Prentiss County Brides


GAHAGON, M S Miss PERRY, W E 1887-Oct-31
GAIN, Mary BENNETT, J F 1894-Dec-26
GAINES, Belle ALLEN, C H 1879-Dec-16
GALLAHAN, Rosalina LEITH, J E 1879-Dec-03
GALLAHER, Fannie BRADSHER, R M 1880-Dec-24
GALTEYEON, Lillie WEEKS, J E 1898-Jan-26
GALYEAN, Mollie BENJAMIN, E F 1900-Jun-05
GAMBELL, Lena BIGHAM, Dillard 1895-Dec-03
GAMIEL, M J Miss CHASE, Samuel 1879-Sep-09
GANN, Martha A PIPPINS, Charles 1897-Jun-12
GANN, Mary THORNTON, George 1881-Jan-03
GANN, Nancy MILLER, J W 1886-Dec-20
GANN, Nancy POUNDS, W M 1890-Jul-29
GANN, Samantha BARNES, J H 1896-Jan-30
GANN, Samantha MCKINNEY, E S 1891-Nov-13
GANTNEY, Mollie MULL, E L 1895-Jul-27
GARDEN, A E Miss HILL, P J 1877-Dec-12
GARDEN, Jennie WILSON, G C 1877-Dec-10
GARDNER, Laura DONALDSON, Ella 1899-Nov-30
GARDNER, Lilly GARNER, N L 1890-Aug-13
GARDNER, Mary WILLIAMS, Hugh 1898-Dec-29
GARDNER, Minnie HODGES, King 1900-Aug-18
GARNER, A G Miss KEMP, W A 1879-Dec-23
GARNER, Clara BRICE, Tom 1881-Mar-30
GARNER, Clara WILEY, J  1892-Apr-21
GARNER, M E Miss CARTER, W H 1896-Jan-20
GARNER, P E Miss DANIEL, Willikam 1887-Jan-24
GARRELL, Sallie INGRAM, Charlie 1898-May-21
GARRETT, A E Miss ELDER, J R B 1878-Jul-05
GARRETT, Amy JOHNSTON, Andrew 1897-Nov-01
GARRETT, Annie MOORE, Erasmus 1889-Apr-16
GASKIN, Mary GASKIN, Joseph 1879-Oct-18
GATES, M E Miss LYTOL, J W 1892-Jul-27
GATES, Mary E ROGERS, David 1877-Jun-23
GATEWOOD, Fannie HUGHES, W A 1890-Mar-18
GATEWOOD, Mary BISHOP, Robert 1894-Sep-29
GATTEN, Nina JOHNSON, Bryant 1898-Feb-27
GATTEYS, M J Miss RENFREW, J M 1891-Feb-19
GEATES, E J Miss OWENS, J M 1877-Feb-13
GENO, Susie PERRIGO, Torn 1896-Oct-24
GEORGE, L E Miss MARTIN, G W 1895-Feb-20
GEORGE, Maggie LIVINGSTON, W E 1900-Jan-20
GEORGE, Mattie PANE, D L 1896-Jan-21
GIBSON, Minnie HURST, Tony 1898-Nov-19
GIBSON, Pattie WALLACE, Oliver 1878-Jan-09
GIFFORD, Cora DILWORTH, Henry 1892-Dec-07
GIFFORD, Hester STOKES, R A 1900-Mar-28
GILLEY, Amanda POUNDS, R C 1895-Dec-11
GILLEY, Annie GILBERT, W E 1890-Dec-03
GILLEY, Verdia HELLUMS, Shack 1899-Aug-12
GILLUM, M E Miss HOLLOWAY, John 1895-Nov-28
GILMON, Rilla JACKSON, E C 1880-Nov-04
GILMORE, Edna HARRELL, J H 1889-Mar-06
GILMORE, Linda SMITH, Johnnie 1897-Feb-14
GILMORE, Maggie ROWAN, Wess 1893-Dec-25
GILMORE, Mary HAYS, Henry 1888-Dec-21
GINO, E J Miss LAMBERT, C R 1900-Feb-03
GIVAN, Annie BRANIGAN, Wm 1890-Dec-18
GIVAN, Ida MOORE, Charley 1889-Oct-05
GIVAN, Ida MOORES, Charley 1889-Oct-05
GIVAN, Willie RUTHERFORD, Richard 1890-Jan-07
GLENN, Eliz BRANYON, Lawyer 1878-Oct-21
GLOVER, Caroline BARNES, William 1879-Oct-04
GLOVER, Judy SHOCKLEY, F M 1893-Mar-03
GLOVER, Lizzie BARNETT, J N 1900-Mar-22
GLOVER, Mary RYAN, John 1891-Dec-18
GLOVER, Mary Ann RAINES, John W 1896-Jan-13
GLOVER, Minnie KEESE, N J 1898-Sep-16
GODDARD, E E Miss SMITH, G T 1890-Jan-07
GOFF, Lula TURNER, Allen 1898-Feb-26
GOOCH, Lelia VANDERANDER, B J 1891-Dec-09
GOOCH, Lelia VANDEVANDER, B J 1891-Dec-09
