Pontotoc County Brides

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UNDERWOOD, Annie WHITE, J L 1899-Sep-19
UNDERWOOD, Helan CRUSE, B F 1898-Mar-13
UNDERWOOD, Minnie TUTOR, W A 1892-Aug-04
USSORY, Margaret J BOUGH, David L 1849-Nov-22
VANCE, Elizabeth H FAULKNER, W C 1851-Oct-14
VANCE, Mary Mrs DANIEL, T A 1887-Jul-06
VANDIVER, C E A Miss KING, J H 1889-Dec-18
VANDIVER, J D Miss KING, I T 1895-Jan-18
VANDIVER, Maggie BUTLER, W T 1897-Sep-04
VASSER, C R Miss MILLER, John H Jr 1852-Feb-05
VAUGHAN, Ann E BENSON, W C 1856-Mar-04
VAUGHAN, Caroline FOSTER, Samuel H 1854-Sep-28
VAUGHAN, D E Miss NIXON, W J 1865-Oct-26
VAUGHAN, Jennitta WHEATLEY, Jesse B 1856-Jan-03
VAUGHAN, Mary J BOATMAN, David C 1861-Mar-12
VAUGHAN, Nancy HUCKABEE, William 1865-Feb-29
VAUGHN, Ada MAHARREY, I B 1900-Sep-30
VAUGHN, Amanda E JOBE, Sammuel R 1850-Dec-29
VAUGHN, D E Miss NIXSON, W J 1865-Oct-26
VAUGHN, Elizabeth FULTON, John 1854-Mar-03
VAUGHN, Francis NELSON, Samuel 1854-Jan-10
VAUGHN, L E Miss MONTGOMERY, L E 1900-Jan-28
VAUGHN, Lula CALDWELL, J D 1891-Feb-25
VAUGHN, Malvina VAUGHN, Miles M 1848-Oct-03
VAUGHN, Myrtle GOGGANS, James 1898-Oct-09
VAULTER, Elizabeth R HUMPHRIES, George 1850-Sep-18
VERNON, Cyntha C MASEY, Solomon 1853-Dec-22
VINCENT, Matilda COTTEN, William 1855-Oct-17
VINCENT, Rebecca DAVIS, Anderson 1855-Nov-24
VINEYARD, E J Miss WINN, G W 1865-Sep-28
VINEYARD, Margarett M COLEY, James M 1853-Oct-18
VINEYARD, Nancy COLEY, W G W 1854-Jan-25
VINEYARD, Taletha COLVIN, J F 1859-Jun-13
VINEYARD, Talitha COLVIN, J F 1859-Jun-13
VINIYARD, Mary Ann CALVIN, William 1851-Dec-10
VINSON, Amanda WAIT, M L 1866-Oct-28
VINSON, Parilea STANFORD, J L 1900-Apr-11
VINYARD, E J Miss WINN, G W 1865-Sep-28



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