Prentiss County Brides


CAGLE, S H Miss BEARD, N C 1887-Dec-17
CALDWELL, S E Miss GASKIN, J A 1893-Mar-07
CALTON, Emma OWENS, N J 1893-Nov-10
CALTON, Louisa A SHAMLING, J H 1894-Oct-31
CAMPBELL, Anna NORMAN, A B 1893-Mar-04
CAMPBELL, Margaret FURMAN, John 1879-Feb-13
CAMPBELL, Martha BUCHANAN, James 1877-Feb-02
CAMPBELL, Sarah KING, M L 1878-Nov-07
CAMPBELL, Tennessee ANDERSON, Jack 1880-Aug-05
CANBY, Rhoda BOTTS, L W 1878-Jul-25
CANDERBERRY, Bettie BURRESS, Randall 1881-Jan-20
CANTRELL, M S Miss SEATS, J T 1880-Mar-30
CARAWAY, Jennie WALKER, Mose 1881-Mar-12
CARIUPS, Mary DEUSON, John W 1897-Dec-26
CARNES, Paralee NICHOLS, M C 1880-Apr-17
CARNESS, J C Miss CHAFIN, R E 1896-Jun-13
CARPENTER, Amanda LAMBERT, Charles 1891-May-16
CARPENTER, Annie HORTON, J W 1878-Jun-11
CARPENTER, Annie JOHNSON, Ben 1890-Apr-12
CARPENTER, Callie MANNS, Sam 1898-Dec-24
CARPENTER, Cansada EDWARD, J M 1892-Feb-19
CARPENTER, Fannie LEDBETTER, J D 1890-Dec-16
CARPENTER, Julia WYLY, Mack 1895-Dec-28
CARPENTER, L C Miss SPAIN, M F 1879-Apr-02
CARPENTER, Lorena MANNS, T N 1880-Nov-01
CARPENTER, Lucretia KILLCREASE, J J 1880-Jan-05
CARPENTER, Mahala TRIPLETT, S C W 1877-Dec-13
CARPENTER, Mary CROCKETT, James 1894-Dec-22
CARPENTER, Mary GENTRY, R A 1878-Mar-04
CARPENTER, Rose BARFIELD, Julia 1899-May-14
CARPENTER, Sookey MILLER, Wm 1890-Dec-20
CARR, Ratie SWINDLE, J W 1900-Jul-26
CARR, Sallie MOORE, H A 1895-Sep-24
CARROWAY, Margaret TOPP, Granville 1887-Oct-17
CARTER, M D Miss ARTIS, Walter 1895-Apr-30
CARTER, Mattie MARTIN, E L 1898-Nov-22
CARTER, Rubie A SHACKELFORD, J M 1893-Dec-18
CARTWRIGHT, Mary WINDHAM, William 1889-Aug-31
CARVAGE, Mary SAVAGE, Wiley 1899-Jul-12
CASY, S T Miss ROBERTS, J O 1878-Apr-24
CAVER, Idella FREE, Bird 1890-Sep-05
CHAMBERS, A C Miss SMART, L N 1880-Nov-15
CHAMBERS, Ellen COLLINS, Adolphus 1895-Nov-16
CHAMBERS, Fannie SELMAN, B A P 1879-May-27
CHAMBERS, L E Miss YATES, Marcus 1887-Dec-24
CHAMBERS, Laura SURATT, J A 1895-May-28
CHAMPION, Martha HOOPER, J N 1894-Dec-08
CHARLEY, G A Miss SCOTT, Churley 1894-Feb-05
CHARLY, Ida MURDOCK, John 1898-Aug-28
CHASE, Marilda Ann MCANNALLY, Walter 1897-Nov-28
CHEEVER, L I Miss HUMPHREY, J W 1880-Dec-16
CHEVES, Alice FURTICK, W C 1888-Dec-05
CHEVES, Mary STORY, L L 1877-Oct-19
CHIDESTA, J A Miss REINHAUC, 1878-Jan-16
CHISHOLM, Viella FLOYD, Charly 1897-Aug-26
CHITTON, J A Miss PARKER, J M 1898-Dec-20
CHRISTIAN, Mattie YOUNG, Alex 1888-Dec-15
CHUKS, Maggie WINGO, Charles 1899-Oct-21
CHURCH, Lula HOWELL, H W 1887-Apr-08
CHURCH, Malissa SHERRILL, J M 1895-Mar-28
CLAMPET, A B Miss ALEXANDER, J H 1889-Feb-21
CLARDY, Anna MANIS, Riley 1879-May-15
CLARDY, Maggie LESTER, Gus 1880-Jan-07
CLARDY, Rachel WILLIS, John 1879-Aug-16
CLARK, H A Miss SMITH, R F 1897-Oct-15
CLARK, Harriet PRICE, John 1898-Sep-23
CLARK, L G Miss HORN, J W 1898-Oct-19
CLARK, S D Miss WROTEN, S N 1899-Sep-05
CLARK, Sarah BAKER, L H 1878-Mar-09
CLAUNCH, Bell AYERS, W A 1900-Nov-04
CLAUNCH, Luvenia COOK, J T 1899-Nov-06
CLEG, Mary STOVALL, George 1898-Dec-21
CLEMENTS, M A Miss PHARR, J N T 1890-Jan-09
CLEVELAND, Carrie MOORE, George 1891-Sep-24
COBB, Mattie FORTNER, J R 1881-Jun-10
COCHRAN, L J Miss PARDUE, E B 1888-Mar-07
COGGS, Mary FUGITT, Wm 1889-Apr-30
