Pontotoc County Brides


LACEY, Mary MOORE, Elijah 1860-Oct-23
LACY, Mary MOORE, Elijah 1860-Oct-23
LAMAR, M A Miss SATAWHITE, W H 1865-Nov-15
LAMAR, Susan C MILAM, Joseph A 1857-Dec-07
LAMB, Martha Ann LAUDERDALE, James P 1850-Jan-17
LAMBERT, Anna SHEMPERT, P L 1900-Oct-24
LAMBERT, Millie HINTON, Cliffton 1899-Jul-02
LAMBERT, S E Miss BRANDON, W J 1809-Feb-07
LAND, M E Mrs FOWLER, Milus 1887-May-12
LANE, Annie MINYARD, J J 1891-Apr-16
LANEY, Sally HODGES, Simon 1866-Jan-04
LANGE, Willie HENDERSON, Mattie 1899-Feb-01
LANGLEY, Laura Ann BREWER, Joseph 1855-Aug-15
LANGLEY, Lizzie SHELTON, G B 1899-May-14
LANGLEY, Lucy Ann DULANY, William D 1865-Apr-10
LANGLEY, Martha E SPECK, James W 1859-Nov-20
LANGLEY, S C Miss MCCRAW, J W 1888-May-17
LANGUM, Verlinda JOHNSTON, Joseph 1855-Dec-23
LANKFORD, E M Miss WHITE, J N 1852-Nov-25
LANKFORD, Martha M BRAILEY, Wm H 1858-Feb-16
LANKFORD, Mary WITCHER, William 1866-Sep-01
LANKFORD, Sarah C JAMESON, Jesse R 1852-Jul-10
LANTRIP, A E Miss STEGALL, William H 1864-Mar-13
LANTRIP, E P Miss MCCORMICK, H J 1890-Nov-19
LANTRIP, N E Miss STEGALL, Wm H 1864-Mar-12
LAPRADE, Emma DILLARD, W P 1889-Feb-13
LAUDERDALE, Mary I STANFORD, John F 1849-Sep-01
LAUGHBRIDGE, Margaret V DILLARD, James M 1866-Oct-15
LAUGHLIN, Cora JONES, W F 1898-Dec-22
LAUGHLIN, Ollie JOHNSON, A W 1900-Nov-19
LAUSDALE, Pathena P FINCHER, William C 1852-Oct-05
LAVINS, C A Miss JETER, L D 1893-Mar-08
LAWOR, Nannie EVANS, J L 1891-Jan-29
LAWRENCE, Eliza J SMITH, Wm B 1866-Sep-26
LEACH, Martha Ann Francis WILMOTH, Mark 1862-Sep-09
LEAGUE, Mary BRASHEIR, James T 1865-Dec-07
LEAGUE, Mary C BRAZIER, James T 1865-Dec-07
LEANELT, L J Miss ORR, H C 1866-Jul-28
LEAVELL, L Miss ORR, H C 1866-Jul-28
LEDBETTER, Mary A J DAVIS, Peter 1856-Sep-22
LEE, Annie GENTRY, S L 1894-Dec-05
LEE, Cara WILSON, J W 1899-Jun-07
LEE, Mary ADAMS, J G 1897-Aug-22
LEE, Minnie GENTRY, J W 1888-May-21
LEE, Minnie PURDON, J W 1899-Mar-31
LEE, S M Miss HENRY, R L 1887-Sep-18
LEED, M W Miss PEGUES, W E 1889-May-01
LEMONS, Ella COLLINS, J H 1900-Feb-04
LEMONS, L L Miss STOVALL, W B 1889-Dec-08
LESLEY, A J Miss PRIDE, Joseph 1865-Nov-01
LESLY, L Q Miss NIX, J T 1890-Nov-13
LETFORD, C T Miss MANN, C D 1860-Feb-05
LEVELL, Sarah F PITTS, Hillory 1855-Aug-16
LEVERETT, Amanda C BAILEY, Robert 1855-May-29
LEWALLEN, Alice TAYLOR, H C 1891-Jan-04
LEWELING, L C Miss LEWELING, W J 1891-Oct-12
LEWELLEN, Josephine ADAMS, John 1866-Oct-16
LEWELLEN, M A Miss WASHINGTON, John C 1859-Dec-04
LEWELLER, M A Miss WASHINGTON, John C 1859-Dec-04
LILES, Martha A PAYNE, Alfred 1852-Nov-08
