Pontotoc County Grooms


TACKETT, Lewis COOK, Anna 1846-Mar-10
TALLARRT, James G TALLARRT, Eliza S 1850-Jul-02
TALLY, Gilford HENRY, Unich 1851-Nov-08
TANDY, Alexander B MAYS, Sarah B 1850-Jan-01
TANKERSLEY, George RUCKER, Susanna 1864-Dec-28
TANKERSLEY, J F CALHOUN, Cornelia 1859-Oct-17
TANKESLY, J T CALHON, Cornelia 1859-Oct-17
TAPLEY, G W DYE, Sarah A 1859-Mar-10
TARDY, Alexis J ALLEN, Eliza W 1854-Nov-08
TARDY, William D LOVING, Mary M 1853-Mar-03
TATE, A A JACKSON, Annie 1897-Feb-04
TATE, A B JOHNSON, Sarah F 1865-Sep-10
TATE, H B JOHNSON, Sarah F 1865-Sep-10
TATE, J E WITT, M B Miss 1889-Dec-23
TATE, J T JACKSON, Candie 1894-Dec-13
TATE, John W HAMPTON, Caroline 1858-Mar-19
TATE, R P JOHNSON, Lanla 1899-May-07
TATE, Thomas PHILLIPS, Catherine 1855-Nov-18
TAYLOR, C L KIDD, Ludie Miss 1900-Jan-31
TAYLOR, C P PHILLIPS, Cora May 1890-Apr-12
TAYLOR, Charles W ROWE, Sarah E 1851-Jan-06
TAYLOR, H C LEWALLEN, Alice 1891-Jan-04
TAYLOR, John PITTS, Frances 1861-Feb-07
TAYLOR, John PITTS, Francis 1861-Feb-07
TAYLOR, John L HUDSON, Margaret A 1859-Mar-08
TAYLOR, John M C STEWART, Susan 1852-   -
TAYLOR, P G JAMES, M A Miss 1859-Oct-26
TAYLOR, P J JAMES, M A Miss 1859-Oct-20
TAYLOR, T W MANN, Margaret 1866-Jul-03
TAYLOR, Thomas W RIVERS, Jane F 1851-Feb-04
TAYLOR, Uriah THOMPSON, Copal Varnish 1857-Dec-18
TAYLOR, Uriah THOMPSON, Epsey C 1857-Dec-20
TEDDER, F MEEK, Elizabeth 1857-Mar-26
TEDDER, F MEEKS, Elizabeth 1857-Mar-20
TEDDY, James W DAVIS, Margret E 1850-Jan-13
TEETER, Joseph L SMITH, Lucinda 1857-Jan-22
TEMPLE, C R DUNCAN, E M Miss 1865-Apr-23
TEMPLETON, J W KENNEDY, Martha Jane 1860-Nov-25
TENDELL, G A WHITESIDE, Elizabeth Miss 1848-Dec-11
TERRELL, F M PHILLIPS, C A Miss 1896-Mar-11
TERRELL, J M BASS, Frances 1865-Feb-04
TERRELL, J M BASS, Francis 1865-Feb-04
TERRELL, J M SLEDGE, P P Miss 1887-Aug-17
TERRELL, M T BLACK, Ednie 1889-Jul-31
TERRY, Jesse SLEDGE, Sarah Miss 1848-Aug-03
TERRY, Jesse SLIDGE, Sarah 1848-Jul-31
TERRY, John LYON, Matilda L 1852-Oct-10
TERRY, William D MILLER, Mary M 1858-Dec-29
TERRY, William D MILLER, Mary M 1859-Dec-29
THOMAS, J O PRIEST, Ada 1899-Sep-24
THOMAS, M L WOOD, M I Miss 1890-Jan-09
THOMAS, Murphy BROWN, Lula 1899-Dec-20
THOMAS, P R DUFF, A V Miss 1865-Oct-21
THOMAS, T A BURNETT, R C Miss 1865-Dec-02
THOMAS, T A BURNETT, R C Mrs 1865-Dec-02
