Prentiss County Brides


KANN, Frances HUTTON, James 1877-Feb-10
KARRS, Alice THOMPKINS, Charles 1877-Apr-19
KELLOUGH, Alice EAST, Wm R 1893-Sep-21
KELTON, Gertrude COLLINS, R H 1893-Sep-12
KELTON, M E Miss BLYTHE, J S 1896-May-21
KEMP, Fannie GRIFFIN, James 1890-Jan-25
KEMP, Gethia HAMILTON, H R 1892-Sep-13
KEMP, Mary SISK, M C W 1880-Jul-07
KENDALL, May LORICK, J H 1897-Dec-26
KENDRICK, Maggie SMITH, M A 1897-Feb-22
KENDRICKS, Adelia MARSHALL, R E 1878-Jan-31
KENDRICKS, Beulah HOLLEY, G H 1896-Aug-07
KENDRICKS, Laura SAVAGE, M J 1898-Mar-13
KENNEDAY, Lethy HICKS, J J 1887-Jan-27
KENNEDAY, Letty HICKS, A J 1887-Jan-27
KENNEDAY, Milley AURNELISON, A D 1891-Aug-26
KENNEDAY, Milley CURNELISON, A D 1891-Aug-26
KENNEDAY, Rachael ELLEBY, George 1888-Apr-11
KENNEDAY, Rachal ELLERBY, George 1888-Apr-11
KENNEDY, Florence DIAL, A A 1893-Sep-27
KENNEDY, Julia ELLERBY, George 1881-Jun-06
KENNEDY, M J Miss BEASLEY, L H 1879-Nov-14
KENNEDY, Mary BROWN, John 1893-Jan-25
KENNINGHAM, Katie BUTLER, W R 1890-Nov-15
KESILER, Polly ZUBA, Caleb 1881-Mar-22
KESLER, Mattie OWENS, G W 1892-Nov-19
KESTLER, Emma STRICKLAND, Robert 1895-Nov-06
KEY, Emma MCKEE, William 1890-Dec-29
KEYES, Kate BETTS, Frank 1880-Apr-14
KILGORE, Callie PANNEL, Thomas 1891-Aug-26
KILGORE, Ida CRUSE, R C 1892-Jan-14
KILGORE, Mittie PARHAM, James 1889-Mar-30
KILPATRICK, Alice CARR, Will A 1896-Dec-23
KILPATRICK, Annie WALLIS, A R 1888-Sep-05
KILPATRICK, L C Miss MORRIS, J R 1888-Jan-14
KILPATRICK, Martha HARRELSON, Allen 1888-Mar-31
KILTONS, A A Miss LUSK, E A 1877-Apr-19
KIMBLE, Parsia BARNES, T B 1888-Feb-11
KING, A N Miss LANGSTON, J W 1877-Nov-24
KING, Alice DODGE, Z B 1886-Dec-14
KING, Emma WATSON, Thomas 1900-Sep-22
KING, Josie MASSEY, J A 1894-Sep-08
KING, Minnie ROBINSON, J R 1896-May-23
KING, Nancy GARRETT, John 1887-Dec-07
KING, Sallie MAULDIN, Robert 1889-Aug-23
KINGSLEY, Willie ROS, Frank 1895-Jul-27
KITCHENS, Amanda PRENTICE, S D 1892-Jan-26
KITCHENS, Jennie SIMS, J A 1879-Mar-15
KITCHENS, Lula ROWLAND, John D 1899-Jan-28
KITCHENS, Mareah STUDDART, W M 1898-Oct-07
KITCHENS, Martha ROGERS, B F 1889-May-05
KIZER, Bettie MILLICAN, Thomas 1889-Dec-17
KIZER, Elmira JORDAN, D B 1880-Dec-15
KIZER, Mattie WILLIAMS, W W 1897-Apr-24
KIZER, Minnie GOOGE, J H 1890-Apr-01
KNIGHT, A B Miss MALIER, M D 1896-Jan-21
KNIGHT, Ada ENGLISH, S J 1896-Jul-26
KNIGHT, Elizabeth PARKS, S S 1879-Jan-10
KNIGHT, Ida MOORE, B T 1900-Aug-22
KNOX, Anna STUBBS, Eli 1877-Jun-29
KNOX, Mary ALLEN, Peter 1877-Dec-21
KOON, Janie COLEY, Wiley 1897-Jul-22
KOON, Janie M BRINKLEY, J W 1896-Jun-22
KYKENDALL, L E Miss HUGHES, J A 1881-Jan-03



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