Pontotoc County Grooms

I - J

INGRAM, E J Miss TUTOR, J H 1897-Oct-31
INGRAM, F A Miss RILEY, C H 1891-Feb-08
INMAN, Hattie Mrs DAVIS, Marshall 1894-Nov-19
INMAN, Mollie TUTOR, J B 1894-Jan-20
INZER, Janie MCDANIEL, T L 1896-Oct-27
IRVIN, Nancy A LOONEY, William J 1865-Jan-08
ISHAM, Cordilla POLLARD, J M 1858-Oct-05
ISOM, Cordilla POLLARD, J M 1858-Oct-05
ISOM, Lorraine MANN, Limuel 1864-Dec-02
ISOM, Luraine MANN, Lemuel 1864-Dec-02
ISOM, Mary C FAGINS, T J 1864-Oct-04
IVEY, E A Miss HOWELL, J S 1858-Sep-19
IVY, Mary J PUCKETT, W G 1856-Feb-20
IVY, P A Miss JACKSON, F D 1864-Mar-01
IVY, P A Miss JACKSON, F D 1864-Mar-05
JACKETT, Margarett MASH, Henry 1898-Nov-02
JACKSON, Annie TATE, A A 1897-Feb-04
JACKSON, Beula SEALE, Marlin 1891-Feb-19
JACKSON, Burnie Miss EUBANKS, W A 1898-Dec-30
JACKSON, Candie TATE, J T 1894-Dec-13
JACKSON, D J Miss WOOD, C B 1887-Jan-16
JACKSON, Elizabeth BAKER, Daniel 1850-Jan-15
JACKSON, G A Miss HANEY, H J 1888-Jan-26
JACKSON, Jane Mrs BEARD, W A 1865-Aug-06
JACKSON, Lillie EUBANKS, A J 1900-Oct-24
JACKSON, M F Miss KELLY, G W 1890-Jul-07
JACKSON, Mary E MILAM, W F 1865-Sep-24
JACKSON, Mattie LOWER, J C 1891-Nov-11
JACKSON, Modie JONES, L B 1900-May-13
JACO, Lizzie BRIDGMAN, G D 1899-Mar-07
JAGGARS, Lanabell MCKNIGHT, J W 1894-Aug-19
JAGGERS, Della MASK, Water 1897-Mar-04
JAMES, Emma MCGREGOR, W R 1890-Dec-27
JAMES, Eula CAGLE, W T 1899-Jan-13
JAMES, Georgia MCGREGOR, S Y 1891-Mar-05
JAMES, J J Miss FOSHE, B 1893-Jan-12
JAMES, Lucy THOMPSON, Wm 1864-Jan-14
JAMES, Lula FRAZIER, L W 1893-Sep-29
JAMES, M A Miss TAYLOR, P G 1859-Oct-26
JAMES, M A Miss TAYLOR, P J 1859-Oct-20
JAMES, Martha J HURLEY, F M 1858-Aug-12
JAMES, Martha J HURLEY, F M 1858-Aug-13
JAMES, Matilda A MONTGOMERY, R E 1865-Nov-26
JAMESON, Clarentine STAGGS, James M 1856-Sep-13
JAMESON, Elizabeth OREAR, Franklin 1851-Jun-21
JAMISON, Clarentine STAGGS, James M 1856-Sep-13
JARNIGAN, Sarah E WOOD, William J 1858-Nov-01
JARRELL, Abigail MOODY, Thomas 1854-Oct-20
JARVIS, M E Miss REAVES, J B 1860-Jan-25
JARVIS, Margaret E ROBBINS, W J 1866-Nov-06
JEMISON, Clarisa DYSON, Lazazelle 1850-Jun-30
JENKINS, Ada HAIR, James 1892-Nov-11
JENKINS, Della HARDEN, J W 1900-Aug-26
JENKINS, Elizabeth STEGALL, Jeremiah G Jr 1859-Dec-27
JENKINS, Elizabeth STEGALL, Jeremiah G Jr 1859-Dec-24
JENKINS, F A Miss GRAHAM, A M 1898-Nov-29
JENKINS, Jennie M LOWERY, E G 1891-Dec-15
JENKINS, Martha PITTS, S Henry 1860-Jan-04
JENKINS, Mollie COLEMAN, Wark 1865-Nov-24
