Pike County Brides


CADE, Clara WILLIDGE, Stephen 1885-May-14
CAIN, Alice CAMPBELL, B M 1883-Feb-02
CALDWELL, Rachal MAGEE, Noah 1896-Jan-04
CALENDAR, Katie E DUNCAN, R A 1898-Dec-13
CALVIN, Julia MARTIN, John 1887-Dec-21
CAMPBELL, Corinne CONERLY, Edward S 1882-Dec-05
CAMPBELL, Lula WELLS, A C 1882-Nov-23
CAMPBELL, Mary Clarks CLARKS, Thomas 1887-Oct-20
CAMPBELL, Oveta FITZGERALD, Edward 1890-Dec-31
CAPDEVILLE, Mary SORBET, Louis G 1886-May-27
CARBREY, Laura J BRACKEN, J J 1894-Sep-18
CAREY, Adele MCMASTER, W E 1888-Sep-25
CAREY, Tenie SMITH, C E 1889-Sep-23
CARPENTER, Hester HALL, George 1887-Dec-28
CARR, Celia HAINES, Jas 1899-Sep-23
CARR, Lettie BRYANT, Wm 1899-Sep-07
CARROLL, Cussarina PERKINS, C M 1895-Jan-09
CARROLL, Judy STRONG, Richard 1883-Oct-23
CARROLL, Mary Louise Moclai ANDERSON, J A 1889-Nov-13
CARRUTH, Julia LEA, D C 1893-May-23
CARRUTH, Mary E BEAM, C W Jr 1883-Dec-10
CARTER, Delphine CREEL, Oliver 1895-Dec-16
CARTER, Emma C WILLIAMS, J M 1887-Feb-14
CARTER, Geneva HOLMES, B F 1892-Feb-27
CARTER, Lizzie JENKINS, Henry 1888-Jan-05
CARTER, Mamie V HOLMES, Joe Y 1895-Mar-12
CARTER, Margarett ROWAN, Andrew 1885-Oct-16
CARTER, Mary Ann HOPE, W E 1897-Aug-23
CARTER, Orizina LEWIS, John 1899-Dec-27
CASE, Omie WILSON, L L 1897-Dec-27
CASSEDY, Annie GOVAN, A R Dr 1893-Oct-27
CASTILLE, Andrea BENOIT, Eloi 1885-Jan-26
CASTON, Adah POWELL, William O 1897-Dec-01
CASTON, Aggie WEBB, Lindsey 1885-Nov-06
CASTON, Clara M MCGEHEE, Lewis J 1883-Jul-24
CASTON, Julia VANNORMAN, James 1893-Jul-31
CASTON, Sallie WHITTINGTON, S S 1882-Oct-24
CATHERN, Judith GULLEDGE, Milton H 1888-Oct-10
CATO, Olive VENABLE, W R 1899-Aug-15
CAULFIELD, Corinne MOSS, Jas E 1899-Sep-25
CAUSEY, Abbie CAUSEY, E H 1896-May-20
CAUSEY, Florence HILL, William 1882-Dec-05
CAUSEY, Janie CONERLY, Lewis 1883-Jan-11
CAUSEY, S Adelaide TURNAGE, Peter Rev 1884-Mar-03
CHANTAL, Minnie QUIN, J M 1885-Nov-16
CHANTEL, Erleen MCDONALD, J K 1892-Dec-08
CHAPMAN, Florence PRESTRIDGE, J A 1899-Dec-28
CHAPPEL, Lula BOWMAN, John 1894-Jan-02
CHARGOIS, Julienne THEALL, James 1885-May-14
CHOATE, Mary Leona HEBERT, Remy 1886-Dec-20
CHOATE, Rachel DUPLANTIS, Madison 1885-May-04
CHRISTOPHER, Norah REAMS, Sandy 1887-May-19
CLARK, Lavinia BERRY, Jesse 1887-Sep-20
CLARK, Marie BROUSSARD, Numa 1887-Jan-31
CLARKE, Mary COLEMAN, James 1886-Mar-07
CLAYTON, Lizzie GORDON, Ransom 1882-Nov-02
