Perry County Grooms

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WADE, Ben FAIRLEY, Fannie Jane 1900-Aug-06
WADE, Sam BIRT, Emma 1911-Jan-02
WADE, Thompson GALE, Nancy 1890-Jul-31
WADE, Wesley HARTFIELD, Martha 1879-Jan-20
WADE, Wyatt KENNEDY, Irene 1909-Jul-15
WAITES, Jacob MORRIS, L V 1891-Jul-02
WALKER, Anderson RAMSEY, Lettie 1887-Dec-23
WALKER, Daniel PRICE, Julia 1892-Feb-11
WALKER, Joe HINTON, Cara 1911-May-10
WALKER, Lamp HINTON, Ann 1892-Feb-25
WALKER, Thomas MCSWAIN, Katie 1900-Mar-15
WALKER, Tom WILLIAMS, Maggie 1909-Sep-24
WALKER, Westley VAUGHN, Julia 1888-Jul-25
WALL, L A RUSH, W W 1889-Dec-19
WALL, V L QUICK, W J 1890-May-21
WALLEY, A B MEADOWS, Josephine 1897-Dec-23
WALLEY, A B SMITH, Callie 1905-Nov-08
WALLEY, A J EDWARDS, Elizabeth 1881-Mar-06
WALLEY, A L MEADOWS, Laura 1900-Dec-05
WALLEY, D W Dr ALPERT, Rosa 1909-Dec-11
WALLEY, G P NEWELL, Mandy 1886-Nov-28
WALLEY, G P SWEARINGEN, Christine 1880-Jan-28
WALLEY, J E EDWARDS, Almeda 1896-Dec-30
WALLEY, James HINTON, Elizabeth 1881-Sep-27
WALLEY, Jessie SMITH, Wanda 1902-Aug-07
WALLEY, Lawrence NEWELL, Samantha 1912-Aug-29
WALLEY, Ottis JONES, Henry W 1907-Jan-17
WALLEY, V G KIRKLIN, Ardilla 1910-Jun-26
WALLEY, William LANDRUM, Sarah 1911-Jul-09
WALTER, D W FORD, Madaline 1899-Jun-15
WALTERS, D M MCGILORAY, Ella 1896-Nov-01
WALTERS, Jesse PETERS, Lee 1912-Sep-02
WALTERS, Wm MILLER, Caroline 1906-Apr-14
WALTMAN, Archa JONES, Martha 1886-Oct-27
WALTMAN, Joseph HINTON, Rocksy 1902-Jan-05
WALTMAN, Willie G MYRICK, Stella 1912-Apr-13
WALTON, Isaac MCSWAIN, Sarah Jane 1903-Dec-12
WALTON, Willie STEADON, Bertha 1911-May-13
WARD, Gary MITCHEL, Alice 1908-Jun-10
WARD, Henry K BRELAND, Amanda C 1885-Dec-16
WARD, M A DOHERTY, M O 1887-Dec-27
WARDEAU, G W BRELAND, Mary 1894-Jan-03
WARDEIN, James JOHNSON, Rohany Mrs 1881-Apr-20
WARREN, J C STEVENS, Lettie 1908-Mar-28
WASHINGTON, Cleamon WATKINS, Deala 1912-Dec-22
WASHINGTON, Frank GUY, Savanah 1910-Mar-03
WASHINGTON, Isaiah LOVE, Lula 1905-Jun-22
WASHINGTON, Nathan SALTER, Lela 1909-Dec-01
WASHINGTON, Tip SCOTT, Alice 1908-Nov-04
WATKIN, Anderson DAVIS, Susie 1911-Dec-03
WATKINS, Gus MATHEWS, Lethy 1892-Apr-15
WATSON, J E IVY, Annie 1909-Nov-20
WATSON, J T WALLEY, Mahala 1911-Feb-17
WATSON, Jake MCCORMAC, Netta 1910-Feb-19
WATTERS, Bura BRAGDON, Bertha 1912-Dec-22
WATTS, Griffin MCCALLUM, Orizell 1886-Apr-01
WATTS, J W POWELL, Martha 1882-Feb-02
WATTS, Theodore PRYOR, Lillie Leola 1910-May-07
WATTS, William STEEL, Lula 1890-Feb-24
WAULARD, Emry DIXON, Annie 1912-Jun-24
WEARY, W E STALTWORTH, Emma 1908-Sep-28
WEBB, J B JENKINS, H V 1890-Apr-20
WEBB, J F BOUNDS, Hattie 1889-Feb-11
WEBSTER, Henry GREEN, Augusta 1905-Aug-13
