Pontotoc County Grooms


LACKEY, J E PLANT, Sarah M 1853-Sep-07
LACKEY, R W COKER, Elizabeth Miss 1848-Nov-01
LAMAR, J H MORRIS, Lusina 1864-Jan-23
LAMAR, J H MORRIS, Susana 1864-Jan-23
LAMAR, Stephen E BRYANT, Florina 1854-Jul-27
LAMBERT, J W MORROW, Sarah F 1865-Nov-18
LAMBERT, John T COLE, Mary Ann 1850-Jul-17
LAMBRETH, J W MORROW, Sarah F 1865-Nov-18
LANCASTER, W A HENRY, N E Miss 1890-May-24
LAND, S L AYCOCK, E P Miss 1888-Feb-02
LANEY, R W MORRIS, Susan 1848-Dec-27
LANGFORD, Frank CASTEEL, S V Miss 1862-Dec-23
LANGLEY, R L DUNHAM, M A Miss 1865-Feb-09
LANGLEY, Thomas PANNELL, Irena 1857-Jan-18
LANGLEY, Thomas PANNELL, Orena 1857-Jan-15
LANGSTON, D C DAVIS, T Etta 1891-Jun-24
LANGSTON, J B MCCARTER, Nora 1896-Dec-15
LANKFORD, Frank CASTEEL, S V Miss 1862-Jan-23
LANKFORD, Minor C MOORE, Sarah J 1857-Apr-02
LANTRIP, Francis M HARRIS, Lucinda 1865-Jan-18
LAPRADE, A E BUCHANAN, Elvie 1899-Oct-24
LAPRADE, J F MARTIN, Jane Miss 1889-Jan-08
LARNE, Jacob PERRY, Rody F 1855-Sep-26
LAUDEDALE, W B MILLS, Lula 1893-Jan-04
LAUDERDALE, Benjamin M GRIFFIN, Sophia G 1849-Sep-09
LAUDERDALE, J F MILLS, Annie 1891-Jan-25
LAUDERDALE, James P LAMB, Martha Ann 1850-Jan-17
LAUGHLIN, G W CARR, M E Miss 1899-Dec-16
LAUGHLIN, J K TULIP, Ollie 1895-Nov-07
LAUTRIP, Francis M HARRIS, Lucinda 1865-Jan-18
LAWRY, G W Dr GINN, Flora A 1892-Nov-23
LAYTON, Thomas GILL, Hannah C 1854-Dec-27
LEAGNE, J H WOOLLEY, A V 1897-Feb-11
LEATHER, J S BEAUCHAMP, M P Miss 1865-Oct-12
LEATHERBURG, George S GRESHAM, Jane B 1857-Jun-03
LEATHERBURN, George L GRISHAM, Jane B 1857-Jun-03
LEATHERS, C M SPENCE, M A Miss 1859-Aug-11
LEATHERS, C M SPENCER, M A Miss 1859-Aug-11
LEATHERS, James M MATHEWS, Margaret S 1866-Sep-10
LEATHERS, Tilmon MADDOX, Nancy Miss 1848-Sep-26
LEAVELL, W G MILAM, M J Miss 1894-Dec-22
LEDBETTER, Laben L THOMAS, Mary S 1851-Jun-18
LEE, A L GRIFFIN, Mattie 1900-Jul-04
LEE, Carroll GALLOWAY, Bille 1896-Sep-07
LEE, R E JONES, Bertie 1900-Oct-07
LEMONS, J B CHENAULT, Agnes 1899-Dec-03
LEMONS, J C DUNCAN, Vallie 1894-Feb-05
LEO, Martha JEFFCOAT, James 1855-Sep-20
LESLEY, J W BASTON, Ada 1898-Dec-22
LESLEY, J W NELSON, Mollie 1893-Dec-18
LESLEY, Robert W STEGALL, Mary Jane 1865-Feb-08
LESLIE, J H PRITCHARD, S J Miss 1865-Nov-01
LEWELING, W J LEWELING, L C Miss 1891-Oct-12
LEWELLEN, J W MCWHORTER, Nancy J 1866-Sep-10
LEWELLING, W J MILLER, Mary Jane 1890-Oct-05
LEWELLING, W R REA, Mattie 1897-Jan-22
LEWELLINGS, B W BRIGGS, Maudie 1899-Nov-23
LEWIS, Chris FLOYED, Porlena 1866-Jul-09
LEWIS, E H DANDRAGE, Zelia P 1860-May-18
LEWIS, E H DAUDUAGE, Zetia P 1860-May-18
LIDDELL, C S HOUSTON, S F Miss 1859-Jul-21
LIGGEN, Edwin WEATHERALL, Jane 1851-May-11
LIGON, C P RAYMOND, Emily H 1866-Feb-12
LIGON, C P RAYMOND, Emily H 1866-Feb-16
LILE, Marion W COURSEY, Sarah Ann 1853-Mar-15
LILLY, J L DALE, Elizabeth 1857-Oct-27
LILLY, R G WYLIE, M H Miss 1863-Aug-26
LILLY, R G WYLIE, M L Miss 1863-Aug-26
LINDSEY, C C FLEMING, N B Miss 1900-Aug-05
LINDSEY, J H BUCHANNON, Hattie 1897-Dec-08
LINDSEY, Newton DOWNS, Malinda 1848-Apr-10
LINDSEY, Newton HOLCOMB, Sarah Ann 1864-Mar-27
LINDSEY, Saml H MCDOLE, Sarah 1866-Jan-12
LINDSEY, W H MASH, Lillie 1893-Jan-30
LINDSEY, William R WILSON, Margaret M 1855-Nov-11
LINDSLY, M F FREEMAN, Fannie 1894-Jan-04
