLEY, Rosa HILL, James B 1896-Jan-11
OGIVINA, M A Miss JUMPER, George 1877-Nov-27
OLIVER, Fannie REESE, A J 1888-Nov-17
OMUS, Combra SPUCER, James W 1894-Feb-17
ONEAL, Alice BEARDEN, Will 1892-Oct-13
ORRICK, Lucy NIX, George 1892-Sep-02
ORWICK, Lucy NIX, George 1892-Sep-02
OSBORN, Bettie OWENS, W R 1879-Dec-13
OSBORN, Sallie CALDWELL, G R 1880-Oct-12
OSBORN, V B Miss GAINES, J N 1879-Jan-25
OSWALT, Bell MCKAY, Robert 1890-Oct-02
OUTLAW, Carrie RUTHERFORD, W F 1896-Oct-16
OUTLAW, Maggie PARK, M A 1896-Mar-07
OUTLAW, Mattie ASHMORE, B W 1895-Dec-02
OUTLAW, Rosa SAVAGE, W C 1896-May-15
OUTLAW, Vergie BENNETT, J W 1897-Sep-03
OVERTON, M L Miss MCCAIN, G W 1877-Dec-04
OVERTON, Mattie PARK, R C 1879-Sep-16
OVERTON, S R Miss BLYTHE, W C 1879-Oct-09
OWEN, A L Miss BROWN, J W 1897-Aug-09
OWENS, A E Miss SHACKELFORD, L C 1896-Jul-01
OWENS, Carrie HOLLANDS, John F 1893-Nov-14
OWENS, Ida HAMILTON, Sigh 1878-Dec-18
OWENS, Ida JONES, Anthony 1899-Jun-03
OWENS, Laura HARRIS, J M 1877-Apr-23
OWENS, Mollie CLARK, M W 1895-Dec-04
OWENS, Pearl SMITH, Will 1898-Apr-27



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