Prentiss County Brides


LACY, E J Miss PATTERSON, J S 1879-Dec-08
LACY, Fannie E BROWNING, M W 1877-Dec-15
LACY, Mimmie SEARCY, C C 1896-Mar-14
LACY, Nancy BRYANT, A D 1893-Dec-26
LAMAR, M D Miss THORNTON, J J 1894-Dec-13
LAMBERT, Ab Miss BROWN, John 1889-Aug-08
LAMBERT, Docie E HOWARD, James M 1894-Dec-12
LAMBERT, Mary STANTON, J A 1877-Sep-22
LAMBERT, Rebecca E HELIUS, Charles 1877-Sep-21
LAMPKIN, Mary Ann HICKS, William 1899-May-02
LANDERS, Cynthia NICHLS, J 1877-Apr-04
LANG, Hemetta RUFF, James 1895-Feb-02
LANG, Lizzie MCGEE, Ed 1898-Dec-25
LANGFORD, Bess ROGERS, H T 1899-Sep-09
LANGSTON, A C Miss STANTON, B L 1897-Jul-20
LANGSTON, Angie MULLINS, W B 1895-Nov-18
LASLER, Laura MICHAEL, George 1878-Dec-16
LAUDERDALE, Henreitta REYNOLDS, P J 1896-Mar-18
LAUDERDALE, Lizzie DAVIS, A J 1890-Jan-25
LAUDERDALE, Lottie GILLEY, C B 1899-Jan-16
LAUDERDALE, Mattie MASON, J R 1899-Mar-04
LAUGETON, Martha E KYLE, J W 1877-Feb-16
LEACH, L F Miss WYNINEGAR, C E 1892-Nov-19
LEACH, M E Miss WILLIAMS, C W 1895-Apr-08
LECRAY, Sallie OLIVE, W R 1893-Nov-03
LEDBETTER, Alice BISHOP, G G 1892-Jan-11
LEDBETTER, Etta KEETON, Emson 1888-Nov-26
LEDBETTER, M A Miss ARNOLD, J M 1894-Oct-30
LEE, Josie CUNNINGHAM, Elisha 1898-Mar-22
LEE, Kate CUMMINGS, Henry 1887-Mar-05
LEE, Lizzie ROGERS, Lee 1895-Apr-13
LEE, Mattie MCCOY, Charley 1892-Jan-26
LEE, S A Miss BROWN, J C 1896-Mar-06
LEE, W F Miss TAYLOR, J F 1877-Aug-24
LEE, Zue KITCHENS, O L 1891-Jan-22
LEELY, Amanda DEAN, John 1889-Oct-11
LEETH, Julia TISON, J C 1881-Feb-23
LESLEY, Nancy WILSON, Jasper 1878-Nov-20
LESLIE, Eveline WILSON, J N 1878-Feb-25
LESLY, Amanda DEAN, John 1889-Oct-11
LESTER, Allena EATORY, W B 1897-Mar-13
LESTER, Emma BURRESS, James 1892-Oct-30
LESTER, M M Miss BREEDLOVE, O D 1900-Jan-18
LESTER, Mary SMITH, Willis 1892-Oct-29
LESTER, Mary THORNBERY, R L 1892-Dec-09
LESTER, Minnie BANKS, John 1896-Dec-22
LESTER, Tellie GARNER, A L 1895-Dec-24
LEWALLACE, Josephine GORGORY, Jonus 1893-Mar-17
LEWELLEN, Eliza JARNIGAN, Paul 1881-Aug-04
LEWELLEN, Elizabeth LUCAS, Thomas 1893-Jan-20
LEWIS, Ada LEWALLER, Will 1897-Feb-12
LEWIS, Bettie EAST, Ballard 1880-Jul-10
LEWIS, Lorena JONES, Thomas 1889-Nov-05
LINCH, Lizzie JACKSON, Jim 1896-Apr-06
LITTLE, A V Miss TIMBER, J N 1894-Jun-19
LITTLE, Mamie WEAN, E N 1894-Jul-25
LITTLE, Mary CARTER, T S 1897-Jul-15
