Pike County Grooms


TANNEHILL, George RUTLAND, Ella 1896-Apr-11
TARBER, Lewis POWELL, Terry 1886-Jan-06
TARVER, A R BROWN, N M 1883-Nov-24
TARVER, Elijah L LAMKIN, Elizabeth 1884-Apr-12
TARVER, J D BLOUNT, Mattie 1884-Dec-24
TARVER, J T BIGNER, R L 1883-Dec-13
TARVER, W W HOFFPAUIR, Emelia 1885-May-21
TATE, Fred RHODUS, Dorother E 1890-Jan-15
TATE, Jerry WALLACE, Jane 1886-Apr-22
TATE, Louis SIBLEY, Sylvia 1899-Sep-04
TATE, N W POWELL, Bettie N 1891-Nov-30
TATE, Nelson DAWSON, Sarah Ann 1884-Jan-01
TATE, Thos E WESTMORELAND, Nancie M 1892-Nov-26
TATON, P P KEEN, Bettie A 1883-Sep-18
TAYLOR, Fletcher SWEARINGEN, Evie 1899-Nov-29
TAYLOR, Geo BURTON, Osane 1884-Mar-06
TAYLOR, Geo COLLINS, Onie 1899-Nov-25
TAYLOR, Godfrey PRESTON, Ella 1887-Sep-28
TAYLOR, Isaac RICHARDS, Sarah 1885-Nov-11
TAYLOR, John MARTIN, Lucy 1885-Dec-30
TAYLOR, Lewis FLETCHER, Josephine 1884-Mar-05
TAYLOR, M W MAGEE, Ella 1885-Oct-14
TAYLOR, Patrick LEWIS, Mary Eliza 1883-Oct-23
TAYLOR, W C GODBOLD, Stella 1890-Sep-23
TAYLOR, W R EDWARDS, Artiemissie 1887-Mar-19
TAYLOR, Wm J DARVILLE, Annie V 1896-Jan-16
TEMPLE, D B WOODALL, Minnie 1895-Dec-02
TERRELL, Joel GARDNER, Flora 1896-Mar-06
TERRELL, W J ALFORD, Katie 1886-Dec-18
TERRELL, Wm J ALFORD, Ola 1893-Oct-31
THEALL, James CHARGOIS, Julienne 1885-May-14
THERIOT, Anastasie SEAON, James Madison 1886-Oct-04
THERIOT, Homer MIGUEZ, Zeolide 1888-Feb-14
THIBAUT, Telesphore Jr HEBERT, Emethilde 1887-Jun-06
THIBODAUX, Adam LEBLANC, Augustine 1885-Apr-13
THIBODEAUX, Delmas Aramis BROUSSARD, Alzia 1888-Feb-13
THOMAS, C C HALEY, Lizzie 1882-Oct-13
THOMAS, Chaney BRIDGES, John 1886-Dec-22
THOMAS, E R MAGEE, Ida 1898-Dec-13
THOMAS, G W BRUMFIELD, Rosa Belle 1893-Oct-18
THOMAS, Gerrly SARTIN, Cora 1899-Apr-13
THOMAS, Ned STANDARD, Mariah 1886-Dec-14
THOMPSON, Andrew DANIEL, Alice 1886-Jun-26
THOMPSON, Bartlett C LANE, E G 1891-Dec-19
THOMPSON, Bink HARBECK, Annie 1899-Apr-29
THOMPSON, J C MCCULLOUGH, Sallie C 1892-Dec-23
THOMPSON, J F FREDERICK, Lillie 1887-Jun-14
THOMPSON, Jake TOWNSEND, Bertha 1899-Oct-02
THOMPSON, John MCNULTY, Clorindie 1885-Jul-13
THOMPSON, John ROBERTS, Maggie 1888-Jan-03
THOMPSON, Marcus JOHNSON, Nancy 1883-Dec-27
THOMPSON, Robin GRADDEN, Janie 1886-Sep-30
THOMPSON, S B ALBRIGHT, Ella M 1890-Feb-04
THORNHILL, B S BROWN, Rosa Belle 1893-Jan-03
THORNHILL, Elisha TELLIS, Elizabeth 1894-Dec-17
THORNHILL, J B COON, Caroline 1897-Jan-11
THORNHILL, J D BOYD, Martha 1891-Dec-21
THORNHILL, J L BROWN, Mary 1892-Sep-17
