Prentiss County Brides


FADEN, Frances BETTS, Charley 1895-Sep-14
FALLS, Dora BOONE, W R 1896-Jan-17
FALLS, Mary Lou MILLER, Terry 1896-Dec-24
FALLS, Minnie Lee PATRICK, W E 1900-Jan-01
FALLS, Mollie JONES, J A 1891-Jul-31
FAMBLES, Sue Ann MCCREADY, S G 1888-May-14
FARMER, Lucy SPAIN, J S 1895-Nov-26
FARMER, Martha KENE, Edward W 1898-Apr-07
FARMER, Mary SULLIVAN, Gus 1897-May-08
FELLS, Ardena GENTRY, J L 1895-Jul-20
FERGUSON, Sallie TOURNELL, D R 1898-Apr-13
FERRELL, Annis JONES, Bill 1896-Apr-10
FETES, Modena HARRELL, C P 1880-Mar-06
FICE, Kate WILEY, Tom 1896-Jun-18
FIELDS, Della SMITH, Jeff 1893-Feb-14
FIELDS, George Ann OREAR, George 1880-Aug-24
FIELDS, Mary TAYLOR, Lem 1899-Jan-29
FILES, Amanda L BURNS, D W 1893-Mar-12
FILES, E J Miss ROBERTS, J L 1881-Aug-08
FILES, Lucy HARRIS, H C 1887-Nov-28
FILES, Willie MOORE, E W 1890-Jan-08
FINCH, L C Miss HOWELL, W W 1893-Dec-26
FINCH, Lucy FUGITT, J W 1887-Sep-13
FINCH, S E Miss JOHNSON, J H 1896-Jan-14
FINLEY, Catherine DAVIS, Wm 1880-Dec-23
FINLEY, J A Miss COX, W M 1881-Jul-01
FINLEY, Josie SARGENT, William 1892-Aug-15
FINLEY, M R Miss CRABB, P A 1879-Nov-26
FINLEY, Martha HURST, Tom 1881-Jan-14
FLANAGAN, Mollie LAMBERT, J F 1891-Jan-14
FLANAGAN, Mollie LAMBERT, J T 1891-Jan-14
FLOYD, Annie FLOYD, Thomas 1891-Aug-22
FLOYD, Bettie DAVIS, George 1889-May-15
FLOYD, Ethel BARRETT, R F 1880-Dec-20
FLOYD, Lula LORIDGE, George 1894-Jan-15
FLOYD, Maggie ROGERS, William 1897-Dec-18
FLOYD, Mary HAM, Houston 1897-May-01
FLOYD, Mary REESE, J H 1879-Dec-13
FLOYD, Racheal FULKS, Hosea 1899-Mar-18
FLOYD, Victoria HOWELL, Will 1899-Jan-21
FONDREN, Eliza KING, E S 1891-Dec-10
FONDREN, S S Miss MARTIN, J F 1895-Jan-30
FONDREW, Ronie ROGERS, W T 1897-Dec-07
FOOT, Jennie CHAMBERS, H G 1900-Dec-13
FORBES, L B Miss MORTON, F F 1880-Jan-28
FORD, Lilas WHITE, R A 1900-Nov-18
FORD, Martha E GHRAM, Samuel 1894-Sep-21
FORD, Minnie WILLIAMS, P W 1898-Jan-20
FORD, Sallie CRUMBY, N E 1890-Apr-26
FORD, Sallie CRUMBY, R H 1890-Apr-26
FORD, Virginia DOBBS, Newman 1877-Oct-11
FOSTER, Annie PARKER, Z T 1898-Jul-27
FOSTER, C C Miss GAHAGAN, Joseph 1878-Jan-03
FOSTER, Cassie HANNAH, J S 1898-May-31
FOSTER, Josie CARTER, W O 1887-Jan-24
FOSTER, Mary SWINNEY, R H 1887-Jan-06
FOSTER, Mollie JORDAN, Ed 1886-Dec-27
FOWLER, Nannie BOYERS, P M 1879-Jan-11
FRANCES, Ida HEARN, W B 1887-May-28
FRANKS, Alice ROGERS, G O 1897-Jun-08
FRANKS, Mary GILLEY, A A 1898-Nov-23
FRANTHANS, C L Miss BEATTY, Henry 1899-Feb-23
FRASER, S M Miss HARVEY, J A 1887-Feb-25
FREDERICK, A W Miss JOHNSON, D R 1900-Feb-03
FREDERICK, G J BOWLING, Lydia 1897-Jan-18
FREDERICK, N A Miss JOHNSON, D R 1896-Jan-28
FREDERICK, Tiney JOHNSON, W B 1900-Mar-10
FREE, Betty CURTIS, Ed 1897-Dec-19
FREE, Elizabeth NICHOLS, G W 1888-Oct-24
FREE, Texana GAHAGAN, George 1897-Mar-11
FRENCH, Lucy WHITESIDE, N M 1879-Dec-23
FROST, Alyada YOUNG, Boliver 1897-Dec-11
FRYAN, Zula SMITH, Willis 1894-Dec-10
FRYAR, Mollie BRANYON, W M 1895-Nov-28
FUGETT, A E Miss HORNE, J W 1879-Sep-19
FUGETT, Catherine DEAN, John 1879-Dec-25
FUGETT, Florence ALEXANDER, Kellis 1895-Dec-24
FUGETT, Ida YOUNG, Guy 1898-Feb-13
FUGITT, Dorcas MCNEAL, B F 1891-Feb-14
FUGITT, E F Miss FUGITT, J W 1895-Apr-05
FUGITT, Keturah SANDERS, J B 1890-Sep-20
FULGHAM, Calley ROBERTSON, O B 1900-Jan-31
FULGHAM, Mollie RONE, L C 1879-Apr-15
FULKS, Hosea FLOYD, Racheal 1899-Mar-18
FURRIS, Nellie May STRAIN, R F 1900-Dec-20
FURTICK, Belle FURTICK, W A 1897-Jun-02
FURTICK, L D HOLMIS, Baxter 1893-Aug-15
FURTICK, S M Miss DEARING, A B 1889-Dec-24
FUTGRAHAM, Maria SARDIN, W J 1898-Nov-05



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