CLEMENS, Flora GARTMAN, J A 1898-Dec-31
CLEVELAND, Nettie PHILLIPS, Charles 1895-Oct-03
COBB, Beulah B BLINCOE, H H 1890-Apr-30
COHN, Dora MORRIS, Isaac 1887-Mar-21
COHN, Isabella DUKES, G D 1885-Dec-23
COHN, Rosa HARTMAN, A 1892-Oct-31
COHN, Rosa JACOBSEN, Abram 1896-Aug-29
COLBERT, Annie BRIDGES, Solomon 1887-Oct-11
COLE, Eliza VANCE, James 1887-Sep-19
COLE, Mary REEVES, John H 1885-Dec-09
COLEMAN, Hany ROBERTSON, Tim 1887-Apr-23
COLEMAN, Lizzie CONNER, Isam 1885-Sep-10
COLEMAN, Manda SANDIFER, Webster 1896-Jan-18
COLEMAN, Viney JONES, Jack 1886-Apr-10
COLLINS, Annie Belle DANIELS, G W 1894-Dec-07
COLLINS, Clarissa WILLIAMS, Thomas 1884-Dec-15
COLLINS, Fannie Augusta LILLY, John T 1898-Jun-07
COLLINS, Geanie WILLIAMS, Joseph 1884-Mar-10
COLLINS, Josephine ROPES, Daniel 1887-Mar-31
COLLINS, Lizzie M PITTMAN, W B 1899-Jul-24
COLLINS, Lucy ALFORD, N J 1896-Oct-09
COLLINS, Lula COURTNEY, John 1889-Jun-18
COLLINS, Mattie LINTON, G A 1882-Jul-29
COLLINS, Onie TAYLOR, Geo 1899-Nov-25
COLLINS, Rosa HALL, Frank 1884-Jun-17
COLLINS, Rovilla DANIEL, W A 1888-Feb-06
COMEAUX, Carmezille ROBERTSON, Aristide 1888-Apr-12
COMEAUX, Clementine LEBLANC, Optat 1887-Dec-
COMEAUX, Elodie NUNEZ, Martial 1885-Nov-30
COMEAUX, Ema BOUDREAUX, Merius 1881-Jan-
COMEAUX, Louise TRAHAN, Desire 1886-May-03
COMMONS, Irene BRASLEY, Henry 1887-Dec-12
CONERLY, Adaline BRUMFIELD, M Dawson 1888-Feb-23
CONERLY, Easter ANDERSON, Ephriam 1883-Nov-21
CONERLY, Ellen HINES, Thomas 1886-Jul-02
CONERLY, Emma CONEY, Joseph 1882-Dec-06
CONERLY, Eunice HARRELL, Jerry 1884-Feb-18
CONERLY, Lily REGAN, L P 1886-Sep-18
CONERLY, Lula R HOLMES, Thomas W 1882-Dec-20
CONERLY, Mary SPENCE, J L 1892-Apr-09
CONERLY, Nettie SIBLEY, Cicero 1894-Dec-19
CONERLY, Phoebe FELDER, Armstead 1899-Apr-15
CONEY, Amanda HARRIS, Burrell 1887-Oct-20
CONEY, Belle HUFFMAN, J L 1899-Nov-18
CONEY, Chany WASHINGTON, John 1885-Apr-30
CONEY, Daisy C MCCANTS, Robert S 1897-Jun-27
CONEY, Julia CONERLY, C W 1898-Jan-20
CONEY, Mamie L BRANIGAN, G C 1893-Aug-09
CONEY, Mary DUNN, Andrew 1899-Jun-20
CONEY, Mattie HARVEY, Eddie 1887-Apr-02
CONEY, Pearl Viola CLEMENS, Arve W 1898-Jun-16
CONEY, Rachel COOK, James 1884-Nov-13
CONNER, Camilia LORMAND, Remy 1886-Feb-01
CONNER, Emelie TOUCHET, Espa 1887-Nov-14
CONNOLLY, Ella L SARTIN, L W 1891-Aug-04
COOK, Ada CASTON, Napoleon 1892-Sep-06
COOK, Annie WALKER, Johnnie 1886-Dec-30
COOK, Gatsey TURNAGE, Elijah 1899-Nov-08
