Pontotoc County Grooms


KAVANAUGH, William W BROYTIN, Nancy 1850-Nov-01
KELLEY, G W CALDWELL, Delia A 1893-Dec-13
KELLEY, G W MCCAMEY, Sallie 1893-Nov-11
KELLEY, J H FORTUNE, Dollie 1897-Sep-16
KELLEY, M M FAULKUM, Naney 1863-Aug-31
KELLEY, T S ALLEN, Fannie 1895-Nov-13
KELLEY, W D TUTOR, Joanna 1888-Jan-01
KELLY, Azanah NORWOOD, Elizabeth J 1854-May-06
KELLY, Azariah BAILEY, Elizabeth 1853-Nov-15
KELLY, B HALCOMB, Nancy 1858-May-05
KELLY, B HALCOMBE, Nancy 1858-May-05
KELLY, Bob DUKE, Florance 1900-Feb-14
KELLY, Dallas HELLUMS, Thena 1866-Oct-23
KELLY, G W CALDWELL, Willie E 1892-Dec-15
KELLY, G W JACKSON, M F Miss 1890-Jul-07
KELLY, Geo DECANTER, Jane 1890-Mar-16
KELLY, Isom HOLCOMB, Sarah 1865-May-29
KELLY, J H COBB, Etta 1889-Aug-31
KELLY, J M PRITCHARD, Susan T 1895-Dec-18
KELLY, J T BEASLEY, P A Miss 1894-Dec-26
KELLY, J W RUSSEL, Elizabeth 1850-Nov-22
KELLY, Jeramiah LONG, Emma C 1859-Dec-21
KELLY, Jeremiah LONG, E C Miss 1859-Dec-20
KELLY, John W KNOWLS, Mary 1850-Jan-11
KELLY, M M HAUCKUM, Nancy 1863-Aug-31
KELLY, N T MCKNIGHT, Paralee 1895-Aug-01
KELLY, Newton CHAPMAN, Sarah 1857-Aug-30
KELLY, O T ROBBINS, Azzie 1895-Dec-18
KELLY, O W WITT, Etta 1898-Aug-10
KELLY, R E BOWEN, Emma 1889-Jun-27
KELLY, R S BRUCE, Martha P 1866-Oct-17
KELLY, Thomas MILAM, Rebecca 1858-Dec-29
KELLY, Thomas D DILLARD, Lucy 1858-Oct-19
KELLY, Thomas S CHAPMAN, Rebecca 1859-Jan-05
KELLY, Thomas S OSBURN, William 1858-Dec-29
KELLY, Thos S CHAPMAN, Rebecca 1859-Jan-05
KELLY, W M JOHNSON, M J Miss 1865-Aug-31
KEMMONS, John A WILEY, Ellen M 1856-Jan-22
KENDRICK, Robert CHURCHILL, Tabitha 1852-Dec-23
KENEDY, J P POE, Loula 1897-Jun-02
KENNADY, Thomas J JOHNSON, Josaphine L 1859-Dec-13
KENNEDY, J H POE, Freddie B 1898-Mar-13
KENNEDY, James PREVITT, Elizabeth A 1855-Apr-29
KENNEDY, Robert B RAWLY, Jamima 1851-Jan-04
KENNEDY, Thomas J JOHNSON, Josephine L 1859-Dec-13
KENNER, William F MIERS, Martha M 1852-Jul-22
KERR, J H COLLINS, Elizabeth C 1853-Dec-20
KERR, L S EWING, Martha E 1860-Feb-29
KERR, Z M EWING, R C Iss 1865-Aug-06
KERR, Z M EWING, R C Miss 1865-Aug-06
KILLUM, William HOPKINS, Elizabeth 1849-Sep-26
KILPATRICK, I S MALLONY, Martha F 1850-Dec-18
KIMBALL, W J SIMMON, Adaline 1858-Jan-12
KIMBALL, W J SIMMONS, Adeline 1858-Jan-12
KIMBALL, Wiley J WOODS, Emaline 1851-Dec-29
KING, C H RIVERS, Nancy Ann 1853-Apr-08
KING, Edd KILGORE, Maggie 1895-Mar-17
KING, Greene MORROW, Mary 1855-Oct-04
KING, I T VANDIVER, J D Miss 1895-Jan-18
KING, J H VANDIVER, C E A Miss 1889-Dec-18
KING, J R BOLDING, Allis 1893-Dec-29
KING, J R GRANT, M J Miss 1894-Jan-23
KING, Jas D PICKENS, S C Miss 1888-May-13
KING, Julias A SAUNDERS, T Miss 1851-Dec-23
KING, Samuel SATTERWHITE, Eliza J 1864-Sep-18
KING, Thomas OREED, Clarisa 1858-Aug-28
KING, Thomas REED, Clarisa 1858-Aug-28
KING, W J WITCHER, Lucy 1900-Jun-17
KING, Wright EUBANKS, Amanda E 1856-Aug-26
KINLEY, B F REEDER, R L Miss 1895-Jul-02
KIRBY, C C WORSHAM, Willie Miss 1888-Feb-02
KIRKPATRICK, R H OLIVER, Julia 1900-Dec-02
KITCHENS, J B STAGGS, Fannie 1900-Mar-11
KITCHENS, W B SIMMON, Florence 1887-Dec-21
KNIGHT, Charles COKER, Jane 1852-Dec-30
KNIGHT, J M PITTS, Annie 1865-Oct-21
KNIGHT, J M PITTS, Annie S 1865-Oct-21
KNIGHT, L J MCWHORTER, S J Miss 1856-Dec-14
KNIGHT, T B MOORE, Mary Joan 1861-Feb-23
KNIGHT, T L LIVINGSTON, Carrie 1894-Dec-25
KNOWLES, F W EDRINGTON, Charity C 1853-Jan-26
KNOWLS, Thomas WESTER, Missouri C 1855-Apr-27
KYLE, J A RUSSELL, Luna Glenn 1888-Jan-30
KYLE, Lyer SNEED, W D 1892-Aug-11
KYLE, T F BASS, J C Miss 1888-Dec-15
KYLE, W P DAVIS, M E Mrs 1866-Aug-06
KYLE, W P DAVIS, M Emrs 1866-Aug-06



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