Pike County Brides

I - J

IMPSON, Mollie J JENKINS, John L 1893-Apr-01
IRVIN, Mollie ANDREWS, John W 1895-Apr-15
ISAAC, Fannie SMITH, John 1882-Dec-26
ISAACH, Catherine HARRIS, Richard 1884-Jun-26
IVEY, Casandra BOYD, Harvey 1882-Sep-17
JACKSON, Annie RUSHING, J W 1899-Dec-11
JACKSON, Arsalia WILLIAMSON, Ned 1899-Aug-22
JACKSON, Clara LARSON, C F 1896-Oct-06
JACKSON, Cloe COLBERT, Claiborn 1883-Jul-26
JACKSON, Elizabeth JENKINS, Eugene 1890-Sep-13
JACKSON, Emerline ROBERTSON, Henry 1887-May-14
JACKSON, Eula AYCOCK, Jas H 1891-Oct-28
JACKSON, Georgia JOHNSON, Wesley 1883-Sep-20
JACKSON, Harrett PRESTON, Eddie 1882-Jul-01
JACKSON, Lena LEWIS, George 1882-Dec-14
JACKSON, Lillie ANDREWS, Manuel 1899-Jun-29
JACKSON, Louie JOHNSON, H H 1899-Nov-27
JACKSON, Magdaline BULLOCK, Bob 1899-Dec-08
JACKSON, Martha MARTIN, Peter 1883-Feb-24
JACKSON, Victoria DEXTER, Irvin 1884-Jun-05
JAGERS, Bettie L GRIFFIN, W H 1893-May-06
JAGERS, Nora WILKINSON, T B 1899-Jul-01
JAMES, Ella HALL, Eddie 1882-Dec-28
JAMES, Emma BROWN, Josephus 1885-Jul-10
JAMES, Louise REEVES, Samuel 1883-Dec-13
JAMES, Maggie GREEN, James 1884-Apr-26
JAMES, Mary TRAVIS, W J 1888-Nov-17
JAMES, Minerva MAGEE, Pearl 1888-Jan-03
JAMES, Minerva TRAVIS, Jesse 1887-Dec-22
JAUNEY, Emma WILLIAMS, D F 1892-Nov-09
JEEMES, Mary ASHLEY, John 1885-Jun-16
JEFFERSON, Salina CONERLY, Son 1899-Sep-20
JELKS, Mattie YOUNGBLOOD, J R 1895-Jun-22
JENKINS, Eliza BARNES, Thos Anthony 1885-Jun-27
JENKINS, Ella PEPPERS, Wm 1882-Oct-08
JENKINS, Mattie SHARPLING, George 1896-Dec-29
JENKINS, Nannie JONES, Thomas 1885-Aug-13
JENNINGS, Annie VARNADO, James P 1891-Jul-06
JEPERSOND, Julienne Hoffpau GUIDRY, Darius 1887-Feb-14
JETTUN, Alice LEE, Ovelia 1888-Feb-07
JOHN, Lucy DAVENPORT, Isaiah 1887-Mar-31
JOHNS, Caroline HUGHES, Charles 1882-Dec-16
JOHNSON, Ada R PIGOTT, G T 1892-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Addie M PARSONS, Thad M 1893-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Amanda SIMMIONS, Levi 1887-Feb-03
JOHNSON, Annie ANDREWS, J R 1892-Apr-14
JOHNSON, Beatrice AIKIN, Clain 1920-Nov-25
JOHNSON, Emma JACKSON, Henry 1899-Aug-24
JOHNSON, Frances HOLMES, Alfred 1887-Mar-10
JOHNSON, Gatsey RICHARDS, Isaac 1887-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Harriet RICHARDS, Joshua Jr 1883-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Harriett SWAN, John 1897-Nov-10
JOHNSON, Hattie BOON, John 1886-Sep-30
JOHNSON, Ida STINSON, John J 1899-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Jennie WILLIAMS, Harrison 1883-May-12
JOHNSON, Joan FELDER, Wyatt W 1890-Feb-02
JOHNSON, Josephine GATLIN, John 1899-Jul-22
JOHNSON, Julia MARTIN, J W 1885-Feb-10
JOHNSON, Lilly STINSON, Williams 1897-Dec-16
JOHNSON, Louisa GARDINER, Louis 1883-Aug-22
JOHNSON, Lula MAY, Daniel E 1888-Mar-16
JOHNSON, Lula SWEARINGEN, Martin 1899-Dec-27
JOHNSON, M Vickie BOYD, W Andrew 1891-Feb-13
JOHNSON, Manda FIELDS, Frank 1885-Jul-08
JOHNSON, Martha JONES, Tom 1885-Mar-14
JOHNSON, Mary BRUMFIELD, Ambrose 1887-Jun-09
JOHNSON, Mary RUSHING, A L 1896-Feb-29
JOHNSON, Mary A DURBIN, Darling D 1898-Aug-25
JOHNSON, Mattie DICKERSON, J H 1897-Mar-10
JOHNSON, Melvina MYERS, Wm T 1887-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Milly GATLIN, Silas 1884-Jun-20
JOHNSON, Minnie PETIT, Lewis 1885-Sep-19
JOHNSON, Nancy THOMPSON, Marcus 1883-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Phillis CARNEY, Calvin 1884-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Rebecca CRAWFORD, Jesse 1898-Nov-14
JOHNSON, Sylvie HARRIS, June 1899-Sep-23
JOHNSTON, Nancy A BIGNER, J M 1888-Nov-20
JOINER, Ella E HARRISON, W W 1894-Jul-24
JONES, Aby DALE, James A 1899-Feb-25
JONES, Amanda MORGAN, L A 1886-Feb-22
JONES, Annie COOPER, Silas G 1883-Dec-22
JONES, Arvilda JONES, Jas C 1884-Oct-14
JONES, Emma GATLIN, W B 1887-Dec-06
JONES, Fannye L GRACEY, M T 1896-May-23
JONES, Florence DICKERSON, W M 1885-Feb-09
JONES, Hattie M SWETT, C J 1888-Sep-24
JONES, Jennie SHEPARD, Andrew 1886-Jan-27
JONES, Jenny MARTIN, Warren 1883-Dec-19
JONES, Lillian WILLOUGHBY, T R 1895-Oct-01
JONES, Lula DUNAWAY, Parm 1891-Dec-04
JONES, Mary SMITH, Woodward 1899-Dec-14
JONES, Mary SPENCE, H O 1894-Dec-05
JONES, Mary STOKES, J W 1892-Sep-07
JONES, Mary JONES, Wm 1886-May-27
JONES, Ophelia E BREWER, R W 1891-Sep-16
JONES, Sarah HANSON, John 1896-Dec-16
JORDAN, Florence LUNDY, Wm 1887-Apr-19
JORDAN, Mary E MCCAFFRAY, James M 1883-Sep-27
JOURDAN, Lizzie SMITH, Chas F 1893-Feb-22
JUKES, Ellen COFIELD, Hilliard 1885-Oct-15
JULIEN, Natalie BROUSSARD, Frank 1885-Jun-29



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