Prentiss County Brides


ABBEY, Amanda PAHAGAN, R A Miss 1894-Oct-02
ADAIR, Cordelia CARPENTER, James 1879-Aug-11
ADAIR, Harriet FRAZIER, J A 1879-Oct-31
ADAIR, O Z Miss HAMILTON, W L 1881-Jul-16
ADAMS, Annie ARMSTRONG, Henry 1896-May-16
ADAMS, Callie SMITH, Ellis 1898-Jul-19
ADAMS, M E Miss SANDERS, C N 1894-Dec-24
ADAMS, Mary ALLEN, Calvin 1878-Feb-02
ADAMS, Millie HALLADAY, Shadrach 1879-Sep-18
ADAMS, Susan HOLLIDAY, John 1878-Feb-14
ADELE, Minnie TOLSON, John 1880-Mar-13
ADKINS, Susan BRYANT, A Jack 1878-Nov-20
ADKINSON, Susanna SIMS, Charles 1881-Jul-25
AGNEUR, Lula FOOD, Ed 1898-Dec-24
AGNEW, Amma RAFAEN, William 1900-Dec-05
AGNEW, Caroline FEARS, Joshua 1877-Oct-11
AGNEW, Janice HAYS, Loyd 1900-Aug-25
AGNEW, Neely CUNNINGHAM, Peter 1895-Oct-25
AGNEW, Robb HARRISON, Hogen 1893-Dec-27
AGNEW, Sallie BARTON, Earley 1900-Jan-06
AGNEW, Sarah DONALDSON, Danniel 1879-Jan-15
AGNEW, Sarah WADE, Lewis 1879-Jan-20
AKERS, Annie SMITH, M H 1897-Oct-08
AKERS, E A Miss DENSON, T C 1892-Aug-01
AKIN, S A Miss TURNER, N C 1880-Dec-27
ALEXANDER, Fannie ARCHER, J G 1888-May-09
ALEXANDER, Leah WILLIAMS, Oscar 1899-Jul-22
ALEXANDER, Tempie GIBSON, R C 1889-Sep-10
ALLEN, Belle FERGUSON, Willoughby 1890-Nov-18
ALLEN, Lucy MORTON, John 1879-Jan-14
ALLEN, M J Miss HART, W J 1878-Jan-08
ALLEN, Mollie STEWART, Dock 1887-Dec-22
ALLEN, Phelia LUSK, Rufus 1898-Feb-22
ALLEN, Polly YOUNG, Archy 1880-Dec-29
ALLEN, R A Miss FLOYD, W D 1890-Jan-30
ALLEN, S A Miss FREDERICK, W H 1897-Oct-20
ALLEN, Sallie CLIFTON, Wiley 1880-Dec-21
ALLEN, Senie PRICE, John 1887-Apr-10
ALLEN, Senie PRICE, John 1887-May-10
ALLRED, L C Miss STANLEY, D C 1887-Nov-25
ALSOBROOK, Ada JOHNSON, John 1878-Dec-31
ALSUP, Lucy KILLOUGH, J T 1886-Nov-13
ALSUP, Rosella KILLOUGH, John 1888-Feb-21
ANCHIN, E H Miss ENIS, W M 1877-Sep-01
ANDERSON, Allie STACEY, G W 1881-Feb-09
ANDERSON, Flora KIZER, M A 1895-Sep-12
ANDERSON, Josie NIX, L C 1887-Nov-28
ANDERSON, Julia HALE, C G 1879-May-20
ANDERSON, Laura VAN CANNON, J G 1894-Dec-18
ANDERSON, Lucy SPAN, Eli 1897-Nov-16
ANDERSON, Mary JONES, John 1886-Nov-23
ANDERSON, Mary SURRATT, J M 1892-Jun-04
ANDERSON, Sessie RYAN, W P 1900-Dec-28
ANDERTON, Alice KOHLENBERG, Paul 1895-Dec-04
APPERSON, S J Miss WRIGHT, P G 1892-Dec-24
ARCHER, Mary LEWELLEN, J E 1892-Sep-05
ARCHER, Myrtle MCDOUGAL, D A 1888-Feb-11
ARCHER, Pearl BEDFORD, Thomas 1900-Dec-27
ARMER, Bettie BASDEN, F N 1879-Dec-12
ARMER, M C Miss KING, E B 1879-Dec-27
ARMON, Annie COMER, John 1879-Dec-30
ARMOR, Mary WELLS, J M 1881-May-21
ARMSTRONG, Alice GREEN, G W 1878-Aug-21
ARMSTRONG, Rosa BANKS, Harrison 1890-Nov-29
ARMSTRONG, Zoe LEE, Joe 1888-Jul-21
ARNETT, Laura HOLLEY, D C 1891-Jun-30
ARRANS, E A Miss RYAN, James 1890-Sep-10
ASBELL, E J Miss JACKSON, W H 1880-Jul-17
ASBILL, Amanda KEVINS, Leauda 1877-Apr-03
ATKINS, E L Miss MOODY, G R 1899-Sep-14
ATKINS, Elizabeth CLAMPETT, Joseph 1879-Dec-13
ATKINS, Mary RAINE, Jacob 1878-Jan-07
AVARY, Caroline LATHAN, Soloman 1897-Jan-04
AVARY, Rosie PRESLY, J F 1898-Mar-17
AVINCHEN, Sallie RICKS, J B 1877-Dec-29
AZBELL, S C Miss CAMPBELL, R J 1892-Aug-05



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