JENKINS, Mollie COLEMAN, Wash 1865-Nov-24
JENKINS, S C Miss HORTON, J C 1865-Feb-07
JENKINS, Sarah J FUGNA, R H 1853-Oct-18
JENKINS, Sintha SCOTT, L A A 1898-Oct-11
JENNIGAN, Mollie DONALDSON, John A 1895-Sep-19
JENNINGS, Mary J NEIL, Samuel J 1852-Apr-13
JENNINGS, Nancy G BOX, G C 1865-Nov-05
JENNINGS, Sarah EATMAN, Eugene 1897-Sep-05
JERNIGAN, Nannie B MAULDIN, W M 1893-Feb-15
JERNIGAN, Winnie GREGORY, S J 1887-Apr-28
JEUT, Abadiah PAINE, Birchett 1855-Sep-19
JINKINS, Willie Miss HARDIN, H Y 1889-Oct-29
JOHNSON, A C Miss HOYLE, J M 1857-Aug-18
JOHNSON, Addie CHILTON, J L 1899-Jun-04
JOHNSON, Antnet BROWN, A G 1889-Jan-23
JOHNSON, C E Miss COATS, F D 1864-May-16
JOHNSON, Catharine HARGROVES, C C 1859-Feb-03
JOHNSON, Catharine HARGROVES, C C 1859-Jul-03
JOHNSON, Corrie GORDON, W A 1888-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Delilia BIVILL, Alexander D 1850-Jun-20
JOHNSON, Elizabeth BRYANT, J W 1866-Jan-14
JOHNSON, Elizabeth J GRISHAM, J M 1851-Aug-21
JOHNSON, Emma HENDERSON, W E 1897-Dec-23
JOHNSON, H E Miss WOOD, T J 1889-Nov-11
JOHNSON, Harriet HARRIS, E M 1860-Dec-19
JOHNSON, Hattie FLAHERTY, G G 1897-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Hester WARD, Will 1897-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Jane H MAYHEW, J G 1865-Sep-27
JOHNSON, Josaphine L KENNADY, Thomas J 1859-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Josephine ALLEN, Burret 1871-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Josephine HENDERSON, J L 1865-Jan-11
JOHNSON, Josephine L KENNEDY, Thomas J 1859-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Julyan TUTOR, H  1866-Jul-03
JOHNSON, Katie GLENN, Albert 1897-Feb-25
JOHNSON, Kittie WILLIAMS, Abraham 1898-Dec-07
JOHNSON, Lanla TATE, R P 1899-May-07
JOHNSON, M C Miss CALDWELL, J W 1860-Jul-02
JOHNSON, M E Miss MITCHELL, J P 1890-Dec-06
JOHNSON, M J Miss BANKS, Charles C 1851-Oct-16
JOHNSON, M J Miss KELLY, W M 1865-Aug-31
JOHNSON, M J Miss LOWRY, W P 1865-Dec-24
JOHNSON, M J Miss WILSON, T J 1899-Apr-16
JOHNSON, M L Miss EDWARDS, J M 1866-Feb-24
JOHNSON, M M Miss WILKS, M J 1859-Nov-24
JOHNSON, M S Miss EDWARDS, J M 1866-Feb-24
JOHNSON, Maggie MAYFIELD, J D 1895-Jan-14
JOHNSON, Maggie ZACKERY, Wash 1896-Aug-24
JOHNSON, Malinda MALONE, C C 1864-Jul-26
JOHNSON, Margaret J DOWDY, William R 1856-Sep-24
JOHNSON, Margaret J DOWDY, William R 1856-Oct-03
JOHNSON, Margaret J FARMER, Robert T 1855-Mar-17
JOHNSON, Mariam DOUGLASS, Rosella 1895-Jan-09