COLE, Deed CALTON, John 1900-Jan-04
COLE, Hattie GENO, John 1896-Dec-30
COLE, N A Miss CARTWRIGHT, J A 1890-Feb-15
COLEMAN, Letitia MICHAEL, D R 1887-Dec-05
COLEMAN, Sigmora COOPER, J F 1897-Nov-01
COLLEEM, Nora Bell DAWSON, T S 1900-Feb-03
COLLIER, Caroline SHAW, Ed 1888-Feb-25
COLLIER, Fannie ADAMS, Rufus 1889-Sep-14
COLLIER, Mary BETTS, Andrew 1888-Feb-02
COLLINS, Ellen HARRIS, Burgess 1878-Apr-29
COLLINS, M E Miss HOLLEY, George 1890-Jan-07
COLLINS, Octavia DUFF, Henry 1891-Feb-13
COLLNS, Octavia DUFF, Henry 1891-Feb-13
COOK, Addie PRUITT, A G 1888-Jun-30
COOK, Eliza BOGGS, L A 1893-Dec-20
COOK, Lou FARIS, Josh 1877-Aug-10
COOKSEY, N Amiss RINEHART, J E 1900-Mar-10
COONEY, Adelia HERSEY, General 1887-Sep-10
COOPER, Agnus MICHEALS, M L 1897-Jul-15
COOPER, Ellen DAVES, J F 1878-Jan-23
COOPER, Luella MICHEALS, Henry A 1897-Oct-22
COOPER, M E Miss HODGES, A H 1879-Dec-22
COOPER, Mary A COOPER, George 1897-Oct-23
COOPER, Mennie HARPER, Abraham 1898-Nov-17
COOPER, Minnie BROOKS, Oscar 1897-Jul-15
COPELAND, C C Miss WAIN, Columbus 1898-Dec-13
COPELAND, Ellen BURR, John 1878-Dec-17
CORMACK, Ada WANSLEY, A W 1900-Feb-02
CORNELIUS, Sallie WISE, Langston 1880-Oct-06
CORRLEY, Priscella MAYO, S W 1899-Jan-01
COTHRAN, Lydia GREEN, Wm 1881-May-10
COWAN, Nancy SWEAT, J T 1880-Aug-10
COX, Laura BEARDEN, Pleasant 1889-Oct-30
COX, Lou THREADGILL, John 1889-Oct-02
COX, Mariah JONES, E M 1893-Jan-23
COX, Mary WALLACE, K D 1897-Apr-17
COX, Tina SMITH, T M 1898-Jan-20
CRABB, A E Miss WROTEN, E P 1899-Jul-28
CRABB, Bettie HATHCOCK, W A 1888-Jan-24
CRABB, Bettie Jane HATHCOCK, Wm 1888-Jan-24
CRABB, Luella BOGGS, A W 1894-Aug-30
CRABB, Margaret KIZER, Wm 1890-Dec-27
CRABB, Margarett KIZER, William 1890-Dec-27
CRABB, Martha JONES, J P 1896-Jul-28
CRABB, Paralee ADAMS, William 1889-Apr-08
CRABB, Sallie BLEDSON, G J L 1897-Nov-11
CRABBS, Lizzie HARK, R J 1877-Dec-17
CRABBS, N C Miss GENTRY, D A 1877-Nov-24
CRABBS, S N Miss MURPHY, G W 1877-Nov-24
CRAN, Ella TRUMBLE, Joseph 1897-Mar-01
CRATON, Amanda JONES, King 1887-Apr-25
CRATON, Sarah EDWARDS, Louis 1889-Nov-04
CRAYTON, Rebecca RANDOLPH, William 1895-Jun-12
CRAWFORD, Eliza KIZER, J K 1880-Oct-29
CRAYTON, Mattie HARRISON, M C 1893-Oct-06
CREMP, Ida BRYSON, Jere 1895-Dec-04
CROCKET, Mattie JUMPER, Augustus 1879-Jan-14
CROCKETT, Mary HOWELL, W F 1878-Sep-07
CROCKETT, Tennie GILMORE, John 1891-Oct-15
CROPLAND, Jennie HALL, William 1895-Oct-04
CROUCH, Jennie NICHOLSON, D W 1898-Jun-11
CROUCH, R D Miss NICHOLSON, W L 1893-Jan-17
CROW, Emma MOSS, James 1887-Oct-15
CROW, Margarett CROW, Robert 1892-Oct-23
CROW, Martha HOLLEY, Joseph A 1877-Dec-25
CROW, Mattie NORRIS, W S 1889-Nov-19
CROWDER, S A Miss FLOYD, H C 1900-Jan-04
CULORN, Mary D PETERS, Fred 1894-Jan-01
CUMMINGS, Lizzie LINDSEY, Robert 1894-Nov-21
CUMMINGS, Martha YOUNG, James 1889-Nov-16
CUMMINGS, Minnie SUDHAM, Charles 1895-Jan-17
CUMMINGS, Tennessee MOSELEY, Peter 1887-Jun-15
CUNNINGHAM, Mary JONES, Harvey 1899-Dec-26
CUNNINGHAM, Minnie PARDUE, R T 1888-Apr-10
CUNNINGHAM, Neatty DUNCAN, J F 1899-Nov-11
CUNNINGHAM, Sallie O SPARKS, J T 1893-Dec-16
CURTIS, Geneva SANDERS, Wesley 1898-Jan-17



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