Pike County Grooms

I - J

ISAAC, Josephus ASHLEY, Clarisse 1887-Dec-29
ISAAC, Monroe HOLMES, Viney 1883-Jan-04
ISOM, A ARNOLD, Sarah E 1885-Apr-20
ISOM, A E ADDISON, L E 1895-Aug-17
JACKSON, Americus TOWNSEND, Elizabeth 1884-May-29
JACKSON, Charlie ROSS, Bettie 1883-Feb-02
JACKSON, Chas BENSON, Lula 1883-Dec-26
JACKSON, E J DYKES, R J 1888-Apr-25
JACKSON, Eli ANDERSON, Cora 1899-Nov-13
JACKSON, Henry JOHNSON, Emma 1899-Aug-24
JACKSON, Hugh BACOT, Amy 1886-Jan-08
JACKSON, Hugh RIALS, Fannie 1897-Mar-13
JACKSON, J L BRUMFIELD, Sallie 1894-Jan-23
JACKSON, John BOWERS, Lula 1899-Nov-18
JACKSON, John MARTIN, Margaret 1885-Aug-29
JACKSON, Maurice H BUTLER, Florence M 1898-Nov-28
JACKSON, Ransom WALLS, Nancy 1886-Mar-06
JACKSON, Walter ROSS, Isabella 1899-Apr-20
JACOBS, Jake MCCAFFERY, Margarett 1884-Dec-23
JACOBSEN, Abram COHN, Rosa 1896-Aug-29
JAMES, Alex MAGEE, Ida 1885-Jul-18
JAMES, Murray MAGEE, Azzie 1886-Jan-09
JAMES, Nelson BAKER, Katie 1887-Jul-14
JAMES, R W FULTON, Louisiana 1883-Jun-21
JAMES, Seaborn ATKINSON, Lillie 1886-Dec-02
JEFFERSON, Medas SMITH, Nina 1884-Jul-29
JEFFREY, Fred O BROWN, Melissa 1898-Jun-07
JEFFRIES, Walter W HAMMONS, Lizzie L 1896-Dec-19
JENKINS, Alex LANG, Fannie 1884-Jul-11
JENKINS, Bon AUGUSTUS, Lydia 1853-Dec-31
JENKINS, Eugene JACKSON, Elizabeth 1890-Sep-13
JENKINS, G E SEAMAN, Lillie B 1893-Dec-07
JENKINS, Henry CARTER, Lizzie 1888-Jan-05
JENKINS, John AUSTIN, Arrie 1884-Dec-29
JENKINS, John E NALTY, Rosalie 1895-Jun-27
JENKINS, John L IMPSON, Mollie J 1893-Apr-01
JENKINS, W Maurice WALKER, Maggie E 1897-Sep-08
JENNINGS, W F PREWETT, Annie 1886-Jan-20
JENNINGS, Wm GORDON, Jennie 1899-Nov-06
JOHNS, W T WILLIAMS, Katie 1893-Dec-04
JOHNSON, Aaron AUSTIN, Caroline 1883-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Andrew BENDER, Nettie 1885-Feb-07
JOHNSON, Andrew EVERSON, Annie Petra 1882-Oct-30
JOHNSON, Andrew MONROE, Matilda 1882-Jul-10
JOHNSON, Ben TRAUTHAM, Amanda 1883-Feb-16
JOHNSON, Charles MULDER, Mary 1886-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Charley SARTIN, Louisa 1886-May-29
JOHNSON, Columbus KENTZ, Rachael 1885-Feb-04
JOHNSON, E J BIGNER, H A 1883-Dec-01
JOHNSON, Edgar E FURLEY, Annie Marie 1897-Sep-01
JOHNSON, F E ROBERTS, William 1885-Dec-03
JOHNSON, G P DEER, Susie 1899-Nov-27
JOHNSON, G T LEE, Nancy 1896-Aug-22
JOHNSON, G W VINCENT, Caroline 1886-Feb-25
JOHNSON, H A BEARD, Nora A 1884-Dec-02
JOHNSON, H H JACKSON, Louie 1899-Nov-27
JOHNSON, Hermon BULLOCK, Allice 1892-Oct-26
JOHNSON, J B BLOUNT, S B 1888-Oct-01
JOHNSON, J W WHITE, Mollie R 1887-May-23
JOHNSON, James OWENS, Alice 1899-Dec-07
JOHNSON, Jas M SIMMONS, Ada 1899-Jun-24
JOHNSON, L W RUSHING, Nannie 1896-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Oscar BLACK, Lola 1891-Nov-26
JOHNSON, Peter PETERS, Mariah 1887-Jul-07
JOHNSON, Thomas H GORDON, Amelia 1885-Nov-09
JOHNSON, Toney DYKES, Eddie 1885-Feb-05
JOHNSON, W F SMITH, Lula 1898-Mar-17
JOHNSON, Wesley JACKSON, Georgia 1883-Sep-20
JOHNSTON, C W ODOM, J O 1894-Jan-30
JOHNSTON, T W BIGNER, Mary 1888-Nov-20
JOHNSTON, William BROWN, Elizabeth 1899-May-24
JOINER, Alex P BALLARD, Josephine G 1899-Jan-17
JOINER, Magzil TAYLOR, Adeline 1886-Jan-20
JONES, A B LILLARD, Florence 1898-Apr-18
JONES, Benton RATCLIFF, Emma 1899-Jul-26
JONES, C G LEE, E Q 1895-Apr-04
JONES, C P GATLIN, Annie 1887-Aug-29
JONES, Claude L STEVENS, Annie O 1897-Jan-06
JONES, Dan BUCKLEY, Adeline 1883-Dec-01
JONES, Frank AUSTIN, Nancy 1882-Dec-26
JONES, Harrison MILLER, Louisa 1892-Jan-01
JONES, J E SLADE, Ida G 1883-Oct-31
JONES, J M MAGEE, S J 1897-Jul-14
JONES, J R ENOS, S B 1885-Oct-15
JONES, J W ROMARA, Olah 1885-Jul-06
JONES, Jack COLEMAN, Viney 1886-Apr-10
JONES, James ROBERTS, Dolly 1884-Aug-21
JONES, Jas C JONES, Arvilda 1884-Oct-14
JONES, Jeff WHITTINGTON, Mary J 1885-Jun-27
JONES, Jeptha WILLIAMS, Mary 1885-Dec-21
JONES, Joseph FELDER, Mandie 1887-Jan-05
JONES, M H Jr SPENCE, E E 1896-Dec-11
JONES, Nathaniel SMITH, Bettie 1883-Sep-31
JONES, Robert VARNADO, Sarah 1885-Oct-23
JONES, S A BURTON, Barbara 1897-Nov-08
JONES, Sam ROBINSON, Nellie 1887-Mar-12
JONES, Thomas JENKINS, Nannie 1885-Aug-13
JONES, Tom JOHNSON, Martha 1885-Mar-14
JONES, W D WELLS, E A 1882-Jan-15
JONES, W W NELSON, Katie 1886-Mar-03
JONES, William OTT, M L 1871-Jun-04
JONES, Willie STACKHOUSE, Florence 1883-Dec-28
JONES, Wm JONES, Mary 1886-May-27
JORDAN, S H MORGAN, Mollie A 1883-May-07
JORDAN, W E HARNESS, Johanna 1895-May-27
JOSEPH, Cesaire STAFFORD, Louise 1885-Feb-07
JOURDAN, Jno J WHITTINGTON, Ellen 1886-Aug-21
JOURDAN, Martin BREEDLOVE, M 1886-Apr-19
JOURDAN, Willie HAMILTON, Maggie 1893-Aug-22



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