JOHNSON, Martha CARTER, John 1851-Jul-26
JOHNSON, Martha MITCHELL, Robert S 1850-Mar-19
JOHNSON, Mary DALE, Noah 1863-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Mary JAMES, Taylor 1892-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Mary ODLE, Noah 1863-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Mary Ann FUQUA, Wm M 1849-Oct-22
JOHNSON, Mary C COMBS, William 1865-Feb-14
JOHNSON, Mary C RHODES, Andrew W 1849-Jul-17
JOHNSON, Mary F TUTOR, Allen H 1864-Mar-24
JOHNSON, Mary F TUTOR, Allen J 1864-Mar-29
JOHNSON, Mary Jane BRACKINRIDGE, John M 1861-Jun-23
JOHNSON, Mary Jane BRECKINRIDGE, John W 1861-Jun-23
JOHNSON, Mary Jane LOWY, W P 1865-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Matilda MALONE, C C 1864-Jul-26
JOHNSON, Mattie BROWN, L J 1889-Aug-15
JOHNSON, Meddie SEWELL, W E 1895-Nov-26
JOHNSON, Minney BERCH, August O 1849-Jun-11
JOHNSON, N C Miss EDWARDS, A A 1867-Jan-02
JOHNSON, Nancy Ann LOWERY, William P 1858-Mar-07
JOHNSON, Nannie HUDE, W B 1893-Jul-25
JOHNSON, O E Miss COUTS, F D 1864-May-16
JOHNSON, Pearl WALLS, O C 1900-Oct-09
JOHNSON, Rachiel GILDER, B B 1886-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Rebecca SMITH, F C C 1857-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Rebecca SMITH, T C C 1857-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Rosa E GREGORY, J B 1898-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Sallie BOWLES, J C 1889-Mar-26
JOHNSON, Sarah RHYME, Henry W 1848-Nov-29
JOHNSON, Sarah A BUTLER, E F 1865-Oct-15
JOHNSON, Sarah C GOODE, Joseph G 1861-Mar-05
JOHNSON, Sarah C GOODE, Joseph Y 1861-Mar-05
JOHNSON, Sarah E ANDERSON, Robert 1856-Jul-03
JOHNSON, Sarah E ANDERSON, Robert 1856-Jul-06
JOHNSON, Sarah F TATE, A B 1865-Sep-10
JOHNSON, Sarah F TATE, H B 1865-Sep-10
JOHNSON, Sarah Miss RHYNE, Henry W 1848-Nov-29
JOHNSON, Saraha BUTLER, E F 1865-Oct-15
JOHNSON, Susanna MCCRAW, P G 1858-Feb-08
JOHNSTON, C E Miss EAVE, R S 1857-May-21
JOHNSTON, C E Miss EAVES, R S 1857-May-21
JOHNSTON, Christiana ROBINSON, James D 1854-Apr-13
JOHNSTON, Emaline MARTIN, Samuel 1853-Jan-31
JOHNSTON, Fannie HENDERSON, R B 1892-Nov-03
JOHNSTON, Mariah C BUTLER, E T 1853-Dec-21
JOHNSTON, Martha A MCCORD, John 1860-Oct-16
JOHNSTON, Martha A MCCORD, John M 1860-Oct-16
JOHNSTON, Mary E PATRICK, Shelton 1855-Jan-20
JOHNSTON, Sarah E HUMPHREYS, David W 1855-Nov-18
JOINER, Dora TUTOR, A B 1896-Oct-29
JOINER, Francis L HURLEY, Nancy 1860-May-25
JOLLEY, Mary F GARY, R W 1859-Aug-02
