Pike County Brides

P - Q

PAGE, Hester NETTERVILLE, J T 1893-Oct-25
PAGE, Mary E STOVALL, N A 1883-Mar-13
PARISH, Annie Lee KINNEY, Joe A 1892-Aug-12
PARKER, Cora PATE, R J 1897-Jan-22
PARKER, Cynthia M BOYD, J M 1884-Dec-13
PARKER, Lizzie HOLSONBACK, G E 1895-Dec-24
PARKER, Mabel ERCHBERG, W L 1895-Dec-24
PARKER, Mary WARREN, Joe 1886-Dec-27
PARKER, Sarah D GINN, D D 1884-Dec-13
PARNELL, Rosa FERGUSON, J L 1896-Nov-01
PARSON, Ada TITTLE, J E 1884-Jun-28
PARSONS, Harriett J BRUMFIELD, Wm 1889-Dec-27
PATRICK, Sallie MCCRARY, E L 1894-Dec-20
PATTERSON, Bella YOUNG, Thos M 1896-Mar-25
PATTERSON, Katie Fern PATTERSON, Charles Thompson 1899-Jan-02
PAYNE, Laura J BRANTON, Marion L 1894-Nov-05
PAYNE, Rose ATKINSON, Wallace 1883-Dec-29
PEARCE, Mary Ann MAY, Albert G 1889-Nov-12
PEARL, Julia WEAL, Archie 1897-Nov-16
PEARSON, Julia A REEVES, J D 1894-Nov-05
PEARSON, Nancy RATLIFF, Zaid 1887-Feb-26
PECK, Annie MILLER, Louis 1894-May-26
PEPPERS, Lizzie WILLIAMS, George 1887-Dec-24
PERKINS, Alzada ROSSITER, Jas B 1894-Feb-03
PERKINS, Emma CRAWFORD, Jesse M 1886-Dec-29
PERKINS, Martha P HUGHES, T W 1892-Feb-10
PERKINS, Phoebe CURRY, George 1899-Dec-26
PERRY, Lucinda FOREMAN, Henry 1887-Oct-06
PETERS, Altha CONERLY, Richard 1895-Mar-01
PETERS, Annie COWART, Winston 1885-Jan-29
PETERS, Emma MAY, Wallace 1899-Dec-30
PETERS, Mariah JOHNSON, Peter 1887-Jul-07
PETERS, Rachael ELLZEY, Raymond 1883-Aug-09
PETERS, Rachael MAY, Bink 1899-Jun-01
PETIT, Jane ROBERTS, Oscar 1897-Oct-16
PETITJEAN, Lea GREENE, Richard 1886-Jun-14
PETTIGREW, Mamie KAUFMAN, F L 1898-Jan-25
PETTIGREW, Ruth BRUCE, H O 1895-Mar-13
PHELPS, Ada TILLMAN, E D 1899-May-25
PHELPS, Lula LANG, G W 1899-Dec-23
PHELPS, Martha Louise KENNEDY, John 1882-Sep-19
PICARD, Armelina FREDERICK, Jean Derneville 1886-Dec-09
PICKETT, Eliza GAINES, Geo 1882-Feb-12
PICKETT, Minnie V HUFF, James M 1886-May-26
PIERCE, America SMITH, Nelson 1890-Sep-19
PIGOTT, Jane OTIS, Ned 1887-Jan-04
PIGOTT, Mollie SMITH, Robert 1884-Nov-13
PIGOTT, Rosella STOGNER, J Esco 1897-Dec-06
PIKER, Belle LEE, G W 1891-Aug-21
PILLARS, Lizzie DEER, Warren 1885-Dec-21
PITTMAN, Martha FORTINBERRY, I H 1899-Jan-26
PITTS, Emily M CHAPMAN, Chas P 1882-Oct-25
POLK, Mollie WELLS, Sandy 1884-Jul-06
PONDER, Ellr SYKES, Phil 1895-Jul-17
POPE, Mary E HOLMES, J Ness 1888-May-25