LITTLE, Oyella BURNS, Rube 1894-Nov-17
LITTLEBEE, Martha AGNEW, Samuel 1899-Aug-05
LITTLETON, Mary HARRIS, R C 1900-Jun-13
LIVINGSTON, Beatrice LIVINGSTON, B F 1896-Jan-25
LIVINGSTON, Della MILLER, J W 1895-Oct-10
LIVINGSTON, Jennie HARRIS, C N 1898-Jul-07
LIVINGSTON, L N E Miss CRABB, W P 1879-Dec-03
LIVINGSTON, Maggie JENKINS, E M 1900-Aug-26
LIVINGSTON, S E Miss SAVAGE, Granville 1893-Nov-18
LOFFIS, Mary MCCRAYTON, George 1898-Mar-10
LOFTIS, Mollie MOORMAN, Henry 1893-Jul-20
LOGAN, Alberta HURSEY, Jack 1895-Dec-25
LOGAN, Matilda STUBBS, John 1892-Dec-24
LOLLAR, Louella LYRA, E T 1890-Jul-01
LOLLAR, Louella TYRA, E T 1890-Jul-01
LOLLAR, Samyrah CAFFEY, M L 1890-Nov-07
LOLLAR, Samyrah CAFFEY, N L 1890-Nov-07
LOLLAR, Sula MCLERAN, W L 1890-Dec-19
LONG, Easter RECHEY, David 1894-Nov-16
LONG, Easter RICHEY, David 1894-Nov-16
LONG, Mattie WILLEY, John 1888-Mar-19
LORELLS, S A Miss PENNA, J P 1879-Oct-17
LORETT, Mary THOMPSON, Walter 1899-Feb-02
LOVELL, Julia BROOKINS, William 1891-Jan-16
LOWERY, Ella WILLIAMS, W M 1887-Jun-17
LOWERY, Lula STUDDORD, W M 1897-Mar-09
LOWRY, Addie CHRISTIAN, Walter 1895-Dec-12
LOWRY, Bessie HOUSTON, Joseph 1887-Mar-05
LOWRY, Ella WILLIAMS, W M 1887-Jun-17
LOWRY, Laura MCCLENDON, Wm 1877-Jul-07
LOWRY, Mary CHRISTIAN, James 1889-Sep-13
LOWRY, Nora LANGSTON, J P 1895-Mar-06
LOWRY, Sallie BASKIN, W C 1879-Nov-19
LUCAS, Ann Eliza MCENTYRE, Alfred 1898-Jan-01
LUCAS, Gracy BALLARD, J T 1892-Jan-01
LUCAS, Lizzie MCDONALD, James 1887-Jul-25
LUCAS, Maggie PHILLIPS, James 1898-Dec-22
LUCROY, Emma MILTON, C M 1900-Oct-14
LUCUS, Lizzie MCDONALD, James 1887-Jul-25
LUMAS, M J Miss CUNNINGHAM, C H 1881-Jan-12
LUMBUS, Amanda HILTON, W S 1877-Feb-09
LUSTEN, Ellen STEWART, Enoch 1877-Oct-16
LUSTEN, Willie WILLIAMS, Calvin 1897-Dec-16
LUSTER, Ella SMITH, M S 1895-Dec-14
LWESAK, Mollie MORRIS, T O 1898-Dec-01
LYFOL, Elizabeth MORRIS, Will 1890-Apr-12
LYLES, Hattie CLAMPET, Jack 1895-Sep-14
LYNN, Della VAUDERAUDER, J J 1897-Sep-09
LYNN, Rebecca MCKAY, J N 1879-Nov-06
LYON, Ella DANDRIDGE, R D 1890-Nov-13
LYON, Ella DANDUDGE, R D 1890-Nov-13
LYONS, Ellen GLASGO, Morior 1879-Jan-14
LYONS, Rebecca STUDDORD, J W 1898-May-02
LYTALL, M J Miss KESLER, John 1880-Sep-22
LYTOL, Zona ROGERS, Pearl 1892-Jan-22
LYTOL, Zora ROGERS, Pearl 1892-Jan-22



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