Pontotoc County Brides

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NABOR, Matilda C SMITH, Thomas J 1862-Dec-12
NABORS, Mary F MULLINS, David C 1861-Jan-01
NABORS, Matilda C SMITH, Thomas J 1862-Dec-12
NABORS, Susan C MELTON, Elijah 1851-Feb-29
NABOURS, Mary Frances MULLINS, David 1861-Jan-01
NALLEY, Martha WARRINGTON, John S 1854-Oct-02
NAROLIN, N E Miss WARREN, L L 1893-Dec-15
NASH, Martha JONES, W  1861-Apr-19
NEAL, Nancy BAILEY, J W 1861-Jan-24
NEEL, Daisy FARRANT, A C 1899-Oct-22
NEELY, E F Miss LYON, W H 1865-Jan-15
NEELY, Elizabeth GAMBRELL, W C 1857-Mar-17
NEELY, Ella COMBS, Wm M 1866-Dec-21
NEELY, Margarett J WEATHERALL, Lafayette 1852-Sep-14
NEELY, Mary E MILLER, John W 1857-Dec-29
NEELY, S A Miss SHEPHERD, J R 1857-Aug-27
NEELY, S H Miss SHEPPARD, R J 1857-Aug-27
NEIGHBOR, Sarah PITCHER, Sle 1898-Oct-29
NEIGHBORS, Jane HILER, Henry 1860-Jul-20
NELSON, Hattie HINTON, Rufus 1895-Aug-11
NELSON, Jane PILCHER, Marion 1858-Sep-28
NELSON, Lillie WALKER, W W 1893-Nov-06
NELSON, Margarette ROBBINS, Arrin S 1853-Jan-04
NELSON, Mary OWENS, Gabriel 1851-Aug-18
NELSON, Mollie LESLEY, J W 1893-Dec-18
NELSON, N E Miss SLEDGE, L W 1893-Aug-30
NELSON, Nancy Bell BUTTER, John D 1843-Nov-11
NELSON, S D Miss MCALISTER, W W 1891-Oct-25
NELSON, Sallie BUSBY, G W 1899-Jan-03
NELSON, Willie Miss PRUDE, J H 1892-Nov-18
NEW, Jole TODD, D C 1900-Jan-29
NEWBY, M A Miss GRISHAM, P P 1860-Oct-05
NEWBY, Mary A GRISHAM, P P 1860-Oct-05
NEWBY, Nancy F OWENS, William M 1854-Aug-02
NEWELL, Bettie VAUGHN, J Lewis 1891-Jul-08
NEWELL, Emma LONG, S E 1892-Mar-26
NEWELL, Francis Ann JERNIGAN, G W 1866-Mar-08
NEWELL, Harriet J JERNAGAN, Wiley H 1855-Dec-11
NEWELL, Mary RODGERS, J A 1889-Dec-21
NEWELL, Mary C PATTERSON, Nelson G 1848-Aug-22
NEWELL, S E Miss HICKS, M A 1859-Jan-25
NEWELL, S E Miss HICKS, M H 1859-Jan-25
NEWSOM, Mary C PERKINS, James S 1857-Oct-15
NEWSOM, Mary C PERKINS, James S 1857-Oct-25
NICHOLS, Jane C MITCHELL, David 1852-Dec-28
NICHOLSON, Albermale V COB, John G 1856-Jun-19
NICHOLSON, Texas ATKINSON, T C 1865-Feb-11
NIX, Artha E BUNDY, Jesse E 1850-Apr-07
NIX, Edy PATE, Charles 1855-Feb-16
NIX, Mary A FERRELL, Berkley D 1861-Nov-14
NIX, Mary J PUTT, Jonathan 1854-May-04
NIXON, M A Miss MILAM, H P 1865-Sep-25
NIXON, Minnie WARREN, J C 1898-Nov-07
NIXON, Mollie C MILAM, W A 1866-Dec-17
NOBLES, T E Miss RUSSELL, M S 1880-Feb-18
NOLAN, Mary A BUCHANAN, J W 1866-Nov-05
NOLAND, Georgia BRIDGEMAN, James 1896-Apr-11
NOLAND, Nancy V BOYD, S P 1894-Nov-07
NOLAND, Savanna MASK, Farris 1893-Dec-15
NOLE, Charity Mrs STEGALL, T M 1895-Nov-20
NOLEN, Mary LOFTIS, James M 1863-Nov-30
NOLEN, Mary TRAILER, James 1866-Feb-04
NOLEN, Mary TRAILOR, James 1866-Feb-04
NOLES, Mary HEAD, Elijah 1856-Jun-11
NOLES, Nancy HEAD, James M 1860-Dec-06
