Pontotoc County Brides


AARON, Fronie Miss WALTON, C P 1899-Dec-10
AARON, Julie COLEMAN, Henry 1897-Nov-17
ABBOTT, Mary SWINDLE, C R 1892-Nov-17
ABERNATHY, Amanda E NORRIS, James A 1853-Mar-14
ABERNATHY, Anna EUBANKS, J A 1897-Dec-23
ABERNATHY, Caroline EUBANKS, Robert M 1861-Jan-20
ABERNATHY, Eliza E BROWN, Henry 1854-Dec-21
ABERNATHY, Emiline READER, Isaac 1850-Dec-07
ABERNATHY, M E Miss JOHNSON, T S 1865-Dec-19
ABERNATHY, Martha E IVY, Lovinski 1857-Jan-08
ABERNATHY, Mary ABERNATHY, Miles O 1860-Jan-03
ABERNATHY, Mary J WARD, Moses 1852-May-13
ABERNATHY, Sarah M WARD, Moses 1857-Dec-01
ABERNATHY, Sarah M WOOD, Moses 1857-Dec-03
ADAMS, Emily FAULKNER, S F 1865-May-09
ADAMS, L D Miss ALEXANDER, S B 1866-Feb-27
ADAMS, Lillie MCGREGOR, M B 1896-Jan-26
ADAMS, Rachail L JETER, Cornelius 1858-Jun-14
ADAMS, Sarah A E BLANSET, J N 1859-Oct-16
ADDAMS, Sadie BOCKMAN, W H 1891-Oct-14
ADDISON, J S Miss HAIR, David  1861-Oct-17
ADKINS, Ada SEYMORE, Verdie 1899-Dec-21
AIKINS, Lucy Ann HICKMAN, R H 1853-Mar-03
AIRWELL, Susan GRAHAM, James 1864-Jan-12
AKINS, L D Miss AKINS, W H 1894-Oct-29
AKINS, Susan HICKMAN, Robert 1852-Feb-28
ALBRITTON, Amanda S FRANKLIN, John J G 1853-Oct-06
ALBRITTON, M A Miss GARY, A G 1866-Dec-17
ALEXANDER, Cynthia A MONTGOMERY, James E 1852-May-27
ALEXANDER, Dollie ENIC, John 1893-Jun-07
ALEXANDER, Dorcas GOLDING, Leroy 1858-Jan-21
ALEXANDER, Dorcas GORDON, Leroy P 1858-Jan-21
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth GRISHAM, John 1860-Jul-26
ALEXANDER, M W Mrs JOHNSON, James  1863-Dec-17
ALEXANDER, M W Mrs JOHNSON, James  1863-Dec-27
ALEXANDER, Margaret R HALL, George 1864-Aug-02
ALEXANDER, Marie HUBBARD, John G 1857-Nov-24
ALEXANDER, Martha MALONE, Thompson 1848-Aug-13
ALEXANDER, Mary E HUBBARD, John G 1857-Nov-24
ALEXANDER, Rachael O F ROGERS, William S 1850-Jul-24
ALEXANDER, Susan E RIVERS, E F 1861-Jan-22
ALEXANDER, W P Miss SHELTON, J W 1889-Dec-18
ALLBRITTON, Emily MILLER, Prior  1866-Aug-18
ALLEN, Caroline ROGERS, Henry F 1850-Jun-02
ALLEN, Eliza W TARDY, Alexis J 1854-Nov-08
ALLEN, Fannie KELLEY, T S 1895-Nov-13
ALLEN, Martha WHITE, Abb 1896-Oct-07
ALLEN, Martha P MCDANIEL, John K 1862-Apr-22
ALLEN, Nancy J GOLDING, W C 1857-Dec-22
ALLEN, Sarah P COFFIN, Charles P 1840-Jun-18
ALLEN, Sue MORELAND, H H 1899-Jan-17
ALLEN, Susan J ROGERS, John W 1853-Apr-20
ALLEN, Susan P ALLEN, James C 1858-Apr-14
