Pontotoc County Brides


TACHITT, Lou Ella WESTMORELAND, Joe 1893-Dec-26
TALLANT, E L Miss DANIEL, J E 1891-Dec-03
TALLARRT, Eliza S TALLARRT, James G 1850-Jul-02
TALLY, Elenor CARTER, Jesse 1857-Jul-27
TALLY, Lucy Ann HENRY, James I 1853-Sep-12
TASHER, N A Miss TUTOR, G P 1895-Jan-02
TATE, Jane FARROR, Geo 1866-Jan-04
TATE, Willie A Miss GALLOWAY, W T 1889-Dec-12
TATER, Lucinda DUKE, James M 1866-Jan-07
TATER, Martha MITCHELL, John A 1856-Jan-21
TAYLOR, C J Miss MAY, John 1858-Jun-22
TAYLOR, Elizabeth COKER, William G 1852-Dec-02
TAYLOR, Ella DOUGLAS, W O 1890-Jul-07
TAYLOR, Louisa MILLER, J T 1857-Feb-19
TAYLOR, Lucretia GAFFORD, Joel 1851-Sep-04
TAYLOR, Martha HULSEY, Jacob 1851-Jul-19
TAYLOR, Mary H FIELDS, A F 1866-Feb-08
TAYLOR, Nannie May TUTOR, C L 1899-Jan-03
TAYLOR, P  Miss CARTER, J B 1860-Oct-11
TAYLOR, Prissie RODGERS, C C 1898-Feb-18
TAYLOR, Rachel WASHINGTON, J H 1893-Feb-03
TEAGUE, Susan C ROACH, Henry O 1859-Jul-14
TEDFORD, Clara REA, J D J 1893-Jul-21
TEETER, Lucinda DUKE, James M 1866-Jan-07
TERRELL, Mary SCREW, Simon 1866-Feb-05
TESNEY, Lizzie BLACK, J L 1895-Apr-22
THOMAS, Louisa E MANING, P C 1853-Nov-01
THOMAS, M J Miss JAMES, W M 1866-Jan-11
THOMAS, Martha ROBBINS, G J 1866-Dec-31
THOMAS, Mary E SEXTON, J H 1866-Dec-27
THOMAS, Mary F PRATT, John P 1865-Dec-16
THOMAS, Mary F PUTT, John P 1865-Dec-16
THOMAS, Mary J Mrs DUNN, Henry 1865-Jan-30
THOMAS, Mary S LEDBETTER, Laben L 1851-Jun-18
THOMAS, S W Miss HANEY, Henry M 1864-Nov-15
THOMAS, S W Miss HAYNIE, Henry M 1864-Nov-16
THOMAS, Sarah C ENOCHS, M E 1861-Sep-14
THOMAS, Sarah E STANFORD, Joseph B 1852-Dec-09
THOMASON, M E Miss JACKSON, J H 1861-Jul-03
THOMASON, Minnie BROWN, J W 1889-Nov-13
THOMASON, Rebecca A STOVALL, A R 1865-Jun-27
THOMPASON, Rebecca A STOVALL, A R 1865-Jun-27
THOMPSON, A E Miss ODEN, W M 1888-Dec-02
THOMPSON, A R Miss JORDAN, John 1866-Nov-15
THOMPSON, Amanda MAXCY, J H 1892-Jan-28
THOMPSON, Copal Varnish TAYLOR, Uriah 1857-Dec-18
THOMPSON, Epsey C TAYLOR, Uriah 1857-Dec-20
THOMPSON, Laula DILLARD, J L 1891-Dec-30
THOMPSON, M E Miss BRANDON, S J 1892-Nov-26
THOMPSON, Mary A GARRISON, A J 1865-Jun-07
THOMPSON, N C Miss CALDWELL, Dock 1894-Nov-27
THOMPSON, N E Miss IVEY, F Marion 1864-Aug-14
THOMPSON, N E Miss LOWER, J H 1888-Dec-16
THOMPSON, S A Miss HUEY, W T 1900-Jan-17
THOMPSON, Sallie BANDON, E H 1898-Nov-09
THOMPSON, Sally GREEN, James C 1859-Apr-23
THOMPSON, Sally GREEN, James C 1859-Apr-28
THOMPSON, Sarah E CARPENTER, John 1854-Mar-28
THORNASON, Margaret E JACKSON, J H 1861-Jul-03
THORNTON, Cordelia L BAILEY, John H 1895-Jul-17
THORNTON, L A Miss BOX, L J 1889-Oct-30
THORNTON, L V Miss PITTMAN, James M 1866-Nov-14
THORNTON, M J Miss MARKS, E M C 1865-Oct-10
THORNTON, M J Miss MARKS, E M C 1866-Oct-10
THORNTON, Martha OURSBURN, W M 1892-Apr-13
THORNTON, Mary C DUNCAN, J F 1866-Jan-23
THORNTON, Mary C DUNCAN, Joseph F 1866-Jan-23
THORNTON, Mary E FARRAR, Josiah 1866-Dec-11
THRILDKILL, Virginia WEATHERALL, George H 1852-Jan-08
TIGER, Sarah SANDERS, Oscar 1898-Jul-14
TINCHER, Elizabeth SNIDER, Carah 1851-May-05
TINER, Mary WILLIAMS, Lewis 1855-Aug-08