WEDGWORTH, Ross BURKETT, Mary A 1887-Nov-15
WELDY, G B HARWELL, Dicie 1909-Apr-08
WELDY, J L KENUTT, J B 1908-Sep-24
WELDY, R L KITTRELL, Effie 1906-Aug-27
WELLS, Jim HUSBAND, Nellie 1906-Dec-29
WERO, Henry WILLIAMS, Jane 1886-May-08
WEST, Caesar CARTER, Nellie 1886-Aug-08
WEST, Henry MCCALLUM, Catherine 1888-Nov-01
WEST, Ned DAVIS, Mahala 1881-Dec-15
WEST, Sam Sr CARTER, Paulina 1894-Jan-28
WEST, Samuel J MCSWAIN, Minnie 1892-Sep-06
WHATLEY, S T LOTT, Ida 1912-Dec-22
WHEELER, Bethel TERRELL, Lizzie 1910-Sep-20
WHEELER, Calvin KELLY, Mary 1881-Jan-09
WHITE, Ben ROBINSON, Louisa 1911-Jul-31
WHITE, C B WATERS, Dora Ann 1892-Sep-21
WHITE, Charlie BRELAND, Sarah 1909-May-29
WHITE, Cornie HARTFIELD, Elizabeth 1907-Jan-31
WHITE, Frank RANKINS, Minnie Lee 1905-Mar-02
WHITE, Henry GARRETTE, Lizzie 1911-Jul-09
WHITE, J S MORGAN, Florence 1910-Jun-20
WHITE, Nathan BROWN, Jensie 1888-May-17
WHITE, Robert HINTON, Mildred A 1881-May-18
WHITE, Sydney DOUGLASS, Leata 1908-May-10
WHITE, W H BROWN, Bedy 1889-Apr-11
WHITE, W H H STEVENS, Lucy 1881-Mar-19
WHITTINGTON, Wyat BROOKS, Ollie 1911-Nov-27
WHITTLE, J P ARINGTON, Eliza 1909-Feb-28
WHITTLE, J W JOYNER, Theodosia 1891-Sep-01
WHITTLE, Napoleon HINTON, Dora Ann 1894-Dec-06
WILCOX, Robert BROWN, Janie 1907-Feb-16
WILEY, Swep GRIFFIN, Emma 1910-May-06
WILLIAMS, A D JACKSON, Annie 1907-Mar-16
WILLIAMS, Charles GRAY, Lessie 1888-Jul-20
WILLIAMS, Charley WILLIAMS, Willie 1891-Mar-24
WILLIAMS, Charlie BROWN, Nelie 1908-Jan-01
WILLIAMS, Charlie KING, Maggie 1908-Nov-11
WILLIAMS, Charly JACKSON, Dora 1891-May-25
WILLIAMS, Cicero CLARK, Alliman 1909-Sep-05
WILLIAMS, E J BRELAND, Dicey 1883-Sep-26
WILLIAMS, General COLEMAN, Gussie 1908-Aug-15
WILLIAMS, George BARNETT, Emma 1911-Jan-29
WILLIAMS, Gus COLLINS, Lillie 1911-Dec-22
WILLIAMS, Jim NEWELL, Mary 1907-Sep-09
WILLIAMS, John BUZZELL, Mary Jane 1887-Oct-25
WILLIAMS, John PERRYMAN, Caldonia 1890-May-13
WILLIAMS, Moses HINTON, Martha 1904-May-30
WILLIAMS, Richard HARTFIELD, Beatris 1908-Dec-13
WILLIAMS, Sam HAYS, Corene 1909-May-10
WILLIAMS, Walter CAMERON, Annie 1889-Aug-14
WILLIAMS, Wesly WASHINGTON, Ella 1889-Aug-01
WILLIAMS, Wiley SMITH, Orcola 1909-Nov-17
WILLIAMS, Willie BEARDSLEY, Mary Scott 1905-Jun-06
WILLIAMS, Willie FAIRLIE, Pallie 1904-May-14
WILLIAMS, Willie HOWARD, Lela 1908-Jun-14
WILLIAMS, Willie WILLIAMS, Charley 1891-Mar-24
WILLIAMSON, C R SLAY, Fannie A 1905-Sep-10
WILSON, Ben FORD, Mary 1908-Jun-09
WILSON, Felix WATTS, Saly 1908-Jul-28
WILSON, Isaiah DEPORT, Hattie 1907-Aug-24
WILSON, Jim FAIRLEY, Cara 1912-Jan-10
WILSON, Mack THOMPSON, Lullie 1908-Jun-08
WIMBERLY, T W HEMPHILL, Fannie 1907-Mar-02
WINDSON, R N HOLLIMAN, Lucy 1905-Dec-25
WINN, Sam FAIRLEY, Idella 1910-May-28