Pike County Grooms

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ULMER, Charles SPRICH, Mary C 1889-Oct-17
ULMER, W W HOKE, Gettie E 1895-Nov-16
UPCHURCH, Chas B WHITE, Zona E 1887-Feb-22
VAN, George MILLER, Arie 1889-Sep-23
VAN, L A WARREN, W J 1883-Aug-08
VANCE, James COLE, Eliza 1887-Sep-19
VANNORMAN, James CASTON, Julia 1893-Jul-31
VANORDEN, R D MORRIS, Bertie 1885-Nov-05
VARLEY, John B HUGHES, Annie 1889-Sep-28
VARNADO, A Q GRUBBS, M C 1892-Feb-08
VARNADO, Bob HARNESS, Matilda 1885-Jan-16
VARNADO, C L ANDREWS, Emma 1891-Dec-19
VARNADO, D D MCDANIEL, Dora 1895-Sep-03
VARNADO, Eli MAY, Amanda 1882-Sep-19
VARNADO, I M KENNEDY, Sarah J 1882-Nov-15
VARNADO, Irvin TORRENTS, Martha 1884-Mar-03
VARNADO, James P JENNINGS, Annie 1891-Jul-06
VARNADO, Lewis GREEN, Mary 1884-Apr-26
VARNADO, M D HALL, James B 1884-Dec-29
VARNADO, Moses TAYLOR, Annie 1885-Dec-22
VARNADO, P B WILLIAMS, Emma L 1885-Dec-22
VARNADO, Turley SANDERS, Fannie 1893-Jan-05
VASSEL, Jack AUSTEN, Susie 1884-Feb-07
VAUGHAN, Columbus Washington MOORE, Emma Alice 1888-Jan-30
VAUGHN, Raiford LEWIS, Charity 1883-Dec-26
VAUGHN, Virgin REDFIELD, Mary 1885-May-16
VAUGHN, Wesley RICHARDS, Lizzie 1886-Dec-29
VAUGHT, Thomas Jackson WROTEN, Lillian Lombard 1899-May-14
VENABLE, F B SMITH, Lora 1890-Dec-08
VENABLE, T L REYNOLDS, Corinne 1884-Oct-13
VENABLE, W R CATO, Olive 1899-Aug-15
VIATOR, Aristide SLOANE, Eliz 1885-Nov-25
VIATOR, Joseph FREDERICK, Eve 1887-Sep-26
VIATOR, Ozeme MENARD, Idolie 1886-Aug-30
VIDAILLOT, Michel GARY, Elenore 1887-Oct-08
VINCENT, Leodice LABOVE, Marie Azeli 1886-Feb-15
VORMUS, A LEVY, Pauline 1885-Feb-16
VORMUS, Louis MACK, Celestine 1886-Apr-05



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