Pike County Grooms


CAHILL, J D BRUCE, Laura 1894-May-17
CAIN, J I HOLMES, Annie B 1888-Dec-15
CAIN, J J LIGON, M J 1894-Mar-15
CAIN, James EDWARDS, Bettie 1893-Sep-23
CAIN, Jno T LAMBDIN, Belle 1888-Jan-10
CAIN, John HALE, Jessie M 1892-Jun-23
CAIN, Moses LIKINS, Willie 1885-Oct-02
CALDWELL, D A DYKES, O L 1890-Mar-26
CALDWELL, D A WOODWARD, Josephine 1890-Mar-26
CALHOUN, S S Jr EDWARDS, Willie Olera 1887-Mar-19
CAMERON, J C SIMMONS, Florence 1884-Aug-21
CAMPBELL, Archie TOLIVER, Mollie 1883-Jul-03
CAMPBELL, B M CAIN, Alice 1883-Feb-02
CAMPBELL, Charles HUNTSBERY, Evola 1888-Mar-01
CAMPBELL, L H BENDER, Henrietta 1891-Nov-14
CANNON, Will C HUFFMAN, Mary L 1887-Dec-24
CANON, Alfred BIRKHAM, Ida Ethel 1895-May-18
CANTON, Edry ANDERSON, Carrie 1897-Dec-20
CARBREY, M V ELLZEY, R 1892-Sep-12
CAREY, S L RAMSEY, J B 1893-May-08
CAREY, W J EVANS, Myrtis C 1893-Apr-20
CARMEL, Thomas ASHLEY, Annie 1885-Aug-15
CARNEY, Calvin JOHNSON, Phillis 1884-Jan-01
CARRIER, V S HUGHES, Semantha 1891-Jul-20
CARROLL, Charles L HEIDEURLICH, Sara H 1895-Jan-30
CARROLL, Charlie LEWIS, Mary 1899-Sep-23
CARROLL, John H MARTIN, Ella 1885-Feb-17
CARROLL, Wiley BRIDGES, Bettie 1883-Feb-15
CARRUTH, B M BALES, J A 1891-Mar-25
CARRUTH, J A BEAM, M E 1898-Aug-29
CARRUTH, J W MARTIN, Laura L 1891-Nov-01
CARRUTH, Samuel E NIX, Zude L 1888-Mar-01
CARTER, Adam FLETCHER, Hattie 1883-Feb-07
CARTER, Allen SIBLEY, Melissa 1885-Dec-18
CARTER, Frank DILLON, Courtney 1886-Jan-16
CARTER, H E BULLOCK, Mollie 1897-Oct-02
CARTER, J A SPINKS, Sallie 1889-Nov-06
CARTER, Warren SARTAIN, Lovey 1887-Sep-03
CARTER, Willington SANDIFER, Amanda 1886-Jul-06
CASE, J P HUFF, Julia 1896-Jan-21
CASTON, Green ALLEN, Mary 1886-Dec-24
CASTON, Napoleon COOK, Ada 1892-Sep-06
CASTON, Silas WILLIAMS, Ruth 1887-Aug-18
CASTON, W A BALES, Mattie 1886-May-06
CASTON, W L WARNER, Sallie 1897-Dec-12
CASTON, W R GEARY, Nellie 1894-Sep-24
CATALAN, Arvillien FOREMAN, Felicia 1886-Aug-24
CATCHINGS, W L NALL, Winnie 1884-Apr-23
CATES, D J SARTIN, E B 1896-Oct-21
CATES, Enoch HAINES, Nancy 1885-Aug-20
CATHEY, R F MILLER, Dora Louisa 1890-Nov-19
CAUSEY, E H CAUSEY, Abbie 1896-May-20
CAUSEY, J H DUNN, M A 1896-Mar-02
CAUSEY, T Frank CUTCHINGS, Florence 1882-Nov-15
CEPHUS, Cicero LEONARD, Mattie 1882-Feb-09
CHAMBERS, John S HOWARD, Carrie E 1887-Jan-07
CHANEY, J T DEETS, A C 1890-Feb-09
CHAPMAN, A M COWAN, M E 1884-Mar-10
CHAPMAN, Chas P PITTS, Emily M 1882-Oct-25
CHAPMAN, W T REEVES, L A 1899-Apr-25
CHAPMAN, Walter BARNES, Lucy 1899-Oct-19
CHARGOIS, Lastie CORDIA, Elisa 1887-Jan-11
CHISHOLM, Robert BOGANS, Emily 1882-Nov-11
CHOATE, Cornelius FOREMAN, Parker 1886-Mar-01
CHOATE, Thomas FUCHS, Antoinette 1887-Dec-20
CHOATE, Voorhies BERTRAND, Elzina 1887-Dec-
CHRISTIAN, Robert BOGANS, Emily 1882-Nov-11
CICERO, Sam MARLECKER, Rosa 1886-Oct-30
CLAGUE, Jas FITZGERALD, Julia A 1894-Jan-30
CLARK, Albert DUHON, Paulina 1887-Apr-14
CLARK, H H ADAMS, Sarah 1892-Feb-25
CLARK, Larcenus DILLON, Obie 1899-Aug-19
CLARK, M E GRAVES, Wm M 1883-Nov-09
CLARK, S A SMITH, J S 1884-Feb-02
CLARKE, Harry SIMS, Julia 1887-Jan-27
CLARKS, Thomas CAMPBELL, Mary Clarks 1887-Oct-20
CLAY, Charlie KENNEDY, Jane 1886-Mar-06
CLAY, L M WARREN, H H 1893-Nov-30
CLAYTON, W M KROUT, M L 1899-May-28
CLEMENS, Arve W CONEY, Pearl Viola 1898-Jun-16
CLEMENT, C C GIVEN, H B 1892-Apr-05
CLINTON, James WILLIAMS, Ann 1883-Jan-17
COBBS, Hardy LEE, Ella 1886-Sep-08
COCHRAN, H L MAGEE, Purler 1896-Oct-15
COCKERHAM, Wallace E PRESCOTT, Annie F 1884-Dec-22
COCKERHAM, Warren DEXTER, Jessie 1899-Sep-23
COFIELD, Hilliard JUKES, Ellen 1885-Oct-15
COLBERT, Claiborn JACKSON, Cloe 1883-Jul-26
COLE, B F MARTIN, B R 1897-Jan-18
COLE, Chaney M MCDANIEL, Lula 1896-Jun-18
COLE, Charles MCCRORY, Allice 1896-Jul-13
COLE, Frank MATHEWS, Mathilda 1885-Apr-02
COLEMAN, James CLARKE, Mary 1886-Mar-07
COLEMAN, Monroe FORD, Emma 1899-Jul-29
COLEMAN, Nathaniel STALLINGS, Salena 1885-Dec-30
COLEMAN, Sam LUMKIN, Isabelle 1883-Jan-03
COLLINS, J E DUNAWAY, Luer 1896-Jan-24
COLLINS, W A REABEN, Emma M 1894-Nov-17
COLLINS, W N FUTCH, Rosa 1887-Nov-01
COLLINS, William BRODE, Mary 1893-Feb-14
COLQUHOUN, O L TRAYLOR, Margie 1895-Dec-19
COMEAUX, Andoche SMITH, Alice 1886-Aug-26
COMEAUX, Guilmare HEBERT, Ezilda 1885-May-16
COMEAUX, Henri BLANCHET, Alida 1888-Jan-02
COMMONS, Aleck LEWIS, Morgania 1899-Dec-28
CONERLY, C W CONEY, Julia 1898-Jan-20
CONERLY, Cullen W MARTIN, Fannie 1886-Jan-26
CONERLY, E M STRINGER, Flora 1884-Dec-17
CONERLY, Edward S CAMPBELL, Corinne 1882-Dec-05
CONERLY, J M HUNTER, Ruth 1886-Dec-06
CONERLY, Jabez L MOSES, Mary M 1887-Jan-17
CONERLY, John L RATLIFF, Kittie V 1894-Sep-05
CONERLY, Kitt LEWIS, Emily 1884-Oct-24
CONERLY, L J GINN, G G 1886-Apr-14
CONERLY, L J TONEY, Charles F 1885-Sep-23
CONERLY, Lewis CAUSEY, Janie 1883-Jan-11
CONERLY, M R MAY, Lizzie E 1892-Jul-30
CONERLY, M R MCNABB, Annie 1885-Dec-08
CONERLY, Pascal STRAHAM, Martina 1886-Jan-12
CONERLY, Primus KENT, Emma 1882-Dec-25
CONERLY, Richard PETERS, Altha 1895-Mar-01
CONERLY, Son JEFFERSON, Salina 1899-Sep-20
CONERLY, T S Dr RATLIFF, Courtney 1890-Dec-31
CONERLY, Walter HARRIS, Henrietta 1882-Dec-30
CONEY, Aaron ABRAHAM, Julia 1884-Jan-09
CONEY, Billie SMITH, Lucindie 1886-Oct-14
CONEY, Billy DILLON, Harriet 1882-Dec-28
CONEY, C B BOOTH, Vickie O 1884-Dec-09
CONEY, J D WALKER, Eula L 1893-Dec-13
CONEY, Jerry H VARNADO, Mattie 1893-Mar-29
CONEY, Jesse EVANS, Dorkiss 1899-Nov-23
CONEY, Joseph CONERLY, Emma 1882-Dec-06
CONEY, L D HUFFMAN, L S 1898-Dec-26
CONEY, O E LENOIR, Bettie 1895-Dec-27
CONEY, Sam BARNES, Elsie 1884-Jun-21
CONEY, Van F LITTLE, May 1890-Feb-26
CONEY, Van F WALKER, S E 1882-Dec-20
CONEY, W L Jr VON MACK, Louisa 1889-Apr-12
CONEY, W O ANDREWS, Mollie 1896-Dec-24
CONEY, Wm L THORNHILL, Fletie E 1893-Dec-20
CONN, Jno P Md FELDER, Nannie 1898-Nov-11
CONNER, Isam COLEMAN, Lizzie 1885-Sep-10
COOK, B F RUSHING, Mollie T 1885-Dec-30
COOK, C H MCMORRIS, M E 1890-Nov-01
COOK, D D MYERS, Georgia Ellen 1895-May-04
COOK, D E BLOUNT, L C 1892-Feb-15
COOK, E B COOK, R A 1886-Feb-16
COOK, George MARTIN, Pink 1887-Jan-20
COOK, J W TAYLOR, F R 1892-Dec-27
COOK, James CONEY, Rachel 1884-Nov-13
COOK, Jim DICEY (DICKY), Phillis 1885-Oct-09
COOK, Jim DICKY (DICY), Phillis 1885-Oct-09
COOK, M R MCMORRIS, P H 1896-Sep-30
COOK, P A HART, G V 1896-Apr-11
COOK, P A SMITH, Eliza C 1885-Oct-22
COOK, R A COOK, E B 1886-Feb-16
COOK, W A DICKSON, Fannie 1894-Nov-20
COOK, Willie LANG, Flora 1899-Mar-30
COOK, Wm SMITH, Arena 1882-Nov-25
COOPER, H D SMITH, Florence 1896-Sep-17
COOPER, Silas G JONES, Annie 1883-Dec-22
COPES, S S PREWETT, Aby J 1889-May-22
CORBIN, Marion W BEAM, Bessie 1899-Dec-13
CORDIA, Elisa CHARGOIS, Lastie 1887-Jan-11
CORDIAL, Joseph RICHMOND, Carmala 1886-Dec-21
CORLEY, A T HENDERSON, Lillian 1898-Dec-17
COTHERN, B F HOLMES, Ettie 1893-Oct-23
COTHERN, B F REID, Emma Luella 1897-Dec-08
COTHERN, B M DAVIS, Mattie 1886-Apr-19
COTHERN, H E HOLMES, Mollie 1888-Dec-19
COTHERN, John DUNCAN, M A 1891-Feb-11
COTHERN, Joseph BOYD, R A 1887-Feb-07
COTHERN, Martin PRESCOTT, Caroline 1885-Dec-28
COTTEN, Ellison BYRD, Sallie 1887-Mar-17
COTTEN, Geo LUNLEY, Martha 1884-Dec-19
COTTEN, J W HUNTLY, Lula 1896-Jul-25
COTTEN, Ollie SIMMONS, William 1899-Dec-18
COTTEN, Smith FORSCHLER, Freda M 1897-Nov-18
COTTEN, W E SPENCER, J T 1882-Nov-28
COURTNEY, John COLLINS, Lula 1889-Jun-18
COVINGTON, Bert E SLAY, W C 1898-Feb-12
COWAN, A T MOORE, Ada 1889-Jul-26
COWAN, M E CHAPMAN, A M 1884-Mar-10
COWART, Charles LOVE, Mollie 1885-Jan-09
COWART, Winston PETERS, Annie 1885-Jan-29
CRAFT, A M FOIL, Ida 1891-Apr-24
CRAFT, John HOLMES, Blanche 1894-Sep-18
CRAFT, Richmond MCGOWAN, Mary 1886-Feb-15
CRAFT, William BRUMFIELD, Julia 1882-Dec-05
CRAFT, York WALKER, Rachael 1894-Dec-27
CRAIN, William C ARD, S C 1898-Oct-04
CRANE, John TURNAGE, Sarah 1892-Apr-06
CRAWFORD, A W MCCARLEY, Fannie 1885-Apr-25
CRAWFORD, Charlie RUSHING, Belle 1899-Dec-04
CRAWFORD, J J BRIDGES, Julia A 1893-Jan-17
CRAWFORD, Jesse JOHNSON, Rebecca 1898-Nov-14
CRAWFORD, Jesse M PERKINS, Emma 1886-Dec-29
CREEL, J B MAY, Eugene A 1893-Jun-20
CREEL, Oliver CARTER, Delphine 1895-Dec-16
CRIER, Ephriam HALL, Eliza 1884-Feb-02
CRIER, Simon MOSES, Lula 1899-Sep-02
CRITTENDEN, J J BALES, Elizabeth 1883-Jun-07
CROSSLEY, C M BALDRIDGE, Zipporah 1885-Mar-23
CROSSLEY, William RESOW, Leanna 1887-Dec-24
CROSSLY, Thomas SANDELL, Nannie 1885-Nov-12
CROWLEY, Daniel J BENTZ, Mary 1899-Jun-19
CULPEPPER, J C Rev BACOT, Rosa Lee 1896-Aug-26
CUMMINGS, Frank GRACEY, Katie R 1897-Feb-15
CUNNINGHAM, Daniel PRICE, Era M 1892-Aug-30
CUNNINGHAM, James W WAMBLE, Fannie H 1883-Jan-22
CURRIE, J S HARRIS, Winnie 1891-Mar-19
CURRY, George PERKINS, Phoebe 1899-Dec-26
CURRY, John STEWART, Catherine 1886-Dec-09
CURTIS, Benjamin R SWAIN, Ella E 1886-Dec-29
CURTIS, Mark HODGES, Lula 1898-Nov-30
CURTIS, William D SIMMONS, Alice B 1897-Dec-29
CUTRER, E H WELLMAN, Lucy 1891-Sep-28
CUTRER, Geo C KATHA, Stella 1897-Mar-17
CUTRER, Geo C TAYLOR, Nellie B 1893-Oct-07
CUTRER, W D MCELVEEN, Letha Ann 1884-Oct-08
CYRUS, G M BREELAND, M E 1890-Dec-22



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