PORTER, Ella V SCHILLING, H M 1887-Aug-06
PORTER, Mary GODY, Antoine 1886-Nov-24
POSEY, Bettie HARRIS, J H 1887-Jun-08
POSEY, Charlotte MCDONALD, Judge 1883-May-12
POUNDS, Easter HAMPTON, Isaac 1882-Dec-09
POUNDS, Lucy J STATHAM, J B 1889-Dec-12
POUNDS, Maggie HOLMES, Oscar 1895-Jan-05
POUNDS, Nettie V RABORN, E A 1891-Feb-04
POWELL, Bettie N TATE, N W 1891-Nov-30
POWELL, Elizer BLOUNT, William 1893-Feb-06
POWELL, Emily STORY, R E 1896-Feb-04
POWELL, Mary GARNER, Seaborn 1883-Dec-19
POWELL, Terry TARBER, Lewis 1886-Jan-06
PREJEAN, Nathilia BROUSSARD, Ducrozele 1887-Dec-05
PREJEAN, Odile BAUDOIN, Alexis Jr 1887-Jan-03
PRESCOTT, Annie F COCKERHAM, Wallace E 1884-Dec-22
PRESCOTT, Caroline COTHERN, Martin 1885-Dec-28
PRESCOTT, Cassie ALLEN, Henry D 1886-Jan-05
PRESCOTT, Emma WALKER, H E 1897-Dec-22
PRESCOTT, Mattie SPENCE, Jasper M 1899-Nov-28
PRESCOTT, Nettie HYDE, Isaac C 1891-Dec-03
PRESCOTT, Priscilla HARRELL, Tillman 1886-Jul-15
PRESTIDGE, Belle MAGEE, J E 1892-Jan-30
PRESTON, Ella TAYLOR, Godfrey 1887-Sep-28
PRESTON, Ida BROWN, John 1886-Jan-30
PRESTON, Satira BROWN, Allen 1887-Oct-25
PREWETT, Aby J COPES, S S 1889-May-22
PREWETT, Annie JENNINGS, W F 1886-Jan-20
PREWETT, Maybell RICE, T J 1892-Mar-09
PRICE, Fannie MILLER, Lewis 1885-Dec-29
PRICE, Mollie DORSEY, W C 1888-Oct-24
PRIMEAUX, Camille ROUEN, Anaise 1886-Mar-01
PRIMEAUX, Emelieu DESORMEAUX, Maria 1886-Oct-18
PRIMEAUX, Marie Uranie LEBOEUF, Joseph 1885-Dec-21
PRIMEAUX, Melzie TOUCHET, Edarius 1887-Jul-14
PURVIS, Sarah BRUMFIELD, W E 1893-Feb-04
QUATREVINGT, Eveline BERTRAND, Francois Clemile 1888-Apr-12
QUIN, Allice MAGEE, Isom 1886-Jun-05
QUIN, Annie DUNNAWAY, J Allen 1890-Dec-16
QUIN, Arvazina BATTIS, Sam 1887-Nov-24
QUIN, Cora H HODGES, John C 1890-Aug-19
QUIN, Delilah M BULLOCK, Joel J 1884-Jan-07
QUIN, Emeline ELLZEY, Jim 1883-Dec-24
QUIN, Emma PENDARVIS, S W 1890-Dec-17
QUIN, Eva K WILLIAMS, Geo E 1897-Apr-14
QUIN, Lucie T EDWARDS, W C 1894-Dec-19
QUIN, Minerva NEASOM, James 1884-Jul-31
QUIN, Mittie W NAPP, William G 1896-Oct-26
QUIN, Nannie BURNS, Luther 1886-Feb-25
QUIN, Ollie DILLON, Pearson 1882-Dec-16
QUIN, Queenie WILLIAMS, Harrison 1897-Oct-04
QUIN, Sallie BURRIS, D E 1884-Jul-14
QUIN, Sarah STEWART, Gaiter 1882-Nov-18
QUIN, Vincie SIMMIONS, T C 1895-Jan-16



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