Pontotoc County Grooms

N - O

NABORS, John L BROWN, Francis C 1851-Dec-11
NABORS, John S C PITTS, Rachael 1855-Jan-10
NABORS, L A BLUE, R L Mrs 1864-Sep-20
NABORS, L A BLUE, R L Mrs 1864-Sep-21
NABORS, Pelton O READ, Mary J C 1851-Jan-09
NABORS, R C SADLER, S J Miss 1858-Dec-21
NABORS, W D WILEY, Amanda 1859-Jan-14
NASON, Richard J MILLER, Margaret A 1857-Feb-10
NASON, Richard J MILLER, Margaret A 1857-Feb-09
NAUGHER, J R KING, Lora 1898-Aug-16
NEAL, Wiley LUKE, R A Miss 1866-Jan-17
NEBLETT, Robert A BARBEE, Adora E 1863-Feb-14
NEELY, Clayton RODGERS, Narcissa 1860-Aug-02
NEELY, John L CHRISHOLM, Martha Jane 1856-Jan-01
NEELY, S L PICKENS, Sarah A 1860-Jul-30
NEELY, T S MCWHIRTER, Minnie 1899-Nov-19
NEIL, Samuel J JENNINGS, Mary J 1852-Apr-13
NEIL, Samuel J WRIGHT, Martha A 1857-Jan-20
NEIL, Wiley LUKE, R A Miss 1866-Jan-17
NELSON, B G PEARSON, Martha C C 1859-Jul-10
NELSON, Robert VINSON, N E 1866-Oct-29
NELSON, Samuel VAUGHN, Francis 1854-Jan-10
NELSON, William C COTTON, Delaney 1852-Aug-08
NELSON, Z G PEARSON, Martha C C 1859-Jul-10
NESBIT, William A DUNN, Charity A 1859-Dec-07
NESBIT, William S DUNN, Charity A 1859-Dec-07
NEW, Ed CUNNINGHAM, Susie 1891-Mar-01
NEWELL, A P PATTERSON, Lillie M 1893-Mar-21
NEWELL, C A GARRISON, Mollie 1898-Nov-25
NEWELL, C M PURVINE, M T Miss 1900-Oct-14
NEWELL, J D WESTMORLAND, Lillie 1900-Oct-10
NEWELL, L M BEARD, Jesse 1899-Oct-18
NEWELL, S S MOONEY, M J Miss 1859-Mar-24
NEWELL, William GRADY, Ligg 1866-Jan-08
NEWLY, William R STONE, Clarrissa 1854-May-12
NEWMAN, George SNIDER, Mary A 1847-Sep-23
NEWMAN, T W PITTS, Lee Ona Miss 1900-Jan-23
NEWMAN, W M WARD, H T Miss 1857-Dec-24
NEWSOM, William WILEY, Emma A 1862-Mar-20
NEWSOM, William H WILEY, Emma A 1862-Mar-20
NEWTON, John MALISSA, Susan 1865-Oct-08
NIBBLETT, Samuel FURELL, Margaret J 1851-Sep-18
NIBLET, George W GARLAND, Nancy Ann 1853-Apr-07
NIBLETT, Robert A BARBER, Adora E 1863-Feb-14
NICHOLS, C C CHENEY, Margaret 1899-Nov-19
NICKOLS, R B BRANDON, Jennie 1888-Dec-20
NIGHT, Henry CARRAY, Catherine 1848-Jan-15
NIX, A CALDER, Margaret 1866-Feb-16
NIX, J T LESLY, L Q Miss 1890-Nov-13
NIXON, M A MILAM, H P 1865-Sep-25
NIXON, W J VAUGHAN, D E Miss 1865-Oct-26
NIXSON, W J VAUGHN, D E Miss 1865-Oct-26
NOLAND, Thomas J HOLCOMB, Lucinda 1865-Jan-18
NOLIN, Henry ROBBINS, Rebecca 1851-Feb-22
NOLIN, W C ROBBINS, Martha 1865-Oct-02
NORRIS, James A ABERNATHY, Amanda E 1853-Mar-14
NORWOOD, George W POLLACH, Violin J 1858-Jan-06
NORWOOD, Liberty W KEYS, Jane N 1857-Dec-18
NORWOOD, Liberty W MCKEYS, Jane 1856-Dec-18
NORWOOD, W P L FARRER, Mary 1856-Jun-22
NORWOOD, Wm J STAPLES, Ruth M 1849-Aug-30
NOWLIN, G M OWEN, M R Miss 1888-Dec-02
NOWLIN, U C ROBBINS, Martha 1865-Oct-02