TIPPAH, Almeda BERRY, Jarrett L 1854-Jul-18
TODD, Charlotte SMITH, G T 1856-Jan-03
TODD, Cora DORAUGH, J T 1900-Aug-15
TODD, Emma CONLEE, Liman 1897-Aug-25
TODD, F Miss GAFFORD, W F 1892-Jan-28
TODD, J I Miss WILSON, R L 1889-May-25
TODD, Jennie COUCH, J M 1900-Jan-03
TODD, Lora RUTLEDGE, James 1896-Jul-02
TODD, Lou COKER, Virdie 1889-Feb-10
TODD, Lula RUTLEDGE, J R 1887-Dec-27
TODD, Mary COOK, J D 1889-Jan-17
TODD, Mary Jane STOATES, Joseph 1862-Dec-28
TODD, Mary Jane STOATS, Joseph 1862-Dec-28
TODD, Polly PILCHER, William 1855-Aug-30
TODD, S M Miss ROBBINS, O W 1890-Oct-26
TOLERSON, M A Miss DANIEL, L F 1865-Dec-04
TOLERSON, M A Miss DANIEL, L F 1865-Dec-05
TOMBLIN, Nancy E ROBISON, William 1855-Oct-24
TOOSHEE, American GREGORY, Inez 1900-Sep-20
TOOSHER, O M Miss MCGREGOR, W S 1900-Jul-22
TRAILOR, M E Miss HENDERSON, S 1899-Sep-28
TREWITT, Matilda C ADAMS, George M 1853-Feb-06
TRICE, Elizabeth MALONE, Sampson 1858-Nov-18
TRICE, Virginia A OSIER, Joseph 1865-Jun-27
TRICE, Virginia A OSIER, Joseph A 1865-Jun-07
TRUIT, Mary J GILLIAN, Samuel 1856-Mar-11
TRULOVE, Catharin AYCOCK, A B 1859-May-28
TRULOVE, Catharine AYCOCK, A B 1859-May-28
TUCKER, Hannie CALDWELL, S L 1895-Nov-27
TUCKER, Bulah JOHNSON, Geo 1893-Dec-12
TUCKER, Dora SANDERS, J A 1898-Sep-04
TUCKER, Jane WEATHERALL, William S 1859-Feb-17
TUCKER, Jane WEATHERFORD, William S 1859-Feb-17
TUCKER, Mary A BLACKBURN, Lucy 1853-Nov-20
TULIP, Ollie LAUGHLIN, J K 1895-Nov-07
TULLEY, Sue REEDER, J S 1900-Jan-11
TULLY, Mary MATHEWS, J J 1898-Mar-09
TURNER, Eliza BRAMLETT, John W 1854-Feb-09
TURNER, Ellie GILLESPIE, W T 1895-Sep-29
TURNER, Fannie LONG, W P 1865-Feb-07
TURNER, Fannie A PRUDE, Jesse W 1865-Nov-15
TURNER, Malinda COX, John 1851-Nov-02
TURNER, Minnie WILSON, J T 1896-Jun-07
TURNER, Tennie LONG, W P 1865-Feb-07
TUTOR, A H Miss TUTOR, Richard 1865-Apr-13
TUTOR, Alma BROWN, W M 1899-Sep-13
TUTOR, Ann DOUGLAS, T B 1860-Aug-04
TUTOR, Ann DOUGLAS, T B 1860-Aug-09
TUTOR, Bulah WALDROP, J B 1895-Jan-23
TUTOR, Callie C BLOWNT, J A 1893-Feb-07
TUTOR, Cora BRUNETT, L J 1900-Jun-07
TUTOR, Ella INGRAM, J C 1893-Jul-21
TUTOR, Emma PALMER, C E 1888-Nov-11
TUTOR, Gusta FRANKLIN, Oscar 1895-Jan-12
TUTOR, Hester ANDERSON, E R 1892-Nov-30
TUTOR, Iler HERNDON, J M 1900-Dec-10
TUTOR, Joanna KELLEY, W D 1888-Jan-01
TUTOR, Lellia MCGREGOR, J G 1900-Jan-28
TUTOR, Lenna H WALL, J B 1887-Sep-25
TUTOR, Lucy CARTER, R L 1887-Nov-13
TUTOR, Lucy A MCGREGER, G 1865-Nov-21
TUTOR, Lucy A MCGREGOR, G 1865-Nov-21
TUTOR, M D Miss HERNDON, W F 1887-Dec-25
TUTOR, Mollie GREGORY, Joe 1897-Mar-28
TUTOR, O P Miss BOUCHILLON, H B 1890-Dec-24
TUTOR, P B Miss GREGORY, J D 1887-Sep-25
TUTOR, Patsy TUBS, T R 1897-Mar-24
TUTOR, Quella MCCORD, Charles 1896-Sep-03
TUTOR, Villie HELMS, D C 1897-Feb-18
TWEEDLE, Amanda BASS, R L 1900-Sep-10
TWEEDLE, Vera GRANT, V A 1900-Sep-10
TWITCHELL, Emma E DEPASS, Samuel C 1862-Jun-23
TYER, Susan E GRAFFORD, William L 1852-Jul-08
TYNER, Sindy CHENEY, Artemis 1894-Sep-02
TYRE, Mildred E FORD, R D 1861-Mar-03



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