Pike County Grooms

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NALTY, Pete WILLIAMS, Rosalin 1883-Jun-11
NAPP, William G QUIN, Mittie W 1896-Oct-26
NASH, Wm HALPIN, Eliza 1886-Jan-16
NATHANIEL, L Y YOUNGBLOOD, Harriett 1882-Dec-30
NEAL, Cornelius MORGAN, Amanda 1883-Mar-08
NEAL, Jeff GUSTUS, Rachel 1883-Dec-13
NEAL, Samuel DAVIS, Silvia 1883-Dec-25
NEAL, William BACOT, Rosa 1899-Jun-01
NEASOM, James QUIN, Minerva 1884-Jul-31
NEATHERLAND, John P TOWNSEL, Jane 1887-Feb-10
NEFF, Charles Pfeifer SCHULTHERS, Lillie 1887-Nov-09
NEIDERMAN, Geo KELLY, Sally 1893-Aug-14
NELSON, Andrew DUNCAN, Dora L 1891-Nov-09
NELSON, Fred M STRICKLAND, Ella F 1891-Jan-08
NELSON, Nelc A FOY, Sarah A 1889-Jun-27
NELSON, Thomas DAVIS, Julia 1887-Sep-01
NETTERVILLE, J T PAGE, Hester 1893-Oct-25
NETTLES, W K LENORE, M M 1889-Apr-18
NEWELL, Sam DAVIS, Selvia 1883-Dec-25
NEWMAN, D L ADDISON, Maggie 1893-Sep-18
NEWMAN, G Mint LARD, Emily 1889-Jul-20
NEWMAN, L S SANDERS, B A 1889-Feb-07
NEWMAN, M E TOLER, T M Dr 1899-Sep-14
NEWSOM, Allen BUCKLEY, Dora 1897-Jun-30
NEWSOM, Wash GUSTUS, Jane 1883-Oct-02
NICHOLS, Louis FRANCOISE, Marciliene 1888-Apr-02
NIPPERS, B F MCELVEN, Fannie 1888-Dec-31
NOLDEN, Edward LEWIS, Nancy Louis 1886-Jan-21
NORMAN, W G BOYD, Lucy A 1894-Oct-26
NUNEZ, Martial COMEAUX, Elodie 1885-Nov-30
NUNNERY, Napoleon ALFORD, Lizzie 1899-Dec-30
NYLANDER, John TAYLOR, Sarah M 1882-Dec-11
OATIS, Burrell DEER, Louisa 1884-Dec-15
OATIS, Charlie GATLIN, Mary 1885-Dec-31
OATIS, Isaac RICHARDS, Eliza 1883-Nov-12
OBANNON, C L LAIRD, Nannie 1891-Mar-02
OBRIAN, Laura BEARD, John T 1886-Dec-15
OBRIEN, E D BANKSTON, A Mrs 1892-Jul-26
OBRIEN, James RUSHING, Eveline 1889-Dec-19
OBRYAN, Oliver Henry NOURSE, Ruth Abigail 1885-Dec-09
ODOM, J O JOHNSTON, C W 1894-Jan-30
OLANDER, Otta Adolph SAHLBECK, Anna Christina 1890-Jun-09
OMEAGHA, J Wm SMYTHE, L T 1889-Mar-29
ONEAL, Joe Thomas LUNDY, Laura Ann 1885-Mar-07
OQUIN, E J WINGO, Geo M 1883-Sep-26
OQUIN, Ira LAWRENCE, E D 1898-Dec-21
OQUIN, J C BLACKWELL, Lizzie 1899-Dec-01
OQUIN, J M BROWNLEE, Belle A 1882-Dec-20
OQUIN, N R SIMMONS, Janie 1897-Mar-15
OQUIN, R W BRENT, Martha L 1889-Jan-08
OTIS, Ned PIGOTT, Jane 1887-Jan-04
OTT, E W LEGGETT, Mattie E 1885-Dec-21
OTT, M L JONES, William 1871-Jun-04
OTT, S A RITCHIE, Georgia C 1887-Mar-26
OTT, W E HARRELL, Alida 1892-Jun-06
OWEN, Willie J GILL, Orra L 1896-Sep-07
OWENS, Alonzo REGAN, Gertrude 1898-Dec-21
OWENS, I M ALLEN, M A 1893-Feb-27
OWENS, J A HALL, L J 1896-Feb-15



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