Pontotoc County Brides


FALKNER, C A Miss RODGERS, C B 1893-Oct-09
FALKNER, Cora RUSSELL, Andy 1899-Oct-08
FALKNER, Meddie PRIEST, R L 1899-Nov-19
FALKNER, Rosanna MCALISTER, W A 1858-Jan-19
FANTAINE, Martha HOURNAG, Robert 1896-Sep-31
FARMER, A Eliza BEARD, Green E 1866-Nov-05
FARRA, Susan SHAW, W W 1860-Dec-27
FARRAR, Mary NORWOOD, W P L 1856-Jun-22
FARRAR, S A Miss WATTS, J A 1893-Jan-23
FARRAS, Susan SHAW, W W 1860-Dec-27
FARRER, E A Miss PARKER, E 1861-Sep-29
FARRER, Mary NORWOOD, W P L 1856-Jun-22
FARRER, Milly B ROSS, Thomas  1857-Jul-21
FARRIS, Dovie MCCARVER, E R 1891-Dec-10
FARRIS, Mary JOHNSON, Alexander 1860-Dec-26
FARS, A P Miss THOMASON, G C 1865-Oct-20
FARS, Elizabeth F BURTON, James M 1850-Nov-09
FAUGHT, Sarah Ann MASSEY, William J 1852-Jan-28
FAULKNER, Lena HALL, S H H 1897-Oct-20
FAULKNER, Martha MCFALLS, John W 1856-Feb-10
FAULKNER, N E Miss POUND, C A D 1891-Oct-07
FAULKNER, Susanna MCALISTER, W A 1858-Jan-19
FAULKUM, Naney KELLEY, M M 1863-Aug-31
FAVER, M P Miss WARREN, J D 1887-Jan-02
FAVVOR, Laura ALFORD, W S 1894-Jul-07
FEAR, N A Miss EWING, John M 1858-Dec-16
FEARS, A P Miss THOMASON, G C 1865-Oct-20
FEARS, N A Miss EWING, John M 1858-Dec-16
FEEMSTER, M A Miss SANDERS, B  1856-Jul-29
FERGERSON, Kittie ONSBEY, O L 1892-Dec-15
FERGUSON, Lula TUTOR, E C 1887-Dec-28
FERGUSON, Pearl MCCORMIE, W H 1899-Dec-31
FERGUSON, Susan J MORGAN, Thomas 1859-Mar-17
FERRELL, Sarah E SHELTON, William H 1856-Aug-06
FIELDS, Elin INGATES, Andy 1866-Feb-15
FIELDS, Jennie JENKINS, C E 1900-Feb-25
FIELDS, Martha A HARDEN, Robert B 1862-Sep-28
FIELDS, S A Miss WILDER, L R 1889-Sep-19
FIELDS, Sallie WARREN, T J 1899-Mar-26
FISHER, Elizabeth BOLDING, James P 1849-May-04
FISHER, Elizabeth BOLDING, James P 1849-May-22
FISHER, Ellen MCWHORTER, B F 1856-Dec-25
FLAHERTY, Alma CANNON, S L 1897-Dec-19
FLAHERTY, Rosa WHITE, H N 1892-Dec-29
FLANAGAN, Bertie STRICKLAND, W G 1899-Nov-01
FLANAGAN, Martha BARNETT, C E 1858-May-13
FLANAGAN, Mary TUCKER, Samuel 1865-Sep-29
FLANAKIN, Nancy H PATTON, P P 1848-Apr-13
FLANIGAN, Martha BARNETT, C E 1858-May-13
FLANIGAN, Sarah PITTS, Filbert 1858-Jan-14
FLANNAGEN, Sarah E PITTS, Felbert 1858-Jan-14
FLEMING, BRANDON, Richard 1865-Aug-27
FLEMING, N B Miss LINDSEY, C C 1900-Aug-05
FLEMMING, Dizzie HUBBARD, A D 1897-Apr-04
FLEMMING, Erra MILAM, E W 1897-Mar-11
FLEMMING, R J Miss HUBBARD, J B 1888-Sep-02
