Pike County Brides


AARD, Mary RICHARDSON, Albert 1884-Sep-25
AARONSON, Ida HART, Lee 1894-Jan-23
AARONSON, Mayme FOX, D R 1897-May-27
ABBOTT, Sarah LYONS, J C 1895-Nov-25
ABRAHAM, Julia CONEY, Aaron 1884-Jan-09
ABRIGHT, Martha WEBB, J C Dr 1897-Dec-20
ABRIGHT, Mary T TRUEX, John W 1882-Dec-20
ABSHIRE, Margueritte HARDY, Pierre Athenor 1887-Jan-18
ADAIR, Fannie M GRANSTROM, Olaf 1890-Nov-13
ADAMS, Sarah CLARK, H H 1892-Feb-25
ADAMS, Zemby HAINES, John 1882-Dec-26
ADDISON, Brezetta ROBERTS, Arnold 1891-Apr-07
ADDISON, Lelia Ann MOORE, J H 1896-Mar-17
ADDISON, Maggie NEWMAN, D L 1893-Sep-18
ADDISON, Rose ELLZEY, Samuel 1886-Apr-20
ADDISON, Winnie HUGHES, J L 1890-Nov-20
ALBRIGHT, Ella M THOMPSON, S B 1890-Feb-04
ALBRIGHT, Virginia G ALFORD, Lucius Edwin 1899-Mar-22
ALEXANDER, Gussie EVANS, John G 1897-Sep-16
ALEXANDER, Hattie DUNAWAY, W L 1896-Jan-10
ALEXANDER, Laura DUNAWAY, James N 1882-Sep-25
ALEXANDER, Mandy REEVES, Z 1890-Dec-08
ALEXANDER, Margarette GREER, W C 1892-Nov-24
ALFORD, Ana M SMITH, Wm J 1887-Dec-27
ALFORD, Annie O HALL, Jesse M 1893-Jan-04
ALFORD, Batie SMITH, H S 1893-Dec-14
ALFORD, Callonia SANDIFER, Jesse C 1892-Sep-26
ALFORD, Della DILLON, Uriah 1894-Mar-12
ALFORD, Eliza J MCDANIEL, W L 1893-Feb-13
ALFORD, Emma GINN, W J M 1897-Mar-04
ALFORD, Emma B LEWIS, C Q 1892-Apr-28
ALFORD, Fannie B HALL, John J 1893-Jan-04
ALFORD, Francis FOX, Johnson 1899-Aug-18
ALFORD, Katie TERRELL, W J 1886-Dec-18
ALFORD, Lena MAGEE, Wiley C 1892-Jun-09
ALFORD, Lizzie NUNNERY, Napoleon 1899-Dec-30
ALFORD, Ola TERRELL, Wm J 1893-Oct-31
ALFORD, Rosa SIMMIONS, Jerry 1885-Oct-23
ALFORD, Sarah J WALL, C T 1890-Feb-10
ALLEN, Ada E STRICKLAND, D W 1894-Mar-17
ALLEN, Allice J SIMMIONS, J Lee 1886-Oct-25
ALLEN, Elena FREDERICKS, Chas H 1898-Aug-27
ALLEN, Emma J KURKENDALL, J M O 1894-Jul-05
ALLEN, Hannah J MCGOWAN, Calvin 1882-Dec-16
ALLEN, Jane MARTIN, Hillory 1884-Mar-29
ALLEN, Lula PRICE, R E 1899-Feb-01
ALLEN, Lutitia YARBOROUGH, Pompy 1885-Jun-16
ALLEN, Maggie SINGLETON, Allen 1899-Nov-12
ALLEN, Mary CASTON, Green 1886-Dec-24
ALLEN, Permelia ANDREWS, W W 1887-Dec-11
ALLEN, Rena BEASLEY, George 1886-Dec-23
ALLEN, Victoria WALTERS, Thos I 1894-Mar-27
ALLMOND, Alice G SIMMONS, W Tate 1898-Dec-24
ALVAREZ, Emma DIEHL, Lewis J 1898-Jan-20
AMES, Lizzie BRUMFIELD, Anthony 1886-Feb-02
