Prentiss County Brides

I - J

IRBY, Agnes COPELINE, Annamas 1896-Nov-18
IRBY, Lige AGNEW, Clifford 1895-Jun-11
IRMAN, Arme OWEN, J R 1894-Nov-12
ISABELL, Rebecca WILSON, J M 1897-Nov-21
IVY, Mary MITCHELL, Tol 1891-Jan-06
JACKSON, Adrelia MAXTRELL, Marshall 1899-Jun-22
JACKSON, Eliz HASTING, Earnest 1894-Oct-20
JACKSON, Erena CRICK, James 1889-Aug-08
JACKSON, Erena CRISK, James 1889-Aug-08
JACKSON, Nora MILLS, W S 1887-Sep-17
JACKSON, Rosa WEATHERFORD, Robert 1886-Dec-27
JACOBS, Lucy BURRESS, J H 1891-Apr-04
JACOBS, Mary BURREPS, J H 1897-Aug-07
JACOBS, Mary DAVIS, Isaac 1879-Jun-11
JAMES, Donia HUTCHINS, George 1892-Apr-07
JENKINS, Eliza MOORE, Joseph 1891-Feb-17
JENKINS, Mattie SMITH, John 1889-Nov-26
JENKINS, Miranda DAVIS, L T 1900-Jan-17
JENKINS, N C Miss WALLACE, J B 1892-Jan-26
JENKINS, Sallie TYLER, Charles 1894-Dec-26
JENNINGS, Emma STUTTS, John 1887-Jan-17
JENNINGS, M E Miss ADAIR, E H 1888-Jan-03
JEWELL, Emma WHITAKER, B M 1889-Jan-25
JOHNSEY, A E Miss DANDRIDGE, W R 1879-Oct-11
JOHNSON, Anna BISHOP, J G 1893-May-23
JOHNSON, Armnita SMITH, T H 1893-Nov-30
JOHNSON, Bettie ROUSE, E L 1899-Mar-06
JOHNSON, Della KNIGHT, W J 1891-Aug-08
JOHNSON, Dilsey MASON, Henry 1890-Aug-09
JOHNSON, Dolly VOILES, A N 1877-Feb-22
JOHNSON, Ella MAYO, Jones 1897-Nov-02
JOHNSON, Emma FUGITT, S N 1894-Oct-13
JOHNSON, Etta HENSON, Henry 1879-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Francis HARTSFIELD, J A 1879-Oct-31
JOHNSON, Georgia FIELDS, Tennis 1897-Jan-23
JOHNSON, Ida SPAIN, G F 1878-Jan-09
JOHNSON, Janie PARK, M A 1887-Jul-21
JOHNSON, Jessie LOFTIS, James 1891-Aug-01
JOHNSON, Kesiah POWERS, Esie 1879-Dec-18
JOHNSON, L H Miss GAHAGAN, T H 1889-Apr-25
JOHNSON, Laura GRIGG, J A 1888-Feb-06
JOHNSON, Lucy BOWDRY, Andrew 1887-Jan-27
JOHNSON, M L Miss RIDER, W L 1897-Oct-08
JOHNSON, Mary HESTER, C B 1878-Sep-28
JOHNSON, Mary PERKINS, Henry 1895-Nov-01
JOHNSON, Mary RIDER, J D 1892-Dec-29
JOHNSON, Matilda OWENS, Rhone 1881-Jun-02
JOHNSON, Mattie BROWN, E F 1889-Aug-21
JOHNSON, Millie GILMORE, John 1887-Jun-22
JOHNSON, Minnie BRANYAN, William 1887-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Minnie BRANYON, Wm 1887-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Mittie WILKINSON, A C 1881-Apr-19
JOHNSON, Mollie SHEPARD, Green 1896-Nov-01
JOHNSON, Nora Lee LANG, M A 1896-Aug-07
JOHNSON, Ollie SPENCER, John 1889-Sep-04
JOHNSON, Rosa ROBINS, William 1895-Apr-20
JOHNSON, Sallie GRAY, E D 1895-Nov-02
JOHNSON, Sarah KEMP, W E 1889-Dec-11
JOHNSON, Susie YARBEN, T L 1900-Mar-02
JOHNSON, T M PORTER, Turner M 1877-Apr-09
JOHNSON, Vergie BOLTON, Robert 1899-Dec-29
JOHNSON, W H Miss GAMBILL, J H 1898-Nov-29
JOHNSTON, Ella LANG, Louis 1892-Dec-25
