Pontotoc County Grooms


FAGINS, T J ISOM, Mary C 1864-Oct-04
FALKNER, S F ADAMS, Emily 1865-May-09
FARAR, D A OWEN, A H Miss 1890-Nov-22
FARMER, J D ROBERTSON, Sarah J 1866-Mar-27
FARMER, J D ROBINSON, Sarah J 1866-Mar-27
FARMER, Robert T JOHNSON, Margaret J 1855-Mar-17
FARRANT, A C NEEL, Daisy 1899-Oct-22
FARRAR, Josiah THORNTON, Mary E 1866-Dec-11
FARRAR, M D WELLS, Emma 1899-Jun-13
FARRER, W C HARVEY, Elizabeth R 1857-Jan-11
FARRER, William C HARVEY, Elizabeth R 1857-Jan-11
FARRIS, T C MCCARVER, Artena 1894-Dec-29
FARRON, L L WARREN, J L 1898-Oct-02
FARROR, Geo TATE, Jane 1866-Jan-04
FASTER, J L BETTS, Lillie 1897-Jan-06
FAULKNER, S F ADAMS, Emily 1865-May-09
FAULKNER, W C VANCE, Elizabeth H 1851-Oct-14
FAWLER, Luther C STACY, Ocie A 1892-Dec-12
FEAR, Wm A BURTEN, A P Miss 1856-Dec-17
FEARS, John C HOLMES, Louisa 1866-Feb-06
FEARS, William A BURTEN, A P Miss 1856-Dec-17
FEEMSTER, S K REDUS, A C Miss 1859-Jan-18
FEILDS, Jefferson MITCHELL, Virginia 1864-Feb-01
FEMSTER, Andrew PARISH, Eliza 1857-Feb-15
FERGERSON, Milton A MORGAN, Nancy 1853-Jan-11
FERGUSON, B F FULLER, F A Miss 1887-Nov-09
FERGUSON, B F WHITE, S E Miss 1890-Sep-19
FERGUSON, W H SYKES, Katie 1899-Nov-01
FERRELL, Benjamin FULTON, Maria Jane E 1858-Nov-23
FERRELL, Berkley D NIX, Mary A 1861-Nov-14
FERRELL, N P PURVIS, Etna 1888-Apr-05
FEWELL, Benjamin FULTON, Maria Jane 1858-Nov-27
FIELDS, A F TAYLOR, Mary H 1866-Feb-08
FIELDS, E G CRUSE, Nannie 1888-Dec-12
FIELDS, J A SMITH, Maggie 1895-Dec-22
FIELDS, Jefferson G MITCHEL, Virginia 1863-Feb-01
FIELDS, W H KELLY, Emphema 1861-Jun-30
FIELDS, W M CRUSE, L J Miss 1887-Jan-06
FILGO, George W GILL, Susan J 1854-Dec-27
FINCH, A W GOLDING, M E Miss 1857-Jan-04
FINCHER, William C LAUSDALE, Pathena P 1852-Oct-05
FINDLEY, Henderson L RITCHEY, Clemantine C 1853-Mar-09
FINDLEY, W C BERRY, Marisa 1860-Oct-21
FINDLEY, W C BERRY, Marisa J 1860-Oct-21
FINDLEY, W M BELL, Martha Ann 1851-Sep-18
FISK, J T MCGILL, Mary 1865-Jan-26
FITZGERALD, M A BURNS, Elizabeth 1866-Feb-14
FITZGERALD, M A BURRIS, Elizabeth 1866-Feb-14
FLAHERETY, Soloman G KING, Martha Ann 1857-Jul-21
FLAHERTY, G G JOHNSON, Hattie 1897-Dec-23
FLAHERTY, William M PEARSELL, Sarah E 1859-Nov-24
FLANNAGAN, P F MANNING, Sarah Ann 1858-Aug-05
FLARHERTY, Samuel G KING, Martha Ann 1857-Jul-21
FLARHERTY, Thomas C PEARSALL, Elizabeth H 1858-Jan-13
FLARHERTY, Wm M PEARSELL, Sarah E 1859-Nov-24
FLEMING, A F PARRISH, R E Miss 1889-Jun-09
FLEMING, H H STRAIN, Louisa 1859-Oct-10
FLEMING, H H STRAIN, Louisa V 1859-Oct-10
FLEMING, John R ROBERTSON, Sarah A 1858-Oct-24
FLEMING, John R ROBERTSON, Sarah Ann 1858-Oct-24
FLEMING, Wm J MILAM, Corrie 1891-Mar-22
FORBAS, William SCALES, Maryetta 1867-Feb-09
FORBES, Marion WOOD, D J Miss 1858-Oct-20
FORBES, Marvin HOOD, D J Miss 1858-Oct-20
FORD, R D TYRE, Mildred E 1861-Mar-03
FORTNER, John HAMNER, Sarah W 1855-Apr-16
FORTUNE, A L KING, N A Miss 1860-Dec-03
FORTUNE, G W  PITTS, Mary J 1859-Sep-04
FORTUNE, R C MALONE, Susan C 1852-Jan-23
FOSHE, B JAMES, J J Miss 1893-Jan-12
FOSTER, J C BARR, F L Miss 1890-Dec-18
FOSTER, R H GODFREY, E F Miss 1864-Jul-26
FOSTER, R L SMITHERMAN, A C Miss 1888-Nov-08
FOSTER, Samuel H VAUGHAN, Caroline 1854-Sep-28
FOSTER, W J DUNN, Nancy E 1859-Jun-21
FOSTER, W J DUNN, Nancy Elizabeth 1859-Jun-20
FOSTER, William C SMITH, Clarinda S 1849-Feb-24
FOSTER, Wm C SMITH, Clarinda S 1849-Feb-27