GOOCH, M J Miss JONES, Wm 1880-Jul-01
GOOCH, M L Miss REYNOLDS, J R 1881-Jul-01
GOOCH, Mollie JONES, W J 1880-Dec-20
GOOCH, Mollie ROGERS, Robb 1878-Jan-07
GOOCH, S J Miss MASTERS, J J 1879-Sep-27
GOODARD, Louise MCCOY, H M 1877-Nov-27
GOODGER, Martha GRISSOM, George 1896-May-20
GOODWIN, M S Miss CRABB, W W 1896-Nov-11
GOODWIN, Rosa ROGERS, Joseph 1889-Dec-13
GOODYER, Harriet GARNER, T F 1878-Feb-12
GOOGE, Anna BURREFS, Hood 1896-Dec-26
GORER, Callie BRADEN, Thomas 1881-Jan-10
GOVER, Ella MUSE, G A 1897-Dec-15
GRAHAM, Darthula SMITH, A C 1888-Feb-15
GRAHAM, Maggie DAVIS, W L 1881-Feb-08
GRANTHAM, Narcisa BRAND, J J 1897-May-23
GRASHAM, Pearl FILES, J M 1900-Dec-20
GRAY, L J Miss OWENS, W J 1890-May-05
GRAY, M L Miss GOODWIN, Samuel 1891-Dec-08
GRAY, Narcissa TENNISON, C G 1879-May-10
GRAYSON, Sallie THOMPSON, Reuben 1897-Jul-21
GREEN, Annie KOON, D L 1897-Oct-12
GREEN, Annie SMART, W G 1892-Aug-03
GREEN, Dora YATES, J C 1897-Aug-19
GREEN, Eliza BASWELL, A J 1889-Jul-27
GREEN, Henrietta CRISWELL, B J 1889-Jan-11
GREEN, Julia WHITE, Henry 1900-Oct-28
GREEN, Julia YATES, W D 1879-Jul-23
GREEN, June GENTRY, Lini 1895-Jan-21
GREEN, Luella BRIDGES, Jug 1898-Jul-12
GREEN, M E Miss FORD, A R 1878-Dec-19
GREEN, Martha ENIS, J A 1879-Mar-12
GREEN, Martha WINDHAM, S F 1891-Dec-23
GREEN, Mary CROFFORD, J E 1878-Jan-29
GREEN, Mary Frances GATLINE, J B 1894-Sep-22
GREEN, Mattie Lou ALMON, C D 1894-Dec-26
GREEN, Priscilla SWINEY, Jacob 1890-Jul-09
GREEN, Scerenie BROWN, W B 1900-Dec-09
GREENE, Henrietta CRISWELL, B J 1889-Jan-11
GREER, Arrie COOK, J A 1891-Jun-27
GREGG, Sallie YOUNG, Andy 1895-Feb-15
GRESHAM, Angelina SMITH, John 1887-Oct-12
GRESHAM, Nancy TUCKER, D J 1878-Nov-23
GRESHAM, Willie ROGERS, John 1880-Sep-16
GRICE, Rebecca HARRIS, Horace 1887-Dec-08
GRICE, Sarah STEWARD, Wess 1889-Jan-19
GRICE, Sarah STEWARD, West 1889-Jan-19
GRIFFIN, Clennin WILLIAMS, J D 1896-Feb-26
GRIFFIN, M E Miss HALL, W W 1897-Mar-11
GRIFFIN, Martha E WILSON, Silas 1896-Mar-07
GRIGG, Bettie BARNES, James 1890-Feb-20
GRIGGARD, Eliza POWELL, Berry 1895-Jan-31
GRIGGS, George Ann BARNES, Clayton 1879-Nov-06
GRISHAM, Dollie LEROY, W C 1896-Mar-16
GRISHAM, Emma MCDONALD, David 1890-Nov-22
GRISHAM, Fannie DAVIS, W J 1893-Aug-11
GRISHAM, H L Miss PRICHARD, D L 1888-Feb-07
GRISHAM, Mahalah DAVIS, Henry 1893-Aug-05
GRISHAM, Mittie MUSE, John 1887-Dec-13
GRISHAM, Sallie MEDFORD, J S 1880-Jan-10
GRISHAM, Sallie SMITH, S F 1890-Sep-26
GRISHAM, Sallie SMITH, S T 1890-Sep-26
GRISSOM, Victoria OWENS, A J 1900-Mar-22
GRISSON, R G Miss MILLER, R M 1894-Aug-22
GRIZZARD, Mary SIMMONS, D C 1888-Dec-29
GRIZZARD, Mary SIMMONS, Don 1888-Dec-29
GRIZZARD, Mollie HAMILTON, Will 1891-Dec-23
GRUBBS, Mary E WILLIAMS, Charles 1877-Dec-20
GULLIVER, Caroline COLLINS, Harry 1897-Aug-14
GUNTER, A G Miss BENNETT, Charles 1889-Jun-20
GUNTER, Roxie MARSHALL, Gib 1888-Dec-26
GUY, M L Miss LACY, W C 1895-May-22



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