Prentess County Brides

D - E

DALTON, Edwina WARREN, Gum 1898-Mar-25
DALTON, Fannie GREEN, R E 1898-Jan-16
DALTON, Minnie SPAIN, James T 1888-Nov-27
DANDRIDGE, Malinda WALKER, Henry 1891-Aug-18
DANIEL, C H Miss DOTY, P L 1880-Jan-16
DANIEL, Ella ALLEN, Joseph 1889-Feb-02
DANIEL, H H Miss HARE, W I 1891-Dec-08
DAVENPORT, Fannie DAVENPORT, W R 1877-Aug-22
DAVIDSON, Sennie PARKER, D E 1896-Jul-20
DAVIS, Anna STEWART, R A 1879-Aug-18
DAVIS, Annie OWEN, A H 1894-Jan-31
DAVIS, Cardelia BURREFS, Luther 1897-Dec-11
DAVIS, E A Miss YALGEAN, T C 1896-Jun-07
DAVIS, Eliz LANGFORD, Wm E 1893-Mar-16
DAVIS, F A Miss PEARCE, B F 1879-Aug-30
DAVIS, Fannie DAVIS, J H 1898-Aug-16
DAVIS, Lillie E WARREN, W T 1894-Feb-10
DAVIS, Lula RICHMOND, Daniel 1893-Dec-23
DAVIS, M C Miss WALES, C M 1896-Oct-26
DAVIS, M E Miss OWENS, O M 1896-Dec-26
DAVIS, Martha YATES, J H 1889-Sep-09
DAVIS, Martha YATES, John 1889-Sep-09
DAVIS, Mary GLOVER, James 1892-Jul-14
DAVIS, Mary POWELL, G M 1891-Oct-27
DAVIS, Mary Ann GLOVER, James 1892-Jul-14
DAVIS, Mary E LONG, T D 1877-Feb-20
DAVIS, Mary L VOSH, W T 1896-Dec-02
DAVIS, Mattie ROWLAND, T A 1880-Mar-13
DAVIS, Melinda HUNCH, A C G 1877-Jul-21
DAVIS, Mollie DAVIS, G W 1880-Dec-09
DAVIS, Nancy HATHCOCK, C F 1897-Jul-31
DAVIS, Olilia JONES, Sam 1900-Feb-09
DAVIS, Ophelia JONES, Issac 1900-Jul-21
DAVIS, Rachael DAVIS, J T 1881-Feb-15
DAVIS, Susan NOBLE, W H 1878-Dec-11
DAVIS, Tabitha GREGG, P W 1889-Mar-10
DAVIS, Tennie CROCKETT, Leroy 1887-Feb-19
DAVIS, Virginia PHILLIPS, B S 1900-Nov-04
DAVY, Francine WALKER, Anderson 1878-Jan-19
DAWLS, Angeline WELLS, E D 1896-Nov-24
DAWSON, Billie HENDRIX, R L 1894-Jul-28
DAWSON, Malinda BEDFORD, J J 1895-Jun-10
DAY, M J Miss GWERS, G W 1878-Jan-19
DEAN, G A Miss CAVEN, William 1880-Apr-29
DEES, Arzena STEPHENSON, L O 1891-Dec-29
DEES, Krzena STPHENSON, L O 1891-Dec-29
DEES, Polly SCALLEY, Pryor 1878-Oct-07
DENNIS, Dora A ONGLEHART, J A 1900-Dec-14
DENSON, Emma FINCH, Felix 1893-Jan-26
DENSON, Fannie MCCOY, Otis 1896-Jun-17
DENSON, Ida MCCOY, T L 1892-Sep-10
DENSON, P A Miss MILLICAN, C A 1892-Nov-09
DENSON, P A Miss MILLICAN, C A 1892-Dec-30
DENSON, Rebecca WOOD, J H 1889-May-18
DENSON, Sarah MOORE, L J 1891-Dec-16
DENSON, T J Miss NICHOLSON, W L 1897-Dec-05
DERRYBERRY, Delpha JOHNSON, Tom 1899-Jul-29
DEUSON, L E Miss BENNETT, G W 1898-Feb-14
DICKEY, Carrie WALKER, James 1895-Nov-01
DICKEY, S E Miss ALLIBAG, M 1878-Dec-16
DICKINSON, Clarice MAYO, W C 1890-Jan-16
DICKINSON, Daizy SULLIVAN, W H 1895-Sep-05
DICKINSON, Henretta STACY, Columbus Porry 1893-Sep-30
DICKINSON, Louisa LOVELL, Columbus 1892-Nov-16
DIXON, Mary STEPHENSON, David 1880-Aug-18
DOBBS, Martha HUGHES, E W 1879-Mar-26
DOBBS, Mary STENNETT, T A 1881-Jul-05
DOCKINS, Grace LOWRY, Grant 1887-Mar-14
DOCKINS, Grace LOWRY, Grant 1887-May-14
DOLEY, Caroline LAUDERDALE, J N 1895-Jan-19
DONAHOE, A A Miss SHELLEY, J T 1880-Mar-16
DONALDSON, Ella GARDNER, Laura 1899-Nov-30
DONALDSON, Kate J ASHLEY, J W 1893-Oct-24
DONOHOE, Mary HUBBARD, J H 1891-Dec-11
DONOHOE, Mary HUBBARD, James 1891-Dec-11
DONTHET, L A Miss CARPENTER, J T 1881-Jan-17
DOTY, Cynthia HESTER, J W 1900-Mar-06
DOTY, Emma GIFFORD, R E 1896-Oct-14