JOLLY, Eartha BROOKS, W J 1859-Sep-28
JOLLY, L S C Miss ROBERTS, John L 1858-Mar-20
JOLLY, L S C Miss ROBERTS, John L 1858-Mar-17
JOLLY, Lou Ella ROBERTS, H H 1900-Nov-04
JOLLY, Mary F GARY, R W 1859-Aug-02
JOLLY, Mary M COOPER, W H 1866-Jan-18
JOLLY, Savena JOHNSON, John W 1866-Sep-18
JONES, Agnes SOUTER, Henry B 1856-Feb-14
JONES, Amanda MCDANIEL, J C 1866-Dec-10
JONES, Anna MCWHIRTER, W T 1899-Dec-20
JONES, Anne PANNELL, Jonathan 1848-Sep-23
JONES, Anne PANNELL, Jonothan 1848-Sep-13
JONES, Bertie LEE, R E 1900-Oct-07
JONES, Bettie HITCHCOCK, J B 1890-Jan-26
JONES, Callie BRATTON, L P 1887-Jan-06
JONES, Daisy CRAWFORD, G A 1899-Oct-11
JONES, E C Miss GOGGANS, J S 1887-Dec-08
JONES, Eliza WALKER, Samuel 1853-May-25
JONES, Elizabeth CLARY, William N 1851-Jan-21
JONES, Elizabeth M WORKMAN, William C 1859-Sep-14
JONES, Elizabeth M WORKMAN, Wm C 1859-Sep-14
JONES, Elizabeth S WILDER, Nathaniel A W 1851-Oct-09
JONES, Emaline POOL, James 1848-Oct-26
JONES, Emaline Miss POOL, James 1848-Oct-26
JONES, Emma SAPPINGTON, R J 1898-Dec-16
JONES, G E Miss SOUTER, J B 1893-Nov-29
JONES, Ida DUKE, G W 1898-Dec-19
JONES, Jessie Miss COGGINS, J D 1900-Apr-22
JONES, Josephine GREGORY, R C 1890-Mar-16
JONES, L C Miss MCGREGER, J H 1891-Jul-01
JONES, Louisa Caroline EPPERSON, John 1837-Aug-15
JONES, Lucy THOMPSON, William 1864-Jan-14
JONES, Lula MAULDIN, W M 1893-Sep-30
JONES, M A Miss MUNN, J A 1891-Aug-25
JONES, Margaret R CAMPBELL, William A 1852-Dec-07
JONES, Martha BOLT, William 1849-Jan-20
JONES, Martha MORGAN, Ebenezer F 1850-Dec-22
JONES, Martha Ann POPE, James A 1862-Jun-15
JONES, Martha Miss BOLT, Wm 1849-Jan-21
JONES, Mary BROCK, Jerimiah 1854-Jun-29
JONES, Mary WOOD, A J 1893-Dec-19
JONES, Mary E SANDERS, H C 1859-Apr-03
JONES, Matilda A MONTGOMERY, R E 1865-Nov-28
JONES, Mattie HILL, R A 1887-Dec-25
JONES, Metessa REID, William C 1848-Nov-06
JONES, Nancy C BUTLER, Charles 1858-Jun-09
JONES, Nancy Caroline BUTLER, Charles 1858-Jun-09
JONES, Ora MATHEWS, L N 1899-Nov-16
JONES, Permelia J HILL, John R 1859-Aug-17
JORDAN, Caroline JETER, James W 1858-Dec-25
JORDAN, Elizabeth WRAY, William 1851-Dec-25
JORDAN, F E Miss BLOCKER, J R 1866-Mar-06
JORDAN, Martha Ann WRIGHT, Wiley J 1849-Jan-13
JORDAN, Mary F HAMPTON, William 1857-Nov-22
JORDAN, Sarah CARIKER, Martin W 1852-Jul-19
JORDEN, Martha Ann WRIGHT, Wiley J 1849-Jan-18
JORDON, Mary HAMPTON, William 1857-Nov-22
JUSTICE, Eliza W BYRD, Octavias 1853-May-05



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