Pike County Brides


TANNER, Mariah WILLIAMS, Zack 1899-Jun-17
TARVER, Jennie Del BURKS, Charles Sidney 1820-Jul-24
TATE, Emma ALLMAND, Charles 1898-Jan-15
TATE, Louisa MCDANIEL, L W 1895-Nov-26
TATE, Maggie L LEA, J E 1886-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Adeline JOINER, Magzil 1886-Jan-20
TAYLOR, Annie VARNADO, Moses 1885-Dec-22
TAYLOR, Eliza WILLIAMS, Leander 1884-Jan-11
TAYLOR, Emma BRIDGES, Cicero 1887-Jan-06
TAYLOR, Florence WESTBROOK, L M 1899-Apr-05
TAYLOR, Ida WILSON, Johnnie 1899-Apr-15
TAYLOR, Lizzie WASHINGTON, Moses 1899-Nov-25
TAYLOR, Mary BELL, Buck 1899-Oct-05
TAYLOR, Mary SMITH, Pinkney 1887-Dec-15
TAYLOR, Minnie PETERSON, Julius 1896-Nov-17
TAYLOR, Nannie BUTLER, Nelson 1883-Feb-21
TAYLOR, Nellie B CUTRER, Geo C 1893-Oct-07
TAYLOR, Sarah M NYLANDER, John 1882-Dec-11
TELLIS, Elizabeth THORNHILL, Elisha 1894-Dec-17
TEMPLE, Athlee ANDREWS, D T 1887-Sep-28
TEMPLE, Lula KILBOURNE, A L 1894-Feb-19
TERRELL, Julia MCCOMB, Spencer 1885-Jan-01
TEUNISSON, Alice E ATKINSON, Eugene 1893-Jun-14
TEUNISSON, Sarah WEBB, J B 1897-Oct-23
THIBAUX, Marie Azelia MONTAGNE, U Elie 1886-Mar-08
THIBODEAUX, Aurelie LEBLANC, Emethilde 1885-Oct-09
THIBODEAUX, Emelie TRAHAN, Alexis 1886-Mar-06
THIBODEAUX, Oliva SIMON, John 1887-Feb-14
THIGPEN, Edna PHELPS, J I 1884-Sep-24
THIGPEN, Julia BRELAND, E E 1888-Dec-05
THOMA, Louisa FACH, Carl 1889-Jan-22
THOMAS, Easter MCNABB, John 1883-Jan-15
THOMAS, Fannie FELDER, Sandie 1899-Dec-18
THOMAS, Floreta WHITTINGTON, Eli 1888-Jun-27
THOMAS, Mary LARRY, Jesse 1887-Jan-13
THOMAS, May E PATTERSON, John P 1895-May-15
THOMAS, Mollie HOLMES, Hilborn 1887-Dec-26
THOMPSON, Barbara MASON, Ed W 1898-May-20
THOMPSON, Ella J ANDREWS, D C 1891-Sep-09
THOMPSON, Mary YOUNG, Samuel 1899-Oct-13
THOMPSON, Mollie LENOIR, E T 1898-Jan-24
THORNHILL, Docia MILLER, W T 1894-Dec-26
THORNHILL, Edie REND, Dallas 1898-Nov-29
THORNHILL, Ella BURKHALTER, Monroe 1890-Jun-14
THORNHILL, Fletie E CONEY, Wm L 1893-Dec-20
THORNHILL, Gabriella PIGOTT, J S 1891-Dec-05
THORNHILL, Laura J BROWN, Willie R 1893-Dec-25
THORNHILL, Mary DUNAWAY, Milus J 1890-Dec-29
THORNHILL, Mollie DUNNAWAY, L D 1893-Apr-10
THORNHILL, Orrie LAWRENCE, S J 1892-Sep-06
THORNTON, Mary SMITH, Elias 1895-Jan-28
TIMBERLAKE, Mary A ESTILL, P W 1882-Jul-19
TIMBERLAKE, Mary Estelle MOAK, John 1899-Jan-24
TINES, Amie ARMSTRONG, John 1896-Dec-12
TOLIVER, Mollie CAMPBELL, Archie 1883-Jul-03
TONEY, Ellen E MAGEE, W W 1895-Aug-30
TONEY, Florence BREELAND, A Z 1897-Jan-09
TONEY, Nora RUSHING, Joseph 1899-Jan-04
TONY, Nannie O BRUMFIELD, Ben F 1897-Jun-28
TORRENTS, Martha VARNADO, Irvin 1884-Mar-03
TOUCHET, Azelia MEAUX, Cleophas 1885-Oct-03
TOUCHET, Emma TOUCHET, Olivier 1888-Feb-02
TOUCHET, Nathalie TOUCHET, Joseph L 1886-Mar-08
TOUCHET, Valerien SUIR, Edoide 1888-Apr-04
TOUPS, Eva BROUSSARD, Semar 1886-Jul-15
TOUPS, Eva Elodie BLANCHARD, Charles C 1886-Aug-02
TOUPS, Octave DESORMEAUX, Laura 1887-Oct-03
TOUPS, Philomene BOUILLON, Anatole 1885-Dec-21
TOWNSEL, Jane NEATHERLAND, John P 1887-Feb-10
TOWNSEND, Bertha THOMPSON, Jake 1899-Oct-02
TOWNSEND, Elizabeth JACKSON, Americus 1884-May-29
TRAHAN, Alida BLANC, Cleophas 1887-Nov-17
TRAHAN, Emma LANDRY, Lastie 1886-Sep-13
TRAHAN, Euphemie HEBERT, Alcide 1885-Oct-05
TRAHAN, Honora LEBLANC, Ejuce 1887-Jan-24
TRAHAN, Idolie LANDRY, Onezime C 1887-Apr-14
TRAHAN, Maria PIERCE, Chapman 1887-Dec-27
TRAUBE, Jennie RIST, W H 1889-Aug-21
TRAUTHAM, Amanda JOHNSON, Ben 1883-Feb-16
TRAVIS, Ethel BURR, Monroe 1895-Jul-31
TRAVIS, Sarah WALKER, Peter 1886-Jul-12
TRAYLOR, Laura SIBLEY, Raspberry 1886-Dec-16
TRAYLOR, Margie COLQUHOUN, O L 1895-Dec-19
TRICE, Lydia MATHEWS, Edward Jackson 1886-Apr-22
TUCKER, Edna HARRELL, C W 1896-Dec-12
TURNAGE, Lottie SMITH, Jesse 1899-Jun-15
TURNAGE, Sarah CRANE, John 1892-Apr-06
TURNER, Della HALL, Charlie 1894-Jan-04
TURNER, Eliza STYLES, Lewis 1884-Sep-01
TURNER, Florence A BROWN, Joseph A 1887-Aug-04
TURNER, Isabella FELDER, Ira L 1898-May-03
TURNER, Mariah PATTERSON, Van 1887-Jul-09
TURNER, Mary Jane FOREST, Nelson 1883-Dec-07
TURNER, Savannah BOOTH, Starling 1899-Dec-19
TYNES, Minnie D BEAMAN, A E 1897-Jun-23
TYRNEY, Annie BEAVERS, Thomas 1892-Jun-26



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