DOTY, P L DANIEL, C H Miss 1880-Jan-16
DOUSON, Lizzie WALDEN, M M 1894-Dec-07
DOWNEY, Alice DUNCAN, James 1892-Feb-25
DOWNING, Sina RICKS, A D 1879-Dec-23
DUBOIS, A G Miss ARNETT, D W 1897-Dec-05
DUBOIS, M M Miss WINNETT, A E 1877-Nov-17
DUBOISE, R A Miss DENNIS, E D 1891-Jul-11
DUKE, Aby RICKS, C C 1878-Mar-23
DUKE, Cinda ALLEN, T 1889-Mar-04
DUKE, Lora HILL, James 1888-Mar-07
DUKE, Pinkie MOORE, W L 1900-Dec-23
DUNCAN, Alice STEWART, Lindsey 1887-Feb-23
DUNCAN, Dolla HART, Thomas W 1898-Aug-10
DUNCAN, Ida WILLIAMS, Cay 1898-May-21
DUNCAN, Ida Mae HILL, Charley 1899-Dec-27
DUNCAN, Laura WOODRUFF, C B 1889-Aug-21
DUNCAN, Linda NICHOLS, W M 1898-Aug-17
DUNCAN, Malinda MCDOUGAL, J W 1887-Dec-29
DUNCAN, Mary F COX, Sam B 1893-Sep-01
DUNCAN, Mattie HILL, James 1880-Jan-06
DUNCAN, Nancy SIMPSON, John 1878-Feb-26
DUNCAN, Nannie ANDERSON, R C 1888-Aug-22
DUNCAN, Nannie ANDERSON, R E 1888-Aug-22
DUNLAP, Amanda GRICE, George 1890-Jan-07
DUNN, Lummy DUBOIS, W H 1897-Aug-19
DURREN, Laura RICE, Fed 1880-Jul-21
DUSON, Mattie DICKENSON, C R 1898-Dec-23
EARL, Millie THOMPSON, Jack 1898-Mar-27
EARNEST, Amanda WILLIAMS, Joseph 1878-Nov-09
EARWOOD, Gusta RISNER, J S 1900-Apr-02
EATON, Emma TRENTHAM, S T 1892-Nov-29
EATON, Laura BACON, George 1878-Mar-23
EDMONDS, Amy POPE, Joseph 1890-May-31
EDWARDS, Mariah SPREWELL, Sidney 1878-Dec-18
ELDER, Ellen DALTON, John 1895-May-11
ELDER, Mattie SPAIN, J W 1879-Dec-09
ELDER, Mynelle DALTON, R T 1898-Dec-02
ELDER, Nora TAYLOR, J A 1895-Apr-24
ELDER, Sallie DALTON, Terry L 1895-Jan-29
ELDER, Sue Ella SCHOOLER, Henry 1887-Nov-23
ELLERBY, July BROWN, Burrell 1881-Jul-27
ELLINGTON, Anna PATRICK, A H 1890-Dec-23
ELLIO, Carrie LOWERY, Ed 1899-Oct-28
ELLIOTT, A V Miss MARTIN, M F 1889-Dec-22
ELLIOTT, Dora PUTT, J W 1898-Feb-00
ELLIOTT, Florence SMITH, C E 1895-Sep-25
ELLIOTT, J V Miss MARTIN, M F 1889-Dec-22
ELLIOTT, Willie BUTLER, J N 1899-Nov-04
ELLIS, Elizabeth BRAY, Wm 1890-Oct-30
ELMORE, P C Miss THOMPSON, Lee 1888-Sep-24
ELMORE, P C Miss THOMPSON, Lee 1888-Sep-29
ELZY, Susie HOLLEY, H T 1887-Dec-25
ELZY, Susie HOLLEY, J T 1887-Dec-25
ENGLAND, Fannie HOLLOWAY, William 1888-Aug-17
ENGLAND, Fannie HOLLOWAY, Wm 1888-Aug-17
ENGLAND, Mary STRICKLIN, J H 1895-Apr-16
ENGLAND, Nancy WALDEN, W A 1889-Apr-23
ENGLISH, Fannie EATON, J B 1898-Dec-03
ENGLISH, Lela THOMPSON, John W 1897-Dec-12
ENGLISH, M A Miss GOBER, J M 1880-Oct-27
ENGLISH, M C Miss MURDOCK, A J 1896-Mar-07
ENIS, S P Miss OWENS, W A 1881-Mar-18
ERBRY, Angeline AGNEW, Saur 1896-Nov-17
ERBY, Annie JONES, Warren 1889-Jan-23
ERNEST, Fannie HARRIS, Adam 1888-Oct-15
ERNEST, Frances HARRIS, Adam 1889-May-28
ERNEST, Martha HENDRICKS, S N 1894-Sep-15
ERNS, Betty DILIVE, J L 1899-Sep-09
ERVIN, Vina FRYAR, Ed 1887-Mar-16
EVANS, Augusta HERRELSON, J H 1899-Apr-15
EVANS, Darthely BARNE, W M 1897-May-19
EVANS, M C Miss MILLER, J A 1892-Jul-02
EVANS, Mattie BUCHANAN, D B 1888-Dec-22
EVANS, Nora PAIRRE, Jim 1897-Mar-24
EVANS, Onie MILLS, Ed 1895-Aug-30
EVANS, S J Miss DAVIS, W T 1899-May-12
EVANS, Sarah BOREN, A J 1878-Mar-11
EVANS, Sarah HEMBREE, I N 1878-Feb-21
EVANS, Vira TAYLOR, John 1892-Dec-03
EWIN, Vina FRYAR, Ed 1887-Mar-16



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