FOWLER, Allen P OSIBLES, Sarah Ann 1861-Apr-04
FOWLER, H G STEELMAN, Elizabeth 1865-Feb-10
FOWLER, H H DESON, Irnie 1897-Dec-25
FOWLER, Milus LAND, M E Mrs 1887-May-12
FOWLER, Robert F HUTSON, Guertha C Mrs 1869-Jan-21
FOWLER, Robert F HUTSON, Teletha C 1864-Jan-26
FRADIER, J A ROBBINS, Matilda 1863-Feb-10
FRAELIER, J A ROBBINS, Matilda 1863-Feb-10
FRANCES, Wilse GAY, S M Miss 1897-Nov-25
FRANK, A W GOLDING, M E Miss 1857-Jan-14
FRANK, Lemuel B FULLINGTON, Melinda 1857-Nov-18
FRANKLIN, D M YOUNG, Julie 1899-Dec-24
FRANKLIN, J W STONE, R E Miss 1865-Sep-19
FRANKLIN, John J G ALBRITTON, Amanda S 1853-Oct-06
FRANKLIN, L E PRITCHARD, Bulah 1895-Oct-20
FRANKLIN, Oscar TUTOR, Gusta 1895-Jan-12
FRANKLIN, Thomas MABRY, Francis 1854-Feb-21
FRANKLIN, Thomas N DUKE, Jane 1853-May-25
FRANKS, L W ANDERSON, R J Miss 1890-Jan-09
FRANKY, Lemuel B FULLINGTON, Melinda 1858-Nov-18
FRAZIER, Aaron BORTS, Delita 1863-Jun-25
FRAZIER, Aaron BOTTS, Delitia 1863-Jun-25
FRAZIER, Aaron YOUNG, Lucinda 1865-Oct-19
FRAZIER, Aran YOUNG, Lucinda 1865-Oct-19
FRAZIER, J H BLOCKER, Harriet E 1860-Oct-25
FRAZIER, J R WILEY, Mary L 1859-Oct-18
FRAZIER, James L HURLEY, Martha 1855-Oct-03
FRAZIER, James W WILEY, Margaret A 1850-Jan-01
FRAZIER, John HAYS, Jane 1859-May-06
FRAZIER, John HAYS, Jane 1859-May-08
FRAZIER, John D SHELTON, Elmira A 1851-Dec-11
FRAZIER, L W JAMES, Lula 1893-Sep-29
FRAZIER, Willis T SCOTT, Termilia 1850-Mar-14
FREE, David KNIGHT, Margaret A F 1859-Dec-01
FREE, David KNIGHT, Mary A F 1859-Dec-01
FREE, Soloman PANNELL, F E Miss 1858-Dec-13
FREEMAN, G W WILKINS, S S J Miss 1865-Oct-11
FREEMAN, J H PHILLIPS, C E Miss 1893-Oct-21
FREEMAN, John W WHITE, Martha L 1858-Jan-28
FREEMAN, Thomas H BRAMLETT, Jane K 1850-Oct-08
FREEMAN, Wesley HADDEN, Elizabeth 1853-Jan-02
FREEMAN, Wm CAMPBELL, Nancy G 1858-Dec-16
FRETWELL, M J DIKES, C B 1896-Oct-25
FRETWELL, Wm L WELLS, E F Miss 1865-Oct-25
FRIARSON, Daniel WARD, Harriet E 1857-Sep-15
FRIARSON, Sidney MARTIN, Nannie O 1861-Oct-22
FRIEMAN, John W WHITE, Martha L 1858-Jan-28
FRIERSEN, Daniel WARD, Harriet E 1857-Sep-14
FUGNA, R H JENKINS, Sarah J 1853-Oct-18
FUGUA, Benjamin WHITTON, Elizabeth R 1860-Dec-20
FUGUA, William M MILAM, Elizabeth 1858-Oct-04
FULLER, A GATEWOOD, Sallie 1866-Aug-21
FULLER, Henry HUGHES, Nancy 1853-Jan-07
FULLER, James C HORN, Sarah M 1856-Aug-11
FULLER, James C HORN, Sarah M 1856-Aug-14
FULLER, Josiah O FRIERSON, Elvira 1856-Jul-26
FULLER, M R WHITE, T J Miss 1856-Dec-16
FULLER, Wm M REID, Susan C Miss 1848-Oct-22
FULLERTON, George PANNELL, Malinda 1849-Oct-28
FULTON, J O FREEMAN, Martha S Mrs 1859-Aug-09
FULTON, John VAUGHN, Elizabeth 1854-Mar-03
FULTON, Josiah O FRIESON, Elvina 1856-Jul-26
FULTON, Samuel C DEEL, Mary J E 1853-Dec-06
FUQUA, Benjamin J WHITLOW, Elizabeth R 1860-Dec-20
FUQUA, Wm M JOHNSON, Mary Ann 1849-Oct-22
FUQUA, Wm M MILAM, Elizabeth 1858-Oct-04
FURGERSON, C L BURGESS, Mary 1899-Oct-05
FURGERSON, J R FREEMAN, Salina 1852-Jan-27
FURGESON, Samuel H GILLIAM, Martha A 1850-Mar-06
FURGUSON, Sim MILLER, Tinnie Miss 1899-Dec-31
FURR, Allison WADDELL, Elizabeth 1865-Sep-25
FURR, Allison WADDELL, Elizabeth 1865-Sep-28
FURR, J S BIGGER, Sarah E 1859-Dec-22
FURR, J W RODGERS, Ila 1893-Dec-22
FURR, W T HISS, Nellie 1894-Mar-19
FURRELL, B D MOSELEY, Julia F 1853-Jan-27



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