LINSEY, Samuel H MCDOLE, Sarah 1866-Jan-12
LIONS, J T HILL, Sallie 1897-Feb-16
LISSELL, Albert LITTLEJOHN, Lou 1894-Dec-18
LISTENBEE, W T HELLEMS, Martha A 1860-Dec-11
LISTENBEE, W T HELLUMS, Martha A 1860-Dec-11
LITTLE, Andy GARRISON, Rilla 1896-Dec-31
LITTLE, B B BOWEN, Florence 1893-Sep-13
LITTLE, B B KELLY, Catherine 1888-Jan-25
LITTLE, G W GARRISON, Anna 1896-Jul-07
LITTLE, J T CHAPMAN, Cintha 1888-Jan-04
LITTLE, J W OWENS, Leanna 1864-Feb-12
LIVINGSTON, A J WITT, Ara 1893-Mar-16
LIVINGSTON, L L NORRIS, Alice 1897-Aug-12
LIVINGSTON, L S WADE, Lavista 1895-Dec-25
LIVINGSTON, R J SADLER, Caroline 1856-Jun-08
LOCKHART, G W KING, Leonora M 1860-Jan-31
LOCKHEART, G W KING, Leonara M 1860-Jan-31
LOFTIS, James M LOFTIS, Mary 1863-Nov-30
LOFTIS, James M NOLEN, Mary 1863-Nov-30
LOFTON, E J SNIDER, Elizabeth 1889-Jan-24
LOGAN, Edd ESTES, Lissie 1900-Feb-09
LOGAN, J F SWORDS, Mattie 1895-Aug-24
LONG, John H DESMUKIS, Victoria J 1854-Nov-17
LONG, S E NEWELL, Emma 1892-Mar-26
LONG, W P TURNER, Fannie 1865-Feb-07
LONG, W P TURNER, Tennie 1865-Feb-07
LONG, William EDWARDS, Mary C 1860-Oct-28
LONG, William A BILLINGSLEY, Elizabeth C 1852-Jul-27
LONG, William B EDWARDS, Mary C 1860-Oct-28
LONGEST, J W CRAWFORD, Cora 1888-Jan-24
LOONEY, David FOWLER, Mary Ann 1858-Sep-16
LOONEY, William J IRVIN, Nancy A 1865-Jan-08
LOONEY, Wm J IRVIN, Nancy A 1865-Jan-08
LOONY, David FOWLER, Mary Ann 1858-Sep-16
LOOT, W E BUCHANAN, Nancy J 1856-Dec-04
LOOT, W E BUCHANAN, Nancy Jane 1856-Dec-04
LORE, W A REAL, Talitha 1864-Dec-18
LORICK, Preston GATES, Mamie 1897-Feb-21
LOUIS, R B STEGALL, Sallie 1892-Feb-15
LOVE, H O N HARRISON, Mary C 1857-May-12
LOVE, Henry O N HARRISON, Mary C 1857-May-12
LOVE, Rufus C BLAKE, Rebecca A 1853-Sep-14
LOVEJOY, F J WARNER, Mary A 1857-Jan-06
LOVELACE, C A MILLER, Mary Lee 1897-Dec-26
LOVELL, B M PYLE, M E Miss 1888-Dec-09
LOVINGS, W W MALONE, Sarah 1857-Oct-29
LOWE, W A REAL, Tabitha 1864-Dec-18
LOWER, Andrew J PROVENCE, Mary E 1851-Nov-19
LOWER, J C JACKSON, Mattie 1891-Nov-11
LOWER, J H THOMPSON, N E Miss 1888-Dec-16
LOWER, J M STANTON, A R Miss 1866-Feb-07
LOWER, J M STATON, A R Miss 1866-Feb-07
LOWERY, E G JENKINS, Jennie M 1891-Dec-15
LOWERY, J M ONEAL, M Y Miss 1888-Jan-12
LOWERY, John PARRISH, Laura 1887-Nov-05
LOWERY, W P JOHNSON, Nancy Ann 1858-Mar-07
LOWERY, William P JOHNSON, Nancy Ann 1858-Mar-07
LOWRY, A C CALLOWAY, Araminta 1860-Dec-02
LOWRY, John L WILSON, Emma 1899-Aug-11
LOWRY, L G SEXTON, M E Miss 1895-Jul-29
LOWRY, W P JOHNSON, M J Miss 1865-Dec-24
LOWY, W P JOHNSON, Mary Jane 1865-Dec-24
LUIDWICH, Nick COX, Ellendor 1864-Aug-07
LUIDWICK, Nicklass COX, Ellender 1864-Aug-06
LUKE, James G BAILEY, Sarah F 1857-Dec-24
LUKE, James Y BAILEY, Sarah F 1857-Dec-24
LUKE, R L BAILEY, Adeline R 1861-Jan-17
LUKE, William A BAILEY, Elizabeth 1857-May-17
LUKE, Wm A BAILEY, Elizabeth 1857-May-17
LUKER, M M ROBERTS, M J Miss 1860-Sep-20
LYAN, W J RUSSELL, Callie C 1892-Jun-29
LYNCH, H F PRICE, Mary M 1859-Jan-03
LYON, J R MAYO, Annie 1890-Dec-18
LYON, T J RODGERS, Martha J 1865-Oct-01
LYON, Thomas C LYON, V F Miss 1855-Sep-09
LYON, W H NEELY, E F Miss 1865-Jan-15
LYONS, Thomas J RODGERS, Marchie J 1865-Oct-01



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