Pike County Brides


WADE, Sarah Jane KENNEDY, John 1899-Sep-25
WAGGANER, Jeannette SLOANE, Thomas 1885-Jun-17
WAGNER, Jeanette STUTES, Nathan 1887-Oct-06
WALKER, Annie RAIBORN, G L 1899-Sep-02
WALKER, Ellen LUNDY, George 1886-Jul-15
WALKER, Eula L CONEY, J D 1893-Dec-13
WALKER, Ida HURST, A O 1897-Jul-06
WALKER, Lula M EAST, W E 1891-Dec-30
WALKER, Maggie E BURTIS, G W 1894-Sep-25
WALKER, Maggie E JENKINS, W Maurice 1897-Sep-08
WALKER, Mollie A MAXWELL, A W 1883-Dec-03
WALKER, Nancy LILES, J W 1893-Sep-14
WALKER, Nannie E MCCULLOUGH, R A 1899-Nov-25
WALKER, Pauline Melissa RICE, John 1887-Jun-01
WALKER, Rachael CRAFT, York 1894-Dec-27
WALKER, Sallie ALLISON, John 1887-Jun-16
WALKER, Sallie A GREER, Zeb 1883-Dec-13
WALKER, Sallie L MCDANIEL, D D 1887-Dec-06
WALKER, Sillie BROUSSARD, Aurelle 1887-Sep-15
WALLACE, Jane TATE, Jerry 1886-Apr-22
WALLACE, Martha Ann LAWRENCE, F D 1899-Dec-06
WALLS, Nancy JACKSON, Ransom 1886-Mar-06
WALTERS, Laura C BARR, J J 1884-Nov-20
WALTERS, Louisa HOWELL, John T 1885-Jan-07
WALTERS, Minnie HILL, John 1897-Nov-09
WALTERS, Minnie L LAMB, Jno W 1894-Jun-07
WAMBLE, Fannie H CUNNINGHAM, James W 1883-Jan-22
WARD, Angeline WOODWARD, Walter 1890-Mar-05
WARD, Fannie M PAGE, N J 1888-Mar-22
WARD, Jennie WOODWARD, R W 1895-Dec-16
WARD, Louisa STEPHENSON, J Z 1899-Dec-20
WARD, Martha M DUFF, Henry 1896-Jan-16
WARE, Mattie H HUCKABY, W M 1884-Dec-11
WARNER, Addie E MAGEE, Leon L 1891-Dec-22
WARNER, Ettie J ALFORD, J B 1894-May-03
WARNER, Jane REEVES, Henry 1888-Feb-06
WARNER, Mary J WEBB, J J 1887-Oct-01
WARNER, Rose REEVES, Monroe 1896-Jan-08
WARNER, Sallie CASTON, W L 1897-Dec-12
WARREN, Delia SIMMIONS, Irvin 1883-Apr-24
WARREN, Mollie BALLARD, John 1883-Dec-28
WARREN, Mollie QUIN, Lisbon 1884-Feb-09
WARREN, Samuel MAGEE, Annie 1885-Aug-11
WASHINGTON, Martha GREEN, Frank 1883-Dec-27
WASHINGTON, Sallie REEVES, Sidney 1884-Jul-19
WATERS, Dora RUSSELL, Jesse 1892-Apr-11
WATTS, Rosa HAMPTON, Frank 1892-Dec-28
WEARY, Sylvie WILSON, Calvin 1899-Jun-03
WEATHERS, Jane FOX, Daniel 1887-Nov-16
WEATHERSBY, Mary T MOORE, S B 1886-Jun-10
WEAVER, Ada REEVES, Frank 1898-Jan-22
WEBB, Henrietta LEE, Jesse 1899-Oct-26
WEBB, Jane M WILLIAMS, Edwin 1897-Mar-01
WEBB, Mary REEVES, Lonzo 1892-Oct-15
WEBB, Mollie PAYNE, L J 1891-Dec-05
WEBER, Lottie DAY, Jerry 1891-Sep-28
WELCH, Mallie SCHILLING, Walter 1890-Nov-12
WELLMAN, Lois FORD, J D 1890-Jan-11
WELLMAN, Lucy CUTRER, E H 1891-Sep-28
WELLS, Alice MCELVEEN, Willie 1897-Nov-13
WELLS, Florence REED, Hillery 1899-Nov-29
WELLS, Rosa WEAVER, A 1899-Feb-16
WESTBROOK, Josephine WASHINGTON, Frank 1884-Sep-04
WESTBROOK, Nora BASS, A L 1898-Oct-05
WESTMORELAND, Lizzie LEA, J E 1893-Sep-02
WESTMORELAND, Nancie M TATE, Thos E 1892-Nov-26
WHALEN, Mary SEBLON, Oscar 1887-Feb-11
WHEELER, Mary WESTBROOKS, Major 1899-Dec-19
WHITAKER, Annie E LAMKIN, Jno A 1892-Dec-28
WHITE, Mollie R JOHNSON, J W 1887-May-23
WHITE, Pollie KENSTON, Richard 1886-Sep-01
WHITE, Zona E UPCHURCH, Chas B 1887-Feb-22
WHITING, Mary J MCDONALD, Wm A 1884-Jan-04
WHITING, Melissa BROWN, Tom 1890-Aug-04
WHITLEY, Laura WEBB, T H 1890-Jan-28
