Pike County Grooms


KAHN, M EPSTEIN, C 1884-Jul-07
KAIGLER, C S BONNER, W 1889-Dec-27
KAIGLER, C S BROWN, W 1889-Dec-27
KAIGLER, Geo E ANDREWS, Ella 1886-Jan-13
KAUFMAN, F L PETTIGREW, Mamie 1898-Jan-25
KEETH, W E MOORE, Mary A 1882-Nov-29
KEIFER, Leonard B MAYSE, Hattie Lee 1896-Mar-17
KELLY, George Vernon BEALL, M L 1899-Jan-17
KELLY, M J SMITH, E N 1886-Jul-12
KENDRICK, J W DICKEY, Nora 1897-Jul-07
KENNEDY, B F HALL, Vickie 1899-Dec-27
KENNEDY, Charlie KING, Lucette 1890-Jan-07
KENNEDY, D H VARNADO, Nancy E 1883-Aug-22
KENNEDY, Dock SULLIVAN, Mary J 1890-Nov-06
KENNEDY, John PHELPS, Martha Louise 1882-Sep-19
KENNEDY, John WADE, Sarah Jane 1899-Sep-25
KENNEDY, O M REGAN, T B 1884-Jan-09
KENNEDY, T M BREELAND, Mattie 1896-Dec-08
KENNEDY, W B LANG, M A 1896-Aug-20
KENNY, M A WALLACE, Wm 1895-Dec-24
KENSTON, Richard WHITE, Pollie 1886-Sep-01
KENT, Tom LEWIS, Louisa 1899-Aug-18
KEPPER, Carl GARTMAN, Dillie 1894-Sep-15
KEPPER, Otto GARTMAN, Ida 1896-Apr-15
KERN, M J RUSHING, Jane 1890-Mar-31
KERSHAM, C E WILLIAMS, Maggie 1890-Jun-07
KIBBE, Joseph Everand DEROUEN, Pauline M 1888-Jan-24
KILBOURNE, A L TEMPLE, Lula 1894-Feb-19
KILGORE, Ira MARTIN, Claude 1898-Aug-17
KILPATRICK, R E DYE, Grace O 1894-Jan-06
KING, Floyd MARTIN, Horace 1899-Dec-30
KING, W D GERMANY, Virdie J 1887-Mar-16
KINNEY, Joe A PARISH, Annie Lee 1892-Aug-12
KITCHENS, K BUTLER, Charles 1899-Nov-06
KLOPPERBURG, J H W MAISE, Amelia B 1892-Dec-26
KNIGHT, B K DAVIS, E B 1896-Jan-27
KNIGHT, W A DICKERSON, Carrie 1899-Jan-23
KNOX, T J HUNT, Phebe 1893-Apr-01
KRAMER, A M LOCH, Chas 1899-Dec-13
KRATOCHMAR, Oscar HARPER, Ida M 1885-Mar-11
KROUT, J C MARTIN, Rosa 1892-Feb-02
KROUT, M L CLAYTON, W M 1899-May-28
KURKENDALL, J M O ALLEN, Emma J 1894-Jul-05



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