Pontotoc County Grooms


ABBOTT, James L SADLER, Mary E 1860-Oct-16
ABBOTT, Thos M BUCHANAN, Laura 1892-Mar-30
ABERNATHY, James F PORTER, Emiline 1851-Nov-12
ABERNATHY, Marion Y WILSON, Martha 1851-Nov-23
ABERNATHY, Miles O ABERNATHY, Mary 1860-Jan-03
ABERNATHY, Rufus T LONG, Sarah J 1852-Jul-06
ABRUISE, W A REDISH, Viola 1900-Feb-18
ADAIR, G W HARDY, Lucinda 1867-Jan-09
ADAMS, D W DAVIS, Cynthia E 1854-Dec-08
ADAMS, George M TREWITT, Matilda C 1853-Feb-06
ADAMS, J G LEE, Mary 1897-Aug-22
ADAMS, J G YOUNG, Sary M 1891-Jul-24
ADAMS, James W NORRIS, Sarah A 1853-May-08
ADAMS, Jasper HARVEY, Louisa 1858-Nov-09
ADAMS, Jasper HARVEY, Louise 1858-Nov-09
ADAMS, John LEWELLEN, Josephine 1866-Oct-16
ADKINS, E C WHITLOW, Mattie 1887-Dec-05
ADKINS, J B SMITH, B A 1898-Sep-25
ADKINS, Robert KIDD, Fannie 1900-Apr-11
ADTKISON, G F BELL, M C Miss 1891-Apr-05
AGLIN, David GUIN, Margarett 1860-Sep-16
AIM, S T PRICE, Caroline 1852-Feb-01
AKINS, W H AKINS, L D Miss 1894-Oct-29
ALBAUGH, Jeremiah , Roselin ? 1848-Aug-24
ALBRITTON, J A COCHRAN, Emily E 1862-Oct-23
ALBRITTON, William GAMBRILL, Sarah 1848-Nov-08
ALDMAN, John S EDINGTON, Harriet A 1860-Sep-07
ALEXANDER, Berry BROWN, Lucia 1889-Jul-07
ALEXANDER, Clem STARK, T G 1899-Jan-24
ALEXANDER, Daniel M BRIDGES, Elizabeth Ann 1850-Feb-21
ALEXANDER, F G COBB, M A Miss 1861-Jul-16
ALEXANDER, F G COBB, N A Miss 1861-Jul-10
ALEXANDER, Henry HARDIN, Anna 1888-Oct-04
ALEXANDER, Henry HUGHS, Hattie 1893-Nov-02
ALEXANDER, Isaac D M GOLDING, Louisa 1850-Jul-23
ALEXANDER, J C W ROBINSON, Julia 1889-Jan-03
ALEXANDER, J H GARNER, V E Miss 1897-Nov-11
ALEXANDER, J W WARDLOW, Nancy V 1849-Feb-22
ALEXANDER, James A SHERMAN, Sarah E 1860-Dec-29
ALEXANDER, James W WARDLAW, Nancy V 1849-Feb-22
ALEXANDER, L B ADAMS, L D Miss 1866-Feb-27
ALEXANDER, S B ADAMS, L D Miss 1866-Feb-27
ALEXANDER, T C MONTGOMERY, Priscilla 1858-Feb-18
ALEXANDER, Thomas L SOUTH, Sarah 1855-Jun-17
ALFORD, Sam CARPENTER, Caroline 1898-Aug-10
ALFORD, W S FAVVOR, Laura 1894-Jul-07
ALGOOD, Frank ROBERSON, Mary Ann 1893-Dec-07
ALGOOD, Will RAY, Annie 1899-Dec-28
ALLBOUGH, Jeremiah PERRY, Rosalie 1848-Aug-24
ALLBRITTEN, J A COCHRAN, Emily E 1862-Oct-23
ALLEN, Albert HOLDEN, Emma 1896-Sep-27
ALLEN, Ben WOBB, Willie 1879-Dec-25
ALLEN, Burret JOHNSON, Josephine 1871-Jan-01
ALLEN, C J FORTUNE, C V Miss 1860-Jan-01
ALLEN, Cock DOGAN, Louisa 1866-Sep-22
ALLEN, George  MCPHERSON, Martha 1865-May-10
ALLEN, James C ALLEN, Susan P 1858-Apr-14
ALLEN, James S MAULDIN, Jane 1854-Sep-28
ALLEN, Joel GODFREY, A S Miss 1866-Apr-01
ALLEN, Joel GODFREY, S A Miss 1866-Apr-01
ALLEN, John A GRAY, Mary J 1859-Aug-22
ALLEN, Jos C ALLEN, Susan P 1858-Apr-14
ALLEN, Lafayette HICHMAN, Lucy 1849-Oct-28
ALLEN, M C SHUTTLES, Nancy 1848-Nov-25
ALLEN, M C SHUTTLES, Nancy 1848-Nov-23
ALLEN, William H MALONE, Julia 1855-Oct-25
ALLMAN, Albert G DANSBY, E C 1850-Mar-28
ALLRED, James MANN, Bettie 1889-May-23
ALMOND, John S EDRINGTON, Harriet A 1860-Sep-07
ALSUF, F C SINGLETON, Nancy E 1851-Jan-08