THORNHILL, J P GREEN, Sallie 1899-Jan-07
THORNHILL, J Webster SIMMONS, M E 1884-Dec-17
THORNHILL, Willie C FERGUSON, Fannie M 1890-Jan-07
THORNTON, Anderson BRENT, Salena 1882-Aug-10
THORNTON, Jesse GIRTMAN, L E 1883-Aug-27
THORNTON, W C GIBSON, Mary 1889-Jan-30
THORPE, James WHITTINGTON, Sophia 1884-Feb-02
THROCKMORTON, M W LEWIS, Zella 1894-Feb-13
THURMAN, James LEE, Matilda 1883-Nov-02
THUSTY, Isaac YOUNG, Matilda 1883-Oct-19
TILLMAN, E D PHELPS, Ada 1899-May-25
TILLMAN, Ed RICHARDSON, Julia Ann 1894-Feb-16
TILLMAN, Henry BROWN, Rachel 1887-Dec-15
TISDALE, G H LILLY, Laura E 1894-Feb-07
TISDALE, M E DICKEY, G A 1886-Feb-09
TITTLE, J E PARSON, Ada 1884-Jun-28
TOBIAS, Andrew LENOIR, Virginia 1884-Feb-04
TOLBERT, William SMITH, Jennie 1893-Oct-26
TOLER, T M Dr NEWMAN, M E 1899-Sep-14
TONEY, Charles F CONERLY, L J 1885-Sep-23
TOUCHET, Edarius PRIMEAUX, Melzie 1887-Jul-14
TOUCHET, Espa CONNER, Emelie 1887-Nov-14
TOUCHET, Joseph L TOUCHET, Nathalie 1886-Mar-08
TOUCHET, Olivier TOUCHET, Emma 1888-Feb-02
TOUPS, Elida Broussard MEAUX, Colin 1887-Aug-17
TOURNE, James B HARDING, Carrie E 1886-Jul-22
TOWNSEND, William GRAY, Hattie Rosa 1887-Dec-27
TRAHAN, Adonel BROUSSARD, Adita 1887-Nov-28
TRAHAN, Alexis THIBODEAUX, Emelie 1886-Mar-06
TRAHAN, Delmar BOUDREAUX, Elzina 1885-Nov-30
TRAHAN, Dermas LANDRY, Artemize 1886-Oct-21
TRAHAN, Desire COMEAUX, Louise 1886-May-03
TRAHAN, Desire MILLER, Adenise 1887-Apr-21
TRAHAN, Drozin SHEXNAILDER, Alida 1887-Jan-31
TRAHAN, Elea BADON, Aime 1886-Mar-01
TRAHAN, Melozin SCHEXNAILDER, Felicia 1885-Sep-03
TRAHAN, Olivier DITCH, Eva 1887-Apr-30
TRAHAN, Oneziphore LEBLANC, Emma 1886-Jan-21
TRAVIS, C L LANE, Myrtis 1898-May-14
TRAVIS, J T ZEALY, S L 1883-Apr-30
TRAVIS, Jesse JAMES, Minerva 1887-Dec-22
TRAVIS, Pine SUTTON, Mary 1882-Dec-21
TRAVIS, W J JAMES, Mary 1888-Nov-17
TRAYLOR, William Cicero DAVIS, Samantha D 1882-Oct-10
TRUEX, John W ABRIGHT, Mary T 1882-Dec-20
TUCKER, Frank SIMMONS, Drucilla 1884-Jan-09
TUFTAN, Giusepp CORMIER, Adehusca 1888-Jan-03
TULLOS, T C MAGEE, Talitha 1893-Jul-19
TURNAGE, A J SMITH, Annie 1886-Oct-23
TURNAGE, Elijah COOK, Gatsey 1899-Nov-08
TURNAGE, Ellerson MORGAN, Caroline 1879-Apr-23
TURNAGE, J A SABINE, Bertha 1896-Sep-14
TURNAGE, Peter Rev CAUSEY, S Adelaide 1884-Mar-03
TURNAGE, W N BOONE, Anna A 1888-Jan-11
TURNER, Alexander SHAW, Ella 1885-Dec-24
TURNIPSEED, Anthony LUNDY, Susan 1884-Feb-20
TURNIPSEED, C D BUTLER, Donnis M 1899-May-07



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