COOK, Lena WELLS, Arch 1882-Jul-01
COOK, Margaret BRIDGES, Rank 1884-Mar-22
COOK, Mary Jane WOODALL, Robt B N 1889-Dec-23
COOK, Myra SKELTON, W T 1898-Nov-20
COOK, Rosaline BRABHAM, J H 1882-Nov-29
COON, Caroline THORNHILL, J B 1897-Jan-11
COON, Idella SIMMIONS, L E 1896-Jan-30
COOPER, Bee DEBAYRD, N J 1898-Mar-18
COPES, Mary E SMILEY, E 1892-Sep-28
CORBIN, Josephine GOULD, John 1894-Mar-13
CORMIER, Adehusca TUFTAN, Giusepp 1888-Jan-03
CORNING, Hellen Huntley RAMSEY, Petr Hunter 1888-Apr-15
CORY, Janie WYATT, G W 1896-Oct-21
COTHERN, Allie MORGAN, H J 1887-Dec-06
COTHERN, Annice DUNNAWAY, A J 1884-Nov-24
COTHERN, Cynthia MULFORD, Jodie O 1897-Oct-11
COTHERN, Fanny RAYBORN, W I 1897-Nov-01
COTHERN, Mindona HOLMES, John T 1882-Dec-18
COTHERN, Ophelia MUIRHEAD, J C 1898-Mar-26
COTTEN, Fannie E MATTHEWS, Geo D 1886-Oct-15
COTTEN, Lucinda LEWIS, Wm 1886-Feb-12
COURTNEY, Fannie LAMBERT, John 1899-Jun-20
COURTNEY, Lizzie MAGEE, John 1885-Jan-15
COVINGTON, Eunice E HAILEY, J F 1887-Aug-31
COVINGTON, Louise BOYD, A H 1890-Nov-14
COWART, Jennie SMITH, Jesse 1885-Jun-29
COX, Mollie HALL, James 1883-Dec-28
CRAFT, Alice WHITE, J M 1862-Nov-22
CRAFT, Belle MCGANN, P H 1892-May-13
CRAFT, Ophelia HAYNES, C E 1886-Dec-13
CRAVEN, Mabel F MIXON, W B 1890-Jun-21
CRAWFORD, Ella RIMES, J H 1897-May-29
CRAWFORD, Harriet E LEWIS, J M 1887-May-30
CRAWFORD, Rosa R BETHEA, J W 1890-Sep-08
CRAWFORD, Sarah SMITH, Hope 1884-Nov-12
CREEL, Maggie SHARPLING, J A 1895-Dec-28
CREEL, Mary J SIMMIONS, Richard B 1889-Jan-02
CREEL, Mattie WILLIAMS, Jesse 1899-Aug-26
CRIER, Sarah HALL, George 1886-Jan-07
CROOSLY, Lucy WETHERSBY, Abraham 1887-Mar-09
CROSSBY, Cornelia ANDERSON, Louis 1887-Dec-22
CROSSLEY, Dicie PRESTON, Henry 1883-Jan-20
CROSSLEY, Sarah SWEARINGEN, Thomas 1887-Dec-24
CRUZE, Fannie DAVIS, William 1883-Sep-12
CUNNINGHAM, Jesse E WHITEHEAD, Alfred E 1893-Feb-06
CURLEY, Marcella BIGNEY, M F 1886-Nov-22
CURTIS, Docie BOGGS, C W 1890-Nov-26
CURTIS, Georgiana R MCDANIEL, V H 1889-Jul-17
CURTIS, Matilda HAMMONS, Willie 1883-May-19
CUTCHINGS, Florence CAUSEY, T Frank 1882-Nov-15
CUTRER, Annie MCLVIN, G W 1884-Dec-01
CUTRER, Cora DEAN, P W 1892-Dec-28
CUTRER, Dener EASLEY, W A 1889-Feb-28
CUTRER, Mary RISHER, J E 1893-Mar-15
CUTRER, Rachel WALL, E B 1895-Feb-06
CYRUS, Nellie ROBERTS, Monroe 1884-Feb-20



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