ANDERSON, Bille MCCHARREN, T J 1896-Sep-30
ANDERSON, C J ONSBY, Ada 1894-Nov-30
ANDERSON, Charles KELLY, T A Miss 1891-Mar-15
ANDERSON, Charles W DOZIER, Mary R 1861-Jun-12
ANDERSON, E R TUTOR, Hester 1892-Nov-30
ANDERSON, Eldridge N ORR, Harriet E 1856-Apr-03
ANDERSON, G W BLAND, Edna 1895-Jan-13
ANDERSON, J B DONALDSON, Bessie 1899-Dec-26
ANDERSON, J J RAGSDALE, Nannie 1900-Apr-01
ANDERSON, J P BLACK, Lorena 1889-Dec-11
ANDERSON, J P HOOPER, Margarett J 1858-Jan-07
ANDERSON, J T CAMP, M S Miss 1887-Jan-10
ANDERSON, R T BEVIL, Maudie 1900-Nov-04
ANDERSON, Robert JOHNSON, Sarah E 1856-Jul-03
ANDERSON, Robert JOHNSON, Sarah E 1856-Jul-06
ANDERSON, Wat BOST, Ola 1896-Jan-13
ANDREW, M J RHODES, L J 1866-Nov-19
ANDREWS, G H MOUNCE, Maggie T 1894-Aug-03
ANDREWS, J C SWORDS, A B Miss 1886-Dec-26
ANDREWS, M W COBB, Martha J 1865-Sep-19
ANDREWS, M Y GATES, Lela 1897-Dec-15
ANGLE, T P MILLER, Kate 1900-Jan-18
ANTHONY, Harry T HERRON, Fannie B 1894-Apr-19
ARCHEY, D G ANDERSON, Annie 1888-Feb-20
ARCHIE, F G SHEPARD, W N 1896-Dec-24
ARCHY, George SHEARS, Lena 1850-Apr-27
ARMSTEAD, J W WELLS, Annie 1866-Dec-29
ARMSTRONG, Chess BUTLER, Millissiee 1897-Nov-30
ARMSTRONG, J B PORTER, Sarah 1857-Feb-18
ARMSTRONG, J B PORTER, Sarah 1857-Feb-25
ARMSTRONG, J D MORGAN, Mary A 1859-Jun-10
ARMSTRONG, J W WADE, N A Miss 1862-Jan-21
ARMSTRONG, J W WADE, N A Miss 1862-Dec-22
ARMSTRONG, W J PRUITT, Margarett 1856-Jan-03
ARNETT, W W MCNEIL, Mary A 1859-Dec-26
ARNETT, W W MCNEIL, Mary A 1859-Dec-27
ARNOLD, C L PRICE, Elizabeth 1897-Sep-19
ARNOLD, H C GAMBLE, Jane 1853-Nov-24
ARNOLD, J C SPENCER, Rosa 1892-May-31
ASHBY, Wm S MCVINNY, Mildred T 1850-May-28
ASHMORE, J A STATEN, Jodie Miss 1898-Nov-19
ASTIN, Robert A HULL, M J Miss 1864-Mar-24
ASTIN, Samuel CROW, Elizabeth 1857-Sep-08
ASTON, Archibald H BELL, Mary J 1852-Feb-04
ASTON, Robert A HALL, M J Miss 1864-Mar-24
ASTON, Samuel CROSS, Elizabeth 1857-Sep-08
ATKINS, Thomas R ELZY, Caroline 1861-Aug-22
ATKINS, W J HARRIS, Rosa 1898-Dec-10
ATKINSON, T C NICHOLSON, Texas 1865-Feb-11
AUSBORN, R T SAVINS, Elizabeth 1859-Oct-11
AUSTIN, J C HENRY, Ada 1900-Dec-26
AUSTIN, J D HOLLY, M C Miss 1887-Nov-27
AUSTIN, J G CRANCH, Mary Mrs 1894-Jan-06
AUSTIN, J W COX, Maggie 1897-Dec-09
AUSTIN, John GILLISPIE, Lilly 1899-Nov-14
AUSTIN, Samuel REAL, Margarett 1856-Feb-24
AUSTIN, W F LILLEY, Helen M 1888-Jul-12
AUSTIN, W F PARKS, Amanda 1900-May-29
AUSTIN, W L GRIST, M A Miss 1886-Dec-27
AUSTIN, William G HOWARD, Nancy H 1855-Dec-23
AUTREY, Absolem SMITH, Francis 1850-Aug-21
AVANT, A D SKIPP, Mamie H 1893-Dec-05
AYCOCK, A B TRULOVE, Catharin 1859-May-28
AYCOCK, A B TRULOVE, Catharine 1859-May-28
AYCOCK, Augustus T BECKHAM, Rebecca E 1853-Dec-20
AYCOCK, C E PRIEST, Sallie 1899-Mar-05
AYCOCK, E B BIFFLE, S L Miss 1894-Dec-22
AYCOCK, John M CONNELLY, Martha Ann 1849-Oct-09
AYCOCK, M M BLACK, J M 1896-Dec-24
AZLIN, David GUIN, Margaret 1860-Sep-16



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