LILLEY, Helen M AUSTIN, W F 1888-Jul-12
LILLY, Beulah MCGAUGHLY, F C 1880-Nov-28
LINDSEY, Ester TUTOR, Marion 1898-May-22
LINDSEY, Martha E RUTLEDGE, Jackson 1864-Nov-06
LISLE, Elizabeth Ann JACKSON, James 1850-Apr-09
LITTLE, Anna SWINDLE, Jim 1887-Mar-02
LITTLE, M A Miss MONTGOMERY, T A 1888-Jun-16
LITTLE, Mary E WILSON, James K 1861-Feb-03
LITTLE, Mattie ROLAND, J S 1894-Sep-13
LITTLEJOHN, Ellie GRANT, Jessie 1894-Apr-05
LITTLEJOHN, Lou LISSELL, Albert 1894-Dec-18
LIVINGSTON, Carrie KNIGHT, T L 1894-Dec-25
LIVINGSTON, Paulina POWELL, W H 1897-Oct-07
LOCKARD, M L Miss BETTS, James H 1855-Sep-06
LOCKEY, Annie HANIE, F N 1898-Jan-13
LOCKEY, Bessie BRANDON, R E 1896-Dec-14
LOFTIS, Mary LOFTIS, James M 1863-Nov-30
LONG, Charity BLACK, Robert 1853-Apr-28
LONG, E C Miss KELLY, Jeremiah 1859-Dec-20
LONG, Emma C KELLY, Jeramiah 1859-Dec-21
LONG, Jane HORTON, W C 1889-Jun-03
LONG, Josephine E BRAMBLETT, H A 1861-Jul-14
LONG, Josephine E BRAMBLITT, H A 1861-Jul-14
LONG, Julia DONOVAN, Bartholomew 1855-Jul-06
LONG, Martha Jane HARDWICH, William B 1851-May-19
LONG, Mary DONAVON, James 1858-May-02
LONG, Mary DONOVAN, James 1858-Jun-07
LONG, Mary S GREEN, T M 1861-Jul-28
LONG, Mary S MEEK, James S 1854-Mar-23
LONG, Nancy PIPKINS, Samuel 1857-May-04
LONG, Nancy C SPEARS, M E 1861-Mar-18
LONG, Nancy C SPEARS, M E 1861-Mar-28
LONG, R M Miss GRAVES, G L 1865-Apr-11
LONG, R M Miss GRAVES, T L 1865-Apr-11
LONG, Rebecca VAUGHN, 1894-Dec-20
LONG, Sarah J ABERNATHY, Rufus T 1852-Jul-06
LOUIS, E A Miss MURPHY, Felix J 1864-Apr-16
LOVE, Belle PONDER, Wesley 1894-Mar-25
LOVING, Elizabeth JOHNSON, James M 1860-Jan-16
LOVING, Mary M TARDY, William D 1853-Mar-03
LOVINS, Alter Miss EMIS, N B 1891-Dec-14
LOVINS, E A Miss MURPHREY, Felix J 1864-Apr-18
LOVINS, Nannie J POWELL, H W 1866-Feb-03
LOWERY, Elizabeth JOHNSON, James M 1859-Jan-16
LOWERY, Essie MOTHERSHED, W A 1897-Dec-01
LOWERY, Sarah A JOHNSON, Williamn 1858-Mar-14
LOWRY, Bessie YOUNG, G W 1899-Nov-08
LOWRY, Julia E WEATHERALL, W W 1891-Feb-26
LOWRY, M F Miss GILMER, J C 1889-Apr-10
LOWRY, S B Miss TODD, R L 1889-Feb-13
LOWRY, Sarah A JOHNSON, William W 1858-Mar-14
LOWRY, Verna WHITE, James 1898-Jul-18
LUKE, R A Miss NEAL, Wiley 1866-Jan-17
LUKER, E M Miss BELK, M M 1895-Mar-27
LUTHER, Madelon JACKSON, Vernon 1898-Sep-16
LYON, Martha T HILL, Thomas J 1854-Jan-22
LYON, Matilda L TERRY, John 1852-Oct-10
LYON, V F Miss LYON, Thomas C 1855-Sep-09
LYONS, Margaret RYAN, Thomas 1858-May-06
LYONS, Modena HOLT, W T 1891-Oct-29



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