NORRIS, Alice LIVINGSTON, L L 1897-Aug-12
NORRIS, Sarah A ADAMS, James W 1853-May-08
NORVILL, Mary F PALMER, L B 1850-Nov-13
NORWOOD, Elizabeth J KELLY, Azanah 1854-May-06
NORWOOD, Mary MALONE, A W 1855-Jan-11
NORWOOD, Sarah R E HATTOX, G H 1856-May-04
NOWELL, Sarah E PRATHER, Josiah 1853-Jan-28
NOWLAN, Caroline ELDER, James C 1849-May-22
NOWLAND, Jane DILLARD, J H 1855-Jan-21
NOWLEN, Caroline ELDER, James C 1849-May-22
NOWLIN, Ann WESTER, A T 1861-Jul-21
NOWLIN, L M Miss WARREN, L L 1888-Dec-23
NOWLIN, M J Miss DISON, G W 1889-Nov-24
NUBEE, Mildred RUSSELL, W H H 1864-Nov-17
NUBEE, Mildred A RUPUL, W H H 1864-Nov-17
NULY, Eleanor POUND, George H G 1851-Dec-24
NUSON, Mattie MCCARVER, R V 1892-Jan-16
OBRIANT, Sarah SHULTZ, William 1852-Oct-21
ODLE, E V E Miss MUNLIN, W H 1892-Nov-24
ODLE, Etta MUNLIER, T J 1899-Mar-08
ODLE, Mollie Mrs DAVIS, Marian 1893-Dec-09
OGLEBEE, Tilda A SCREWS, Obediah 1860-Sep-28
OLIVER, Jane BROWN, R H 1858-Mar-16
OLIVER, Julia KIRKPATRICK, R H 1900-Dec-02
OLIVER, Louiza GRIFFEN, Morgan 1857-May-07
OLIVER, Louiza GRIFFIN, Morgan 1857-May-25
ONEAL, M Y Miss LOWERY, J M 1888-Jan-12
ONEIL, Elizabeth A MAXEY, Robert P 1851-Jan-19
ONLY, Rachel STAMPS, James 1862-May-07
ONSBERNY, L Miss HELLUMS, W P 1889-Jun-08
ONSBY, Ada ANDERSON, C J 1894-Nov-30
OREED, Clarisa KING, Thomas 1858-Aug-28
ORME, Anne F ORME, Henry A 1849-Jan-25
ORNE, Anne F ORNE, Henry A 1849-Jan-23
ORR, Catherine RAGLAND, Evan 1852-Dec-28
ORR, Clarinda CORNELL, Nathan 1851-Aug-26
ORR, Dora E TODD, J M 1891-Nov-15
ORR, Emaline STONE, William J 1848-Dec-29
ORR, Emaline STONE, Wm J 1848-Dec-31
ORR, Harriet E ANDERSON, Eldridge N 1856-Apr-03
ORR, Mary Jane GATHRIGHT, O F 1848-Sep-29
ORR, Mattie RUSSELL, J T 1898-Mar-23
ORR, Minnie RUTLEDGE, J T 1898-May-22
ORR, S A Miss CAMPBELL, William T 1863-Dec-11
ORR, Synthia A CAMPBELL, Wm Franklin 1863-Dec-10
OSBORN, F J Miss HENDRICK, S B 1888-Jun-30
OSIBLES, Sarah Ann FOWLER, Allen P 1861-Apr-04
OVERBY, Caroline F BABB, Thomas J 1865-Aug-17
OVERBY, Caroline F Mrs BABB, Thos J 1865-Aug-17
OWEN, A B Miss BUCHANAN, W F 1900-Jun-13
OWEN, A H Miss FARAR, D A 1890-Nov-22
OWEN, A R Miss HODGES, W W 1899-Nov-08
OWEN, Addie BAILY, Jim 1897-Feb-21
OWEN, Annie BALLARD, Beny 1900-Sep-20
OWEN, M R Miss NOWLIN, G M 1888-Dec-02
OWEN, M V Miss PITTMAN, H W 1891-Dec-24
OWEN, Maggie JINKINS, E L 1892-Dec-14
OWEN, Mary GARMAN, E S 1893-Dec-16
OWEN, Ora COLLINS, R A 1900-Dec-17
OWEN, S C Miss WATTS, R C 1889-Jan-03
OWEN, Susie PARNELL, L T 1900-Dec-17
OWENS, Alfred Miss JONES, A B 1894-Dec-06
OWENS, C A Miss SNEED, B A 1894-Apr-02
OWENS, Leanna LITTLE, J W 1864-Feb-12
OWENS, Narcissa GLENN, J J 1856-Feb-12
OWENS, Sarah A WILSON, James R 1860-Jul-10



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