THOMAS, W F WARREN, S A Miss 1887-Oct-10
THOMASEN, W A ROOT, Callie 1857-Jul-20
THOMASON, G C FARS, A P Miss 1865-Oct-20
THOMASON, G C FEARS, A P Miss 1865-Oct-20
THOMASON, James B DANDRIDGE, Esther F 1864-Apr-12
THOMASON, Turner WELCH, Mary E 1861-Oct-08
THOMASON, W A ROOT, Calie 1857-Jul-20
THOMPSON, B H BOLTON, Lora E 1890-Sep-23
THOMPSON, H M POUND, C A 1898-Jan-12
THOMPSON, Ike ALTON, Mamie 1898-Jul-29
THOMPSON, Isaac RUCKER, Amanda A 1864-Nov-10
THOMPSON, J W BROWN, E A Mrs 1894-Dec-18
THOMPSON, James A SATTERWHITE, M A Miss 1864-Jul-31
THOMPSON, Nathan MARRS, Nancy 1859-Mar-05
THOMPSON, Nathan MORRIS, Nancy E 1859-Feb-28
THOMPSON, William JONES, Lucy 1864-Jan-14
THOMPSON, William B GARRISON, Louisa A 1853-Feb-03
THOMPSON, William M C BARKS, Nancy 1852-Sep-22
THOMPSON, Wm JAMES, Lucy 1864-Jan-14
THORN, Nelview SHUBERT, R A T Miss 1855-Mar-20
THORNTON, Frank KEANON, Martha 1890-Apr-07
THORNTON, J W WOOTEN, H B Miss 1892-Jan-14
THRASHER, Joseph A BROCK, Mary I 1851-Nov-27
TIDWELL, F J BARNETT, M J Miss 1865-Feb-26
TINDALL, Robert BARKSDALE, Harriet C 1845-Dec-18
TINDALL, W H HALL, E E Miss 1893-Jan-16
TINDELL, G A WHITE, Elizabeth 1848-Dec-09
TODD, B L RUTLEDGE, Jennie 1897-Aug-19
TODD, C H COOK, N Miss 1889-Oct-02
TODD, D C NEW, Jole 1900-Jan-29
TODD, J M ORR, Dora E 1891-Nov-15
TODD, Jesse WELLS, Mary 1899-Sep-08
TODD, Polie SANDERS, Sallie 1897-Nov-13
TODD, R L LOWRY, S B Miss 1889-Feb-13
TOLLISON, G W RIGGS, Ida 1897-Mar-27
TOLLISON, John ROBERTS, Mary A 1859-Jan-20
TOLLISON, John ROBERTS, Mary A 1859-Jan-17
TOMBALIN, William PERRY, Nancy D 1852-Mar-16
TOMPKINS, W B WELDON, Modina 1848-Sep-07
TOWLISON, William PANNELL, M J Miss 1889-Jul-03
TOWNSEND, W T HARRIS, Lou Ella 1893-Apr-15
TRAILER, James NOLEN, Mary 1866-Feb-04
TRAILOR, James NOLEN, Mary 1866-Feb-04
TRULOVE, Francis M PEARSALL, Susan A 1853-Jan-22
TUBS, T R TUTOR, Patsy 1897-Mar-24
TUCKER, Calvin M C SMITH, Sarah J 1850-Jan-10
TUCKER, J W ANDREWS, Lula 1895-Dec-25
TUCKER, S H SUBER, M L Miss 1892-Dec-13
TUCKER, S J KELLY, Ellen O 1862-Apr-23
TUCKER, S J REID, Caroline 1860-Aug-14
TUCKER, Samuel FLANAGAN, Mary 1865-Sep-29
TUCKER, W N MARTIN, Annie 1894-Feb-06
TULLY, J F RUSSELL, Lena 1890-Sep-14
TURNER, Allen BEARD, Melvina 1851-Mar-29
TURNER, B W MURPHY, Lucy 1898-Dec-21
TURNER, C T WILSON, Jerushia 1897-Dec-29