FLETCHER, Clara M PARCHALL, A S 1855-Sep-18
FLETCHER, Isabella CALDWELL, James A 1865-Dec-25
FLETCHER, L C Miss SPENCER, S B 1857-Sep-24
FLONEKIN, Nancy H PATTON, B P 1848-Apr-18
FLOY, Samantha BECKLY, Jacob 1865-Dec-27
FLOYD, Mattie PARKER, W J 1899-Mar-08
FLOYED, Porlena LEWIS, Chris 1866-Jul-09
FONTAINE, Elizabeth HARRIS, Walter C 1895-Oct-16
FONTAINE, N L Miss DILLARD, B M 1890-Dec-23
FORBES, Amanda WITCHER, William 1854-Aug-14
FORBES, Mary M BRANDON, Washington 1849-Oct-23
FORBES, Sarah Ann BRANDON, Christopher 1849-Aug-06
FORD, Mary E RIVERS, Joel L 1861-Jan-31
FOREMAN, Sarah F MITCHELL, Charles G 1857-Jan-15
FORRESTER, Elizabeth MCNUTT, William P 1857-Nov-01
FORRESTER, M A Miss EAVES, Jno E 1865-Sep-18
FORRESTER, Mary A EAVES, J G 1865-Sep-21
FORRESTER, Virginia EAVES, W P 1860-Jan-15
FORRISTER, Elizabeth MCNUTT, Wm P 1857-Oct-30
FORTUNE, C V Miss ALLEN, C J 1860-Jan-01
FORTUNE, Cynthia SAVINS, Jackson 1859-Dec-01
FORTUNE, Cynthia SOVENS, Jackson 1859-Dec-01
FORTUNE, Dollie KELLEY, J H 1897-Sep-16
FORTUNE, Harriet BRADEN, Samuel 1853-Jul-19
FOSTER, Agnes V SAUNDERS, H K 1855-Oct-10
FOSTER, Booker RUSSELL, Elizabeth 1850-Sep-29
FOSTER, Jane TUTOR, H  1863-Feb-11
FOSTER, Martha ROBERTSON, Thomas W 1850-Jan-30
FOSTER, N E Miss HESTER, Joseph 1865-Sep-14
FOSTER, Pricilla Mrs ROBINSON, Wm K 1859-Sep-31
FOSTER, Priscilla Mrs ROBINSON, William K 1859-Sep-30
FOSTER, S C Miss BOATMAN, J W 1857-Sep-10
FOSTER, Sarah E WILLIAMSON, James H 1857-Jan-06
FOSTER, Susan C CRAIN, Crocket 1857-Dec-24
FOSTER, Susan O CRAINE, Crochett 1857-Dec-24
FOWLER, A E Miss HORTON, J C 1892-Apr-13
FOWLER, Mary Ann LOONEY, David 1858-Sep-16
FOWLER, Nora IVY, C A 1889-Dec-26
FRANKLIN, Florance TUTOR, J A 1897-Oct-17
FRANKLIN, Francis Miss STATON, J W 1889-Nov-15
FRANKLIN, Georgia DOTSON, E H 1900-Sep-09
FRANKLIN, Mary A E DAVIS, John 1867-Jan-03
FRANKLIN, Mary T CAMPBELL, John W 1854-Jun-27
FRANKLIN, Mittie CARPENTER, John 1900-Dec-23
FRANKS, Mary E POOR, George W 1860-May-13
FRANKS, Mary E POORE, George W 1860-May-12
FRAZER, J C Miss SANDERS, Henry 1888-Feb-22
FRAZIER, Bettie SNEED, S S 1892-Dec-15
FRAZIER, Frances L COKER, James F 1850-Nov-23
FRAZIER, Margarett C BRIDGES, Meredith 1851-Feb-02
FRAZIER, Martha J BENNETT, Wiley M 1851-Oct-23
FRAZIER, Rufie WILSON, J T 1899-Aug-06
FREE, Mournin C CARTER, Nelson 1854-Nov-19
FREE, Nancy L MALONE, G W 1855-Jun-21