WHITTINGTON, Ellen JOURDAN, Jno J 1886-Aug-21
WHITTINGTON, India EAST, W W 1893-Dec-28
WHITTINGTON, Mary J JONES, Jeff 1885-Jun-27
WHITTINGTON, Sophia THORPE, James 1884-Feb-02
WILKINSON, Jennie HARRELL, John S 1892-Feb-22
WILLIAM, Leonore BOWIE, Flerville 1886-May-08
WILLIAMS, Adaline BRUMFIELD, Wade 1887-Jan-03
WILLIAMS, Alos BRUMFIELD, Charley 1893-Jan-14
WILLIAMS, Ann CLINTON, James 1883-Jan-17
WILLIAMS, Annie BROWN, Jesse 1899-Aug-28
WILLIAMS, Caroline MILLER, Charlie 1883-Jan-25
WILLIAMS, Clara FELDER, John 1896-Feb-01
WILLIAMS, Dollie GATLIN, Silas 1887-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Ella LUNDY, Joe 1887-Mar-02
WILLIAMS, Emma L VARNADO, P B 1885-Dec-22
WILLIAMS, Fannie BOURNE, J Q 1894-Dec-18
WILLIAMS, Georgeana BYRCH, Lafayette 1883-Nov-29
WILLIAMS, Georgia Ann HAYNES, Henry 1885-Nov-04
WILLIAMS, Jane SMITH, Nelson 1883-Jan-19
WILLIAMS, Jennie SIMMIONS, Nelson 1882-Jul-26
WILLIAMS, Katie JOHNS, W T 1893-Dec-04
WILLIAMS, Louise WALLS, William 1899-Oct-23
WILLIAMS, Luceta BOYLES, Geo N 1893-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, Lula WEAVER, A J 1897-Jan-26
WILLIAMS, Maggie KERSHAM, C E 1890-Jun-07
WILLIAMS, Mary JONES, Jeptha 1885-Dec-21
WILLIAMS, May FIELDS, Lorenza 1886-Jan-01
WILLIAMS, May R LUSTER, J A Rev 1893-Dec-25
WILLIAMS, Mollie W DALTON, O A 1893-Jun-09
WILLIAMS, Nannie EASLEY, L D 1887-Nov-07
WILLIAMS, Nora BROWN, L L 1899-May-12
WILLIAMS, Odelia GODY, Olivier 1885-Jul-02
WILLIAMS, Rosa WOODS, W R 1898-Dec-21
WILLIAMS, Rosalin NALTY, Pete 1883-Jun-11
WILLIAMS, Ruth CASTON, Silas 1887-Aug-18
WILLIAMS, Viola RATLIFF, L R 1898-May-02
WILLIAMSON, Aggie E MILLER, Leonard T 1897-Dec-22
WILLIAMSON, Josephine SANFORD, Israel 1886-Dec-27
WILLSON, Mary Jane ROPER, J W 1892-Apr-13
WILSON, Ada PRESCOTT, W S 1899-Jan-12
WILSON, Annie STEVENSON, T G 1897-May-18
WILSON, Clara MCDANIEL, J W 1895-Apr-29
WILSON, Cora MCDANIEL, W M 1895-Feb-26
WILSON, Cornelia FRITH, W H 1893-Jun-21
WILSON, Electa EASLEY, A S 1894-May-25
WILSON, Laura DILLON, D D 1888-Jan-04
WILSON, Lethia WALL, J S 1894-Dec-04
WILSON, Mary WOLBRECHT, J W 1899-Apr-11
WILSON, Morning WILLIAMS, Sonny 1887-Feb-12
WINSTON, Mary C BOLLING, Ernest L 1887-Jun-15
WITHERS, Fannie J HEITZMAN, Chas W 1891-Jul-26
WOBB, Willie ALLEN, Ben 1879-Dec-25
WOMBLE, Lizzie Q HUNTLEY, W F 1889-Nov-27
WOODALL, Minnie TEMPLE, D B 1895-Dec-02
WOODARD, Corienne DYKES, T C 1894-Oct-31
WOODS, Agnes REDMOND, James 1894-Sep-24
WOODWARD, Josephine CALDWELL, D A 1890-Mar-26
WOODWORTH, Phillipine PLANT, Lawrence 1885-Jul-13
WOOLBRECHT, Lizzie BOPP, William 1892-Jan-09
WRIGHT, Anna MARSALIS, J M 1897-Dec-16
WRIGHT, Bessie MCLAUGHLIN, Hugh F 1898-Jun-15
WRIGHT, Harriet ELLZEY, Andy 1885-Dec-29
WRIGHT, Jessie MILLER, C D 1894-Dec-26
WRIGHT, Lula MAGEE, Ira 1898-Jul-17
WRIGHT, Susie Mae STRATTON, A G 1892-May-11
WROTEN, Lillian Lombard VAUGHT, Thomas Jackson 1899-May-14
WYATT, Ada A FRITH, J W Jr 1896-Sep-14
WYATT, Mary A BALES, J S 1890-Dec-13
WYATT, Mary E PIMM, H B 1898-Oct-07
WYATT, Mary N MOORE, P E 1887-Mar-15



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