Pike County Brides

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ULMER, Lina STEVENS, A W 1886-Oct-27
ULMER, Lottie PITTS, Charles F 1885-Nov-10
UTER, Katie V MCNULTY, Wm Beatty 1897-Dec-16
VAN, Lottie MELTON, William G 1898-Dec-27
VANDERSON, Mary MANUEL, Floyd 1899-May-17
VANDERSON, May HAYNES, Jimmie 1899-May-11
VARNADO, Allie Dean SIMMIONS, S H 1896-Sep-23
VARNADO, Ann SIMMONS, Frank 1898-Aug-31
VARNADO, Barbara Mrs STERNBERGER, J B 1887-Apr-26
VARNADO, Callie DICKEY, Walter C 1896-Dec-19
VARNADO, Emma AVEES, Willie 1883-Jul-10
VARNADO, Emma MCKENZIE, Lucius 1899-Nov-01
VARNADO, Fannie DYKES, C M 1898-Jan-10
VARNADO, Fannie H MAGEE, D Nelson 1895-Feb-28
VARNADO, Lizzie SIBLEY, Peter 1899-Nov-18
VARNADO, Lula WHITE, Peter 1893-Jan-23
VARNADO, Mary LANG, Jeff 1886-Nov-05
VARNADO, Mary RICE, William 1883-Apr-28
VARNADO, Mary E APPLEWHITE, Glen Wilson 1899-Oct-26
VARNADO, Mary Jane WATKINS, Andrew 1887-Jan-04
VARNADO, Mattie CONEY, Jerry H 1893-Mar-29
VARNADO, Mittie DICKEY, W H 1893-Nov-30
VARNADO, Nancy E KENNEDY, D H 1883-Aug-22
VARNADO, Sarah JONES, Robert 1885-Oct-23
VARNADO, Smithie A MCDANIEL, Robert L 1898-Jan-17
VAUGHT, Carrie E FUQUE, Joseph S 1891-Feb-05
VAUGHT, Evie K GIBSON, George G 1892-Apr-20
VAUGHT, Sophia A HUBBARD, William H 1898-Jun-07
VESEY, Mary D WHITE, J L 1896-Oct-08
VETTER, Yettie WHITNEY, H G 1895-Mar-14
VIATOR, Felianne FREDERICK, Pierre 1888-Apr-05
VIEL, Mary REEVES, J E Dr 1895-Oct-21
VINCENT, Caroline JOHNSON, G W 1886-Feb-25
VINCENT, Delphine FAULK, Numa 1887-Sep-21
VINCENT, Emelia BOUILLON, Emile 1885-May-11
VINCENT, Rosa BROUSSARD, Placide 1886-Jun-07
VINCENT, Theozime DAVID, Erice 1885-Jun-08
VON MACK, Louisa CONEY, W L Jr 1889-Apr-12
VON MOCH, Lucie LENOIR, R Lewis 1885-Jul-14



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