Pike County Brides


FABRE, Euphemie STOUTS, Alphonse 1888-Jan-16
FARNHAM, Ella HUFF, E K 1895-May-08
FARRIS, Susan E POWERS, Frank 1882-Sep-06
FAULK, Alcibiade BAUDOIN, Leontine 1886-Nov-22
FAULK, Delma MEAUX, Oza 1887-Dec-01
FAULK, Eugenie DAVID, Eugene 1885-Nov-30
FAULK, Marie Azelie SIMON, Simon 1887-Jan-17
FELDER, Corinne HUFFMAN, J C 1896-Nov-07
FELDER, Ella GODBOLD, G C 1885-Jan-19
FELDER, Fannie BUSHY, Byrd 1897-Mar-20
FELDER, Lizzie DENMAN, Walter 1884-Feb-23
FELDER, Mandie JONES, Joseph 1887-Jan-05
FELDER, Nannie CONN, Jno P Md 1898-Nov-11
FELDER, Rosa ALFORD, N N 1898-Dec-26
FERGUSON, Courtney A HALL, Harry 1880-Jun-15
FERGUSON, Fannie M THORNHILL, Willie C 1890-Jan-07
FINCH, Dovie HAYMAN, Wm 1886-Nov-30
FINCH, Lucey V YAWN, E J 1898-Aug-04
FINCH, Sena PATTERSON, James 1887-Aug-08
FISCHER, Emily SIMMIONS, J A 1899-Sep-05
FITZ GERALD, Philonia QUIN, L B 1890-Jan-18
FITZGERALD, Emma QUIN, Robth 1887-Oct-19
FITZGERALD, Julia REEVES, A C 1899-Jan-11
FITZGERALD, Julia A CLAGUE, Jas 1894-Jan-30
FITZGERALD, Lizzie E WEEMS, J M 1886-Feb-09
FITZPATRICK, Norah ANDREWS, John W 1891-Sep-29
FLANEGAN, Lizzie BANOHAN, Henry 1893-May-23
FLANEGAN, Lizzie BONEES, Henry 1893-May-25
FLEMING, Bertha ABBOTT, J A 1896-Jun-17
FLEMING, Norah DIEHL, William H 1898-Jul-20
FLETCHER, Hattie CARTER, Adam 1883-Feb-07
FLETCHER, Josephine TAYLOR, Lewis 1884-Mar-05
FLINN, Sarah Theresa BROWN, Danl H 1886-Nov-24
FLORY, Regina A MESTAYER, Meyer F 1885-Jul-14
FLOWERS, Lizzie BENJAMIN, Thomas 1885-Jun-11
FLOWERS, Mahala MILLER, Wiley 1883-Jan-18
FOIL, Florence LUTER, Marcus 1897-Dec-16
FOIL, Ida CRAFT, A M 1891-Apr-24
FOILS, Lenore FELDER, J Birch 1895-Jul-16
FOLES, Ida E RUTLAND, William A 1887-Sep-15
FOLTZ, Annie EVANS, Thos D 1892-Jul-16
FOLTZ, Belle T RYAN, John H 1895-May-28
FOOTE, Minnie E GIBSON, C C 1892-May-30
FORD, Emma COLEMAN, Monroe 1899-Jul-29
FORD, Lela M MCEWEN, J S 1888-Dec-17
FORD, Mary SEAL, Peter H 1899-Jul-21
FORD, Susie A DECOUX, Leopold 1892-Nov-28
FORDESH, Josephine ZIMMERMAN, Herman 1897-Dec-24
FOREMAN, Felicia CATALAN, Arvillien 1886-Aug-24
FOREMAN, Parker CHOATE, Cornelius 1886-Mar-01
FORMAN, Rosebud FORMAN, Cameron 1885-May-07
FORREST, Alice HARTWELL, Raif 1887-Dec-23
FORSCHLER, Freda M COTTEN, Smith 1897-Nov-18
FORTENBERRY, Angeline LEONARD, Eli 1887-Dec-21
FORTENBERRY, Linnie SMITH, Nolan 1893-Nov-12
FORTINBERRY, Annie DAVIS, C M 1888-Dec-24
FORTINBERRY, Belle POPE, W W 1893-Jan-26
FORTINBERRY, Genieve STOGNER, M L 1891-Jan-20
FOSTER, Sarah E SMITH, Thomas J 1886-Jun-24
FOX, Annie ROBINSON, Willie 1885-Jan-24
FOY, Sarah A NELSON, Nelc A 1889-Jun-27
FRANCOISE, Marciliene NICHOLS, Louis 1888-Apr-02
FRANK, Sophie ABADIE, Ulysse 1886-Apr-28
FREDERICK, Eumea BOURQUE, Joseph 1887-Jan-17
FREDERICK, Eve VIATOR, Joseph 1887-Sep-26
FREDERICK, Jean Derneville PICARD, Armelina 1886-Dec-09
FREDERICK, Lillie THOMPSON, J F 1887-Jun-14
FREEMAN, Melissa YOUNG, Robt C 1893-Dec-22
FRENCH, Matilda MARSHALL, Richard 1887-Apr-09
FRITH, Fannie C MCDOWELL, James D 1885-Apr-28
FUCHS, Antoinette CHOATE, Thomas 1887-Dec-20
FUGLER, Laura A BROCK, G R 1895-Feb-23
FULTON, Louisiana JAMES, R W 1883-Jun-21
FURGUSON, Minnie MAY, Henry E 1893-Oct-11
FURLEY, Annie Marie JOHNSON, Edgar E 1897-Sep-01
FURLOW, Julia O REABEN, Harris W Dr 1893-Dec-21
FUTCH, Rosa COLLINS, W N 1887-Nov-01



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