Pike County Brides


KAIGLER, Matty E SHEPPARD, C P 1887-Jun-13
KALUSCHE, Mamie B HAMMOND, Geo 1893-Jun-16
KANE, Jennie HANNAN, Chas J 1893-Sep-26
KATHA, Stella CUTRER, Geo C 1897-Mar-17
KEEN, Bettie A TATON, P P 1883-Sep-18
KEEN, Florence MCINTOSH, H A 1885-Dec-16
KEEN, Irma A EMERSON, Hiram D 1899-Jun-20
KELL, Mary L EVANS, W T 1885-Apr-25
KELLUM, Victoria POWELL, James 1888-Dec-03
KELLY, Sally NEIDERMAN, Geo 1893-Aug-14
KENNEDY, Annie WILSON, John M 1897-Jun-12
KENNEDY, Bettie MARTIN, W 1890-Dec-18
KENNEDY, Clarissa MILLER, W T 1890-Feb-20
KENNEDY, Jane CLAY, Charlie 1886-Mar-06
KENNEDY, Sarah J VARNADO, I M 1882-Nov-15
KENNEDY, V P Mrs ROACH, J D 1893-Dec-07
KENNEDY, Virginia BROWN, H H 1893-Mar-02
KENNY, Flora ELLZEY, Frank 1899-Sep-16
KENNY, Katie WALLACE, William 1885-Jun-16
KENT, Emma CONERLY, Primus 1882-Dec-25
KENT, Jennie ROBINSON, D T 1899-Apr-29
KENTZ, Rachael JOHNSON, Columbus 1885-Feb-04
KEPPER, Augusta LEADBON, A N 1898-Dec-20
KILLIAN, Mamie FOGGERTY, John 1894-Dec-21
KINCHEN, Lula SMITH, John 1895-Jun-22
KING, Eugenia ROBINSON, John 1884-May-03
KING, Lucette KENNEDY, Charlie 1890-Jan-07
KINNABRAN, Pearl W ROSE, Charles 1898-Jun-18
KIRSHNER, Eva SPRINGARM, Julius 1886-Aug-03
KISSANE, Norah SAUCIER, F N 1889-Sep-02
KORNRUMPF, Nellie HOLMES, D C 1898-Apr-27
KROUT, Fannie DICKSON, Clarence W 1887-Dec-22
KROUT, Rose BARDWELL, R B 1889-Feb-08
KUNTZMAN, Mary SMITH, Tobe 1890-Jun-16



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