ANDERSON, Carrie CANTON, Edry 1897-Dec-20
ANDERSON, Cora JACKSON, Eli 1899-Nov-13
ANDERSON, Minerva HENDERSON, Pinckney 1884-Dec-24
ANDREW, Mayarlene BREWER, John W 1899-Aug-16
ANDREW, Myra J HOLMES, Jesse L 1899-Feb-11
ANDREWS, Alice MIXON, O F 1897-Jul-20
ANDREWS, Amelia STATHAM, R Y 1899-Oct-31
ANDREWS, Easter LEWIS, Stanny 1887-Nov-19
ANDREWS, Ella KAIGLER, Geo E 1886-Jan-13
ANDREWS, Emma VARNADO, C L 1891-Dec-19
ANDREWS, Ethel M PACKWOOD, N R 1896-Feb-15
ANDREWS, Jane BONDS, Jerry 1899-Dec-23
ANDREWS, Laura A HOLMES, L F 1889-Jul-06
ANDREWS, Lillie BROWN, Charlie 1899-Aug-16
ANDREWS, Lizzie YARBOROUGH, L W 1883-Feb-07
ANDREWS, Lucy G HULL, Thomas J 1885-Nov-21
ANDREWS, Mamie B BICKHAM, G W 1891-Sep-26
ANDREWS, Mollie CONEY, W O 1896-Dec-24
ANDREWS, Mollie LIGHTY, G W 1889-Jul-10
ANDREWS, Nannie BRACEY, Octavious 1888-Jan-02
ANDREWS, Otera HOLMES, Y L 1896-Jul-20
ANDREWS, Rosa MCEWEN, R M 1896-Oct-14
ANDREWS, Sarah N DUNCAN, Joseph P 1893-Feb-06
ANDREWS, Vicky FELDER, Isaac 1899-May-20
ARCARDE, Laura ANCLAIRE, Arthur 1898-Jun-21
ARCHWELL, Mourning WALKER, Lewis 1883-Aug-10
ARD, Adaline SIBLEY, Abram 1883-Feb-02
ARD, Angeline MILLER, George 1883-Jan-04
ARD, Brunettie C WOOD, Bolivar 1893-Mar-04
ARD, Emma RATLIFF, John 1882-Dec-30
ARNOLD, Sarah E ISOM, A 1885-Apr-20
ARNOLD, Telitha MONTGOMERY, J R 1886-Aug-18
ARONSON, Flora MOYSE, Julius 1890-Mar-29
ASHLEY, Annie CARMEL, Thomas 1885-Aug-15
ASHLEY, Clarisse ISAAC, Josephus 1887-Dec-29
ASHLEY, Judy ANDREWS, James 1886-Dec-29
ASHLEY, Lizzie WALKER, John 1885-Oct-22
ASHLEY, Mary ALLENS, Wallace 1885-May-23
ASHLEY, Sarah FELDER, Henry 1886-Jan-02
ASHWORTH, Ellen WILSON, Wm 1885-Apr-30
ATKINS, Julia LEE, Nathan 1887-Apr-07
ATKINSON, Emma FORD, H B 1891-Aug-05
ATKINSON, Hattie LEBLANC, R E 1897-Feb-24
ATKINSON, Lillie JAMES, Seaborn 1886-Dec-02
ATKINSON, Lula S MCNAIR, E F 1888-Dec-27
AUGUSTUS, Belle BARNES, Wm 1897-Aug-18
AUGUSTUS, Lydia JENKINS, Bon 1853-Dec-31
AUSTEN, Susie VASSEL, Jack 1884-Feb-07
AUSTIN, Arrie JENKINS, John 1884-Dec-29
AUSTIN, Caroline JOHNSON, Aaron 1883-Dec-03
AUSTIN, Eliza BRIDGES, John 1887-Dec-12
AUSTIN, Mary MADDOX, Marshall 1899-Nov-19
AUSTIN, Nancy JONES, Frank 1882-Dec-26
AYERS, Ellen DILLON, George 1885-Jan-08



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