NOWLIN, W H DILLARD, L A Miss 1891-Dec-20
NOWLIN, Will PATTERSON, Mattie 1896-Aug-11
NOWLIN, William M YOUNG, Martha E 1857-Dec-02
O'SHIELDS, Alford PITTS, Catharine 1861-Oct-21
OCALLAHAN, James P WADE, Elizabeth A 1849-Oct-29
ODEN, W M THOMPSON, A E Miss 1888-Dec-02
ODLE, Noah JOHNSON, Mary 1863-Dec-24
OGLESBY, J H HESTER, Eva 1897-Oct-20
OGLESBY, James P GARMON, L J Miss 1865-Mar-12
OGLISBY, James P GARMON, S J Miss 1865-Mar-12
OGRADY, James GHOLSON, Matilda 1853-Mar-30
OKNIGHT, Martin WILLIAMSON, Hassie 1895-Dec-13
ONEIL, Jerimiah J CALDWELL, Mary 1851-Mar-18
ONLY, Marcey HAMBRICK, Martha A 1850-Jun-12
ONSBEY, O L FERGERSON, Kittie 1892-Dec-15
ONSBY, Oscar PHILLIPS, Anna 1898-Aug-14
ONSBY, W T ANDERSON, Cora 1895-Jan-13
OREAR, Franklin JAMESON, Elizabeth 1851-Jun-21
ORME, Henry A ORME, Anne F 1849-Jan-25
ORNE, Henry A ORNE, Anne F 1849-Jan-23
ORNE, William P DANDRIDGE, Elizabeth B 1862-Feb-13
ORNSBY, G W PASCHALL, S L Miss 1865-Mar-18
ORR, David SUMMORS, Nancy 1851-Dec-18
ORR, H C LEANELT, L J Miss 1866-Jul-28
ORR, H C LEAVELL, L Miss 1866-Jul-28
ORR, H C WEATHERALL, Mary E 1849-Mar-27
ORR, Jefferson PAYNE, Martha 1851-Oct-24
ORR, Samuel CAMFULA, Sigga 1866-Feb-17
ORR, V B MAULDIN, Mary J 1852-Nov-24
OSBORN, James W B WALKER, Tabitha Z 1856-Dec-04
OSBORN, Sam MONTGOMERY, L A Miss 1889-Oct-06
OSBURN, William KELLY, Thomas S 1858-Dec-29
OSBURN, William MILAM, Rebecca 1858-Dec-29
OSHIELDS, Alford PITTS, Catharine 1861-Oct-29
OSIER, Joseph TRICE, Virginia A 1865-Jun-27
OSIER, Joseph A TRICE, Virginia A 1865-Jun-07
OURSBURN, W M THORNTON, Martha 1892-Apr-13
OVERBY, N W GRANT, Carrie F 1858-Feb-23
OVERBY, N W GRANT, Carrie F 1858-Mar-23
OWEN, B D MCWHIRTER, G A Miss 1890-Jan-23
OWEN, Ben GINN, Frances 1889-Feb-14
OWEN, C P MCWHIRTER, Ida 1897-Oct-21
OWEN, D G CALLOWAY, C C Miss 1851-Mar-25
OWEN, H B PANNELL, Carrie 1895-Dec-25
OWEN, J P BROWNING, N J 1898-Sep-04
OWEN, Joseph BALL, E E C W Miss 1858-May-02
OWEN, Joseph Jr MCKNIGHT, Ophelia 1899-Jan-11
OWEN, Lee HAMBLIN, S J 1897-Jul-22
OWEN, Vernon GARMAN, T J 1895-Dec-08
OWEN, William READ, Huldah 1852-Dec-21
OWENS, C H KIDD, A S A Miss 1888-Mar-08
OWENS, C R ROBBINS, M C Miss 1866-Jan-11
OWENS, C R ROBINS, M C Miss 1866-Jan-11
OWENS, G A DAVIS, Malvina 1866-Dec-17
OWENS, Gabriel MCKAY, Elizabeth 1860-Feb-05
OWENS, Gabriel NELSON, Mary 1851-Aug-18
OWENS, J S WHEELER, Evinia 1899-Feb-23
OWENS, Jno S BOX, Lucinda 1858-Apr-15
OWENS, John H READ, Mary 1855-Dec-04
OWENS, John S BOX, Lucinda 1858-Apr-15
OWENS, William G HALE, Mary J 1862-Feb-20
OWENS, William G HALL, Mary J 1862-Feb-20
OWENS, William M NEWBY, Nancy F 1854-Aug-02
OZBIRN, James W B WALKER, Tabitha Z 1856-Dec-04



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