Pontotoc County Grooms

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YALGEAN, T C DAVIS, E A Miss 1896-Jun-07
YARBEN, T L JOHNSON, Susie 1900-Mar-02
YARBROUGH, A A TRIMMIER, Sallie 1889-Jul-05
YARBROUGH, A A WHITE, Sarah 1887-Sep-03
YARBROUGH, A H WHITE, Sarah 1887-Sep-03
YARBROUGH, J W HOUSTON, Alice 1879-Dec-23
YATES, David PERSONS, Nancy 1893-Jan-07
YATES, Elija HARBER, Mattie 1894-Apr-28
YATES, H A RICHIE, Rosa 1898-Oct-03
YATES, Henry H HASTINGS, Delia 1894-Apr-07
YATES, J C GREEN, Dora 1897-Aug-19
YATES, J H DAVIS, Martha 1889-Sep-09
YATES, James TUCKER, M E Miss 1891-Dec-22
YATES, John DAVIS, Martha 1889-Sep-09
YATES, Marcus CHAMBERS, L E Miss 1887-Dec-24
YATES, Maurace MILLER, M F Miss 1889-Jan-28
YATES, W D GREEN, Julia 1879-Jul-23
YATES, W J MOORMAN, Lula 1893-May-11
YATES, Walter PERSONS, Beella 1886-Dec-19
YATES, William MCCOMBUS, Clara 1900-Sep-16
YOUNG, Alex CHRISTIAN, Mattie 1888-Dec-15
YOUNG, Andy GREGG, Sallie 1895-Feb-15
YOUNG, Archy ALLEN, Polly 1880-Dec-29
YOUNG, B F REESE, Malissa 1880-Nov-03
YOUNG, Boliver FROST, Alyada 1897-Dec-11
YOUNG, Claud MCGEE, Carrie 1899-Sep-30
YOUNG, E W WRIGHT, E H Miss 1896-Jul-22
YOUNG, Edmond SMITH, Lottie 1887-Jun-18
YOUNG, F P WILSON, G A Miss 1877-Jun-09
YOUNG, F P WILSON, S A Miss 1878-Jun-09
YOUNG, Guy FUGETT, Ida 1898-Feb-13
YOUNG, Henry BANE, Ida 1880-Jan-20
YOUNG, J R HUTCHENS, Mary 1895-Dec-20
YOUNG, James CUMMINGS, Martha 1889-Nov-16
YOUNG, John MEADOWS, Sarah 1878-Apr-06
YOUNG, John SMITH, S E Miss 1881-Feb-17
YOUNG, Lafayette MILLER, Sallie 1881-Feb-22
YOUNG, Marian NEUSON, Lucy 1878-Jan-07
YOUNG, W F WEBBER, Eugenia 1877-Oct-29
YOUNGBLOOD, Harvey PANNELL, Donie 1891-Aug-08
YOUNGBLOOD, Harvy PANNELL, Omie 1891-Aug-08
YOUNGBLOOD, J M WHITE, Laura 1887-Jul-23
YOUNGBLOOD, John PENNY, Elizabeth 1879-Oct-06
YOUNGBLOOD, W H BALL, Mary 1892-Dec-10
ZUBA, Caleb KESILER, Polly 1881-Mar-22



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