JOHNSTON, Ella LONG, Louis 1892-Dec-25
JOHNSTON, Jennie ISBEL, George 1889-Feb-01
JONE, L J Miss POSEY, J C 1880-Dec-27
JONES, Amanda HORTON, Thomas 1899-Dec-15
JONES, Amanda OWENS, A G 1891-Feb-14
JONES, Amanda OWENS, U G 1891-Feb-14
JONES, Amelia BALLARD, Daniel 1881-May-07
JONES, Annie PHILLIPS, Norman 1878-Oct-09
JONES, Annie B JORDAN, H T 1896-Dec-26
JONES, Arvelia COX, C C 1892-Nov-05
JONES, Caldonia LAMBERT, Hugh 1892-Dec-14
JONES, Callie MORRIS, J W 1887-Apr-13
JONES, Callie MORRIS, J W 1887-May-13
JONES, Docia BERTHEY, J W 1891-Aug-15
JONES, Docia GRIGG, John 1887-Jul-08
JONES, E B Miss SIMMONS, J C 1896-Feb-22
JONES, E J Miss DEFER, E S 1897-Dec-05
JONES, Eliza P LESTER, Wm F Jr 1877-Dec-08
JONES, Emily LACKIE, Wm 1879-May-02
JONES, Emma HILL, W T 1892-Dec-24
JONES, F D Miss JONES, John D 1900-May-06
JONES, Georgia WILBURN, W R V 1881-Aug-09
JONES, Harriet CHAMPION, Jo 1896-Aug-22
JONES, Janie MATHEWSON, Edwin 1889-May-26
JONES, Kate L WILLET, Ed 1900-Dec-28
JONES, Katie MCINTIRE, Alfred 1894-Jun-02
JONES, Kindness LOLLAR, J F 1890-Feb-22
JONES, L E Miss WALKER, G B 1878-Nov-19
JONES, Lannie ARMSTRONG, Wilber 1898-Aug-24
JONES, Louisa ROWSOM, Jim 1889-Jan-11
JONES, Lucinda CAFFEY, R O 1886-Dec-22
JONES, Martha EARNEST, William 1889-Nov-20
JONES, Mary ODOM, John 1880-Nov-06
JONES, Mary E BORDEN, J A 1893-Aug-28
JONES, Mattie NICHOLS, George 1891-Sep-03
JONES, Mattie PRINCE, W 1896-Jul-21
JONES, Mattie WESLEY, John 1897-Jul-15
JONES, Mollie STEPHENS, J L 1886-Nov-22
JONES, Rebecca BUSH, Thomas 1898-Dec-03
JONES, Rosa TAYLOR, Wm 1880-May-06
JONES, Ruth JONES, Joshua 1879-Mar-27
JONES, Sallie CARPENTER, Columbus 1899-Sep-02
JONES, Sallie SULLIVAN, Luke 1880-Oct-28
JONES, Sam DAVIS, Olilia 1900-Feb-09
JONES, Tina CARPENTER, William 1896-Jun-22
JONES, Tincy Ann PARSONS, William 1893-Aug-18
JOSLINE, Fannie CATES, David 1896-Dec-01
JUDD, Marey MAYER, Mose 1899-Oct-08
JUMPER, A E Miss GREEN, J H 1888-Jan-10
JUMPER, A V Miss PONDER, W L 1889-Dec-22
JUMPER, Alverda JUMPER, John W 1893-Aug-26
JUMPER, Clemmie HICKS, J W 1891-Mar-16
JUMPER, Cora JUMPER, J D 1892-Aug-20
JUMPER, D V Miss PONDER, W L 1889-Dec-22
JUMPER, Eliza CARPENTER, W L 1890-Dec-27
JUMPER, Lizzie GARNER, Alfred 1898-Feb-14
JUMPER, Lula E BRYAN, W H 1897-Feb-20
JUMPER, M E Miss GREEN, J H 1888-Jan-10
JUMPER, Martha DAVIS, S R 1879-Sep-30
JUMPER, Melissa WINDHAM, O C 1889-Sep-24
JUMPER, Rhoda WALKER, Jack 1887-Feb-19
JUMPER, S R Miss DAVIS, G W 1892-Apr-04
JUSTICE, Alice ROBINSON, B S 1880-Feb-19
JUSTICE, Mary MCLERAN, John 1891-Apr-02
JUSTICE, N J Miss ROGERS, Isaac 1878-Oct-31
JUSTICE, Natie DISMUKES, Robert 1877-Jul-09



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