TURNER, E B GARRISON, Mary A 1892-Oct-15
TURNER, E C WILSON, P L D Miss 1891-Aug-02
TURNER, E R CRUSE, Susanna C 1850-Dec-26
TURNER, F P YOUNG, Mollie 1898-Jun-12
TURNER, Guy BRIGGS, Ella 1899-Jul-27
TURNER, Harvie SMITH, Bettie 1896-Sep-22
TURNER, J D MCGRAW, Ada 1892-Feb-15
TURNER, Moses BERRY, Manerva T 1858-May-02
TURNER, Moses BURG, Manerva T 1858-May-02
TURNER, William D PORTER, Amanda W 1855-Jan-01
TURY, Ezekiel CLEMENTS, Martha Ann 1851-Oct-09
TUTOR, A B JOINER, Dora 1896-Oct-29
TUTOR, A H SLEDGE, Lizzie 1895-Jul-26
TUTOR, A R MCGREGOR, Emma 1898-Oct-18
TUTOR, A W WESTMORLAND, Ardie Miss 1900-Dec-09
TUTOR, Allen H JOHNSON, Mary F 1864-Mar-24
TUTOR, Allen J JOHNSON, Mary F 1864-Mar-29
TUTOR, C C HERNDON, Ballas 1888-Dec-23
TUTOR, C L TAYLOR, Nannie May 1899-Jan-03
TUTOR, E A HAMILTON, E A Miss 1891-Feb-19
TUTOR, E C FERGUSON, Lula 1887-Dec-28
TUTOR, G P TASHER, N A Miss 1895-Jan-02
TUTOR, H B MILLER, Mary Ann 1896-Feb-23
TUTOR, H D FOSTER, Jane 1863-Feb-11
TUTOR, H J FOSTER, Jane 1863-Feb-11
TUTOR, H L JOHNSON, Julyan 1866-Jul-03
TUTOR, H S JOHNSON, Julyan 1866-Jul-03
TUTOR, Henry HERNDON, Aley 1860-Jan-15
TUTOR, J HAMILTON, Rockey 1892-Dec-17
TUTOR, J A FRANKLIN, Florance 1897-Oct-17
TUTOR, J B INMAN, Mollie 1894-Jan-20
TUTOR, J H DOUGLASS, Lillie 1897-Oct-03
TUTOR, J H INGRAM, E J Miss 1897-Oct-31
TUTOR, J L GREGORY, Julia 1893-Oct-21
TUTOR, J L GREGORY, S A Miss 1887-Oct-02
TUTOR, J O GILLSTRAP, Dora 1890-Dec-18
TUTOR, J T HERDON, Della 1890-Jun-10
TUTOR, Jefferson HERNDON, Frances 1866-Aug-07
TUTOR, Jefferson HERNDON, Francis 1866-Aug-07
TUTOR, John A CONNELL, Nancy 1866-Dec-13
TUTOR, L A HERNDON, Emma 1893-Jun-06
TUTOR, M A WILSON, J A 1897-Dec-23
TUTOR, Mannon WHITE, Nancy 1898-Jan-04
TUTOR, Marion LINDSEY, Ester 1898-May-22
TUTOR, Richard TUTOR, A H Miss 1865-Apr-13
TUTOR, S J BEARD, R M Miss 1865-May-23
TUTOR, V B STEPHENS, L E Miss 1887-Jan-09
TUTOR, W A SLEDGE, Emma 1895-Mar-23
TUTOR, W A UNDERWOOD, Minnie 1892-Aug-04
TUTOR, W H PHILLIPS, Dale 1899-Jul-02
TUTOR, W Henry HERNDON, Aley 1860-Jan-15
TUTOR, W R MCGREGOR, L J 1896-Dec-23
TWADDELL, Archey BOX, Mary A 1855-Jul-24
TYER, Robert BOLEN, Belle 1900-Oct-21
TYGER, B H PRICE, Lesie 1895-Mar-14
TYNES, H C MOBLEY, M C Miss 1860-Mar-04
TYRE, Cullen MURPHY, Mary 1854-Jan-03



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