ALLEN, Susan P ALLEN, Jos C 1858-Apr-14
ALLEN, W E Miss CAMP, C S 1888-Mar-18
ALLMAN, Ellen C HEARN, Joel A 1858-May-02
ALSUP, Dorthula BARBER, James D 1853-Dec-22
ALSUP, Elizabeth WATSON, Garner 1851-Jul-10
ALTON, Carrie L RAY, James M 1862-Jun-20
ALTON, Mamie THOMPSON, Ike 1898-Jul-29
ANARSAN, Eliza A COBB, Daniel D 1859-Nov-30
ANARSON, Eliza A COBB, Daniel D 1859-Nov-30
ANDERS, Pennelia MILAM, John M 1855-Dec-06
ANDERSON, A Mrs WALDROP, John 1864-Dec-28
ANDERSON, A Mrs WALDROP, John 1864-Dec-26
ANDERSON, Annie ARCHEY, D G 1888-Feb-20
ANDERSON, C J Miss WALDSWORTH, Francis 1854-Feb-19
ANDERSON, Cora ONSBY, W T 1895-Jan-13
ANDERSON, Harriet E HILL, James H 1866-Aug-25
ANDERSON, Jennie PEEDEN, J S 1891-Apr-12
ANDERSON, Josie SIMMONS, C H 1892-Dec-19
ANDERSON, Martha BOST, Elvis 1893-Dec-11
ANDERSON, Mary E ERVIN, F H 1866-Apr-19
ANDERSON, Mary E ERVIN, F H 1866-Nov-19
ANDERSON, N M Miss MILLER, W H 1887-Mar-20
ANDERSON, Nira COBB, J J 1858-May-20
ANDERSON, Nira COLB, J R 1858-May-20
ANDERSON, R J Miss FRANKS, L W 1890-Jan-09
ANDREWS, Louisa GARNER, A T 1858-Jan-17
ANDREWS, Lula TUCKER, J W 1895-Dec-25
ANDREWS, Margaret E POTTER, J F 1855-Dec-25
ANDREWS, N J Miss WADE, R H 1865-Dec-28
ANDREWS, N J Miss WADE, R H 1865-Dec-26
ANDREWS, Rebecca Latitia WADE, B H 1864-Dec-25
ANDREWS, Sarah J HUTCHERSON, J H 1859-Dec-27
ANDREWS, Sarah S HUTCHENSON, S H 1859-Dec-27
ARCHIE, Mattie MORTON, C F 1896-Oct-05
ARD, Dora SUGGS, B E 1900-Oct-07
ARMSTRONG, M C Miss PANNELL, B P 1866-Aug-17
ARMSTRONG, Raney A MORGAN, Edward 1856-Mar-10
ARNOLD, Carrie RICE, P E 1890-Dec-24
ARNOLD, Lula CHANNAULT, J H 1900-May-06
ARNOLD, Malissa Elvira BLOCKER, William G 1856-Apr-24
ARNOLD, Margaret SMITH, J W 1861-Dec-01
ASTIN, Mary J COOPER, William J 1856-Aug-07
ASTON, Mary E COOPER, William J 1856-Aug-07
ATKINS, Susie DONALDSON, A J 1900-Feb-03
ATTOM, Carrie L RAY, James M 1862-Jun-20
AUSTIN, G A Miss SMITH, J A 1889-Dec-26
AUSTIN, Lucy WILSON, M M 1899-Aug-24
AUSTIN, Mellissie WALKER, J E 1897-Dec-12
AUSTIN, Mollie CRAIG, T J 1896-Apr-05
AUSTIN, Mollie MARTIN, Ed 1895-Feb-05
AUSTIN, S J Miss HENRY, A W 1898-Oct-13
AYCOCK, E P Miss LAND, S L 1888-Feb-02
AYCOCK, Fannie J CALDWELL, J C 1888-Nov-26
AYCOCK, Susan E HANCOCK, Loyd 1850-Dec-25
AYERS, Amelia E JOHNSON, James 1849-Oct-24



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