FREE, Susannah MALONE, George W 1852-Dec-08
FREEMAN, C M Miss WILLIAMS, Thos J 1866-Nov-19
FREEMAN, E C Miss SHELTON, S W 1862-Feb-15
FREEMAN, Fannie LINDSLY, M F 1894-Jan-04
FREEMAN, Fannie O PRICE, George W 1866-Feb-23
FREEMAN, Frances P CHAMBLISS, Joseph  1859-Dec-11
FREEMAN, J O Mrs FULTON, J O 1859-Aug-09
FREEMAN, Julia A B REASONS, James S 1849-Apr-30
FREEMAN, Julyanno F MAHON, John C 1855-Jul-15
FREEMAN, Lela JENKIN, Willie 1896-Nov-05
FREEMAN, M E Miss GENTRY, Wm J 1865-Apr-13
FREEMAN, Martha S Mrs FULTON, J O 1859-Aug-09
FREEMAN, Mary E HUDSON, James E 1856-Nov-27
FREEMAN, Salina FURGERSON, J R 1852-Jan-27
FREEMAN, Tannie O PRICE, George W 1866-Feb-22
FRIDAY, Margaret Jane ROBBINS, G B 1861-Aug-03
FRIERSON, Elvira FULLER, Josiah O 1856-Jul-26
FRIERSON, Harriet E SHAWVER, J B 1865-Jul-10
FRIERSON, Susan CARUTH, Leander 1858-Mar-31
FRIERSON, Susan CARUTH, Leander P 1858-Mar-31
FRIESON, Elvina FULTON, Josiah O 1856-Jul-26
FRIESON, Harriet E SHAWVER, J B 1865-Jul-11
FROST, Mary J MASSEY, Constantine 1854-Dec-25
FUGNA, Lena ROUGHER, J C 1900-Feb-04
FUGNA, Levada WOODS, Ollie 1898-Jul-27
FUGUA, Dorcia GIVENS, Samuel A 1858-Jul-07
FUGUA, Mary JACKSON, W H 1858-Jul-08
FUGUA, Mollie WHITLOW, J M 1892-Nov-03
FULKS, F E Miss HALE, W T 1865-Nov-07
FULLER, Elizabeth R HERRING, Stephen G 1860-Aug-12
FULLER, Elizabeth R HERRING, Stephen G 1860-Aug-17
FULLER, F A Miss FERGUSON, B F 1887-Nov-09
FULLER, Malinda REA, John M 1855-Oct-26
FULLER, Margret DILLARD, J D 1888-Feb-22
FULLER, Sarah W REID, R G 1858-Oct-12
FULLINGTON, Melinda FRANK, Lemuel B 1857-Nov-18
FULTON, Maria Jane FEWELL, Benjamin 1858-Nov-27
FULTON, Maria Jane E FERRELL, Benjamin 1858-Nov-23
FULTON, Sarah R JOINER, C F 1858-Sep-06
FULTON, Sarah R JOINER, C J Dr 1858-Sep-09
FUMSTER, Elizabeth MILLER, Roberta 1851-Jul-08
FUNK, Mary H WOOD, James M 1865-Jul-26
FUQUA, Docia C GIVENS, Samuel A 1858-Jul-08
FUQUA, Lois WHITLOW, C W 1891-Jan-15
FUQUA, Mary E JACKSON, W H 1858-Jul-08
FUQUA, Sarah JIMISON, Shiderick 1849-Sep-16
FURELL, Margaret J NIBBLETT, Samuel 1851-Sep-18
FURGERSON, Mittie PHILLIPS, J E 1897-Feb-21
FURGUSON, Nancy M ROE, John T 1854-Dec-21
FURR, Celma BOONE, W A 1899-Nov-21
FURR, Hessie EATMON, W H 1893-Jan-21
FURR, Jane A SHIRE, Clinton T 1862-Dec-12
FURR, Mary A MORROW, J S 1856-Nov-18



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