Pike County Grooms


ABADIE, Ulysse FRANK, Sophie 1886-Apr-28
ABBOTT, J A FLEMING, Bertha 1896-Jun-17
ABBOTT, James HUDSPETH, Maggie 1898-Oct-08
ABELS, W C SMITH, Matilda 1897-Jan-20
ABNEY, J T Rev MCEWEN, Florence 1898-Dec-16
ABSHIRE, Jean Philosie GASPARD, Celestine 1888-Jan-16
ABSHIRE, Oniel SIMON, Emma 1888-Feb-02
ABSHIRE, Theophile HOFFPAUIR, Medonia 1886-May-20
ABSHIRE, Ursule SIMON, Jules 1887-Apr-28
ADA, Lile SANDLIN, W P 1895-Jan-18
ADAIR, H R RAYSSINGNIER, Sarah 1898-Apr-01
ADAIR, W E MARTIN, Lela 1898-Oct-09
ADAM, Numa MIRE, Athenaise 1887-Apr-13
ADDISON, A M MOORE, A M 1896-Aug-29
ADDISON, Ashford REDMOND, Florilla S 1893-Jun-27
ADDISON, L E ISOM, A E 1895-Aug-17
ADDISON, P M SARTIN, Mattie E 1895-Dec-25
ADDISON, Solomon SARTIN, Julia 1886-Nov-03
AIKIN, Clain JOHNSON, Beatrice 1920-Nov-25
ALBRIGHT, P J MILLER, Isabel 1898-Jul-06
ALBRITTON, B P ELLZEY, Maggie 1899-Mar-06
ALEXANDER, D A NORMAN, Anna 1895-Dec-31
ALEXANDER, David W ENGLISH, Fannie J 1895-Nov-30
ALEXANDER, Henry BERRY, Addie 1883-Dec-26
ALEXANDER, Henry DUNAWAY, Mary 1885-Apr-17
ALEXANDER, Jesse SARTIN, Mattie J 1890-Jul-29
ALEXANDER, Ruben SIMMONS, Ida 1887-Mar-03
ALEXANDER, S M NORMAN, Lura 1896-Oct-11
ALEXANDER, Thomas BEARDEN, Malzira 1890-Jan-25
ALEXANDER, Wm N RAIBORN, Sophie 1888-Feb-22
ALFORD, Albert BERRYHILL, Linnie 1897-Feb-27
ALFORD, E L Rev BALL, Fannie L 1895-Dec-17
ALFORD, F O MCELVEN, Myrtis 1892-Jul-30
ALFORD, Ira P LEONARD, Mary J 1884-Jun-21
ALFORD, J A BROCK, Annie 1885-Dec-01
ALFORD, J B WARNER, Ettie J 1894-May-03
ALFORD, J J ZONCA, M G 1890-Feb-15
ALFORD, J R DANIELS, Laura 1886-Dec-18
ALFORD, Lucius Edwin ALBRIGHT, Virginia G 1899-Mar-22
ALFORD, M A DYKES, Cora I 1896-Oct-15
ALFORD, N J COLLINS, Lucy 1896-Oct-09
ALFORD, N N FELDER, Rosa 1898-Dec-26
ALFORD, Thomas L RUSHING, Lillie 1898-Dec-15
ALFORD, W E SIMMONS, Sarah 1896-Jan-08
ALLEN, Ben WOBB, Willie 1879-Dec-25
ALLEN, F W DICKEY, Ida 1888-Feb-02
ALLEN, Green SIMMONS, Louise 1887-Feb-16
ALLEN, Henry D PRESCOTT, Cassie 1886-Jan-05
ALLEN, J H BOONE, Mary 1890-Feb-22
ALLEN, L E LARD, L A 1895-Nov-11
ALLEN, M A OWENS, I M 1893-Feb-27
ALLEN, R H LEONARD, Fannie 1882-Dec-29
ALLEN, Simon SMITH, Elizabeth 1884-Sep-15
ALLENS, Wallace ASHLEY, Mary 1885-May-23
ALLISON, John WALKER, Sallie 1887-Jun-16
ALLMAND, Charles TATE, Emma 1898-Jan-15
ALLMAND, N O DICKEY, Tunie 1894-Nov-07
AMACKER, John G PARSON, Willie E 1899-Sep-19
ANCLAIRE, Arthur ARCARDE, Laura 1898-Jun-21
ANDERSON, Ephriam CONERLY, Easter 1883-Nov-21
ANDERSON, J A CARROLL, Mary Louise Moclai 1889-Nov-13
ANDERSON, John STRONG, Margaret 1887-Jan-01
ANDERSON, Levi HIGHLAND, Charlotte 1885-Mar-19
ANDERSON, Louis CROSSBY, Cornelia 1887-Dec-22
ANDERSON, Monroe ROBERTSON, Mary Lizzie 1884-Dec-19
ANDERSON, T E GILLIS, Ninna 1887-Dec-13
ANDERSON, Thomas BADON, Mira 1887-Dec-13
ANDERSON, William SAUNDERS, Virginia 1885-Mar-24
ANDERSON, William Jesse HARRELL, Mary D 1896-Jun-30
ANDERSON, Willie DAVIS, Henrietta 1899-Aug-17
ANDREWS, Buck MARTIN, Aby 1899-Dec-27
ANDREWS, C L BACOT, M E 1884-Dec-01
ANDREWS, D C THOMPSON, Ella J 1891-Sep-09
ANDREWS, D T TEMPLE, Athlee 1887-Sep-28
ANDREWS, David BRUMFIELD, James 1886-Jan-27
ANDREWS, E C QUIN, M A 1885-Oct-06
ANDREWS, F G Jr MARTIN, Kit 1898-Jan-05
ANDREWS, George W MACON, Lilly A 1898-Jan-07
ANDREWS, J R JOHNSON, Annie 1892-Apr-14
ANDREWS, James ASHLEY, Judy 1886-Dec-29
ANDREWS, James W DOANE, Jane 1887-Jan-17
ANDREWS, John W FITZPATRICK, Norah 1891-Sep-29
ANDREWS, John W IRVIN, Mollie 1895-Apr-15
ANDREWS, Manuel JACKSON, Lillie 1899-Jun-29
ANDREWS, P B BULLOCK, Mattie 1897-Nov-25
ANDREWS, W T BULLOCK, Julia 1896-Jan-14
ANDREWS, W W ALLEN, Permelia 1887-Dec-11
ANDREWS, W W RYAN, Annie T 1883-Dec-14
ANDREWS, Willie A GUY, Rosa 1896-Nov-17
ANDREWS, Wm W HALMES, A L 1897-Jan-08
ANSLEY, Jas M BRASHEAR, N M 1899-Dec-12
APPEL, Henry SHARP, Olie 1894-Mar-20
APPLEWHITE, Glen Wilson VARNADO, Mary E 1899-Oct-26
ARD, S C CRAIN, William C 1898-Oct-04
ARMSTRONG, John TINES, Amie 1896-Dec-12
ARNOLD, H L HUNT, L E 1887-Oct-19
ARNOLD, J P BENNETT, C J 1885-Nov-30
ASH, Chris BETHEA, Bertie Belle 1897-Nov-03
ASH, Dockter HOPGOOD, Gracey P 1886-Dec-08
ASH, Edward HUNT, Jane 1897-Feb-03
ASH, Henry ENOS, Sybil 1899-Dec-16
ASHLEY, Ira MARTIN, Lizzie 1887-Aug-24
ASHLEY, John JEEMES, Mary 1885-Jun-16
ASHLEY, John MCCREA, Dora 1899-Sep-14
ATKINSON, E S SAMPLE, M Kettis 1889-Dec-23
ATKINSON, Eugene TEUNISSON, Alice E 1893-Jun-14
ATKINSON, Floyd FRITH, R M 1885-Mar-02
ATKINSON, Wallace PAYNE, Rose 1883-Dec-29
ATKINSON, Woodson BOYD, Annie W 1893-Oct-31
ATWOOD, Henry LANE, Harriett 1886-Nov-23
AUBE, Etienne HERPIN, Ezilda 1886-Nov-03
AUGUSTUS, Kelly MARCELAS, Alice 1886-Jun-13
AUSTIN, George SHARP, Silvia 1886-Oct-12
AUSTIN, Green BACOT, Harriett 1886-May-07
AUSTIN, Irwin BULLOCK, Francis 1883-Jan-03
AVEES, Willie VARNADO, Emma 1883-Jul-10
AYCOCK, Jas H JACKSON, Eula 1891-Oct-28



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