Pontotoc County Brides


KEANON, Martha THORNTON, Frank 1890-Apr-07
KEE, Mary HICKMAN, Wm F 1862-Nov-24
KEEL, Eltha L M BURK, Alvin 1848-Jul-27
KEEL, Eltha L M BURKE, Alvin 1849-Jul-27
KELLEY, Ada SEXTON, C R 1898-Dec-09
KELLEY, Becky HARDIN, G B 1894-Nov-13
KELLEY, L E Miss BOWEN, L B 1899-Feb-01
KELLEY, Leona SANDERS, W H 1894-Feb-10
KELLEY, Martha E JONES, Alexander 1852-Dec-16
KELLIE, Mollie MOORLAND, W B 1891-Mar-22
KELLY, Alice STEPP, W J 1890-Feb-13
KELLY, Annie BRAZIL, R L 1888-Aug-12
KELLY, Catharine GRIFFIN, Simon 1861-Aug-01
KELLY, Catherine LITTLE, B B 1888-Jan-25
KELLY, D A Miss HELLUM, R C 1857-May-14
KELLY, D A Miss HELLUMS, R C 1857-May-14
KELLY, E F Miss HATTOX, J C 1864-Jul-08
KELLY, E T Miss HATTOX, J C 1864-Jul-08
KELLY, Ellen O TUCKER, S J 1862-Apr-23
KELLY, Emphema FIELDS, W H 1861-Jun-30
KELLY, Frances E BOATMAN, William M 1858-Jul-10
KELLY, M A Miss CALDWELL, R C 1892-Apr-12
KELLY, Mary F COON, John A 1855-Jul-05
KELLY, Mary F RICHEY, Jeptha W 1856-Feb-28
KELLY, T A Miss ANDERSON, Charles 1891-Mar-15
KENNADY, Mary Miss WALKER, Josiah J M 1848-Jun-27
KENNEDY, Louisa HUBBARD, Anderson 1851-Oct-16
KENNEDY, Marissa MILLER, J F C 1861-Nov-17
KENNEDY, Martha Jane TEMPLETON, J W 1860-Nov-25
KEY, Mollie WILSON, M D L 1888-Apr-22
KEYS, Jane N NORWOOD, Liberty W 1857-Dec-18
KEYS, Martha Ann HARRIS, John L 1853-Jan-20
KEYS, Mary MOODY, Francis 1855-Mar-13
KIDD, A S A Miss OWENS, C H 1888-Mar-08
KIDD, Fannie ADKINS, Robert 1900-Apr-11
KIDD, Ludie Miss TAYLOR, C L 1900-Jan-31
KIDD, M E Miss COOPER, J W 1887-Jan-10
KIDD, M E Miss GOGGANS, W H 1892-Oct-01
KIDD, Margaret WHEATLEY, R P 1859-Jul-22
KIDD, Margaret WHEATLY, R P 1859-Sep-22
KIDD, Nancy A COX, James W 1854-Jan-12
KIDD, Susan WALKOO, Jopeth 1845-Dec-10
KILGORE, Maggie KING, Edd 1895-Mar-17
KILLY, Allas ROBBINS, C T 1895-Dec-18
KING, Hilda ROY, Samuel 1853-Sep-22
KING, Leonora M LOCKHART, G W 1860-Jan-31
KING, Lora NAUGHER, J R 1898-Aug-16
KING, Lula WITCHER, H R 1898-Oct-15
KING, Martha Ann FLAHERETY, Soloman G 1857-Jul-21
KING, Martha Ann FLARHERTY, Samuel G 1857-Jul-21
KING, Mary D JONES, A J 1859-May-30
KING, Mary L DESMOND, Council 1852-Nov-15
KING, N A Miss FORTUNE, A L 1860-Dec-03
KIRKLAND, Pamela J BRAMBLE, W R 1858-Jun-16
KIRKPATRICK, Martha M MARION, R B 1860-Feb-18
KIRKWOOD, Rebecca H RANKIN, Theophilis 1856-Jan-24
KITCHENS, Jennie SIMMONS, G M 1888-Sep-30
KIY, Mary HICKMAN, 1862-Nov-22
KNIGHT, E J Miss HANAH, W B 1861-Sep-02
KNIGHT, Elizabeth COOPER, James F 1850-Feb-01
KNIGHT, Hemmons Miss ERRICKSON, Peter 1899-Dec-14
KNIGHT, Margaret A F FREE, David 1859-Dec-01
KNIGHT, Martha BRADEN, W F 1865-Feb-12
KNIGHT, Martha BRANDON, W F 1865-Feb-12
KNIGHT, Mary A F FREE, David 1859-Dec-01
KNIGHT, Mary J BOLDING, Marian J 1866-Nov-21
KNIGHT, R A J Miss CONAWAY, J B 1860-Feb-23
KNIGHT, Sarah J Mrs STORY, William 1865-Jan-31
KNOS, Nuenanna Miss BYERS, James M 1848-Nov-30
KNOWLES, Malinda RATLIFF, S C 1855-Dec-27
KNOWLES, Mary HEAD, Elijah 1857-Sep-06
KNOWLES, Mary HEARD, Elijah 1857-Sep-06
KNOWLS, Mary KELLY, John W 1850-Jan-11
KNOX, Ada BROWN, J W 1896-Jun-10
KNOX, M L Miss MULLINS, J W 1865-Oct-15
KNOX, M S Miss MULLINS, J W 1865-Oct-15
KNOX, Newhanna BYERS, James M 1848-Nov-28
KOHLHIM, Alma MORTON, Charles 1861-Jun-10
KOLHEIM, Alma MORTON, Charles S 1861-Jun-10
KYLE, Anna BELYCIN, R M 1894-Aug-30
KYLE, R A Miss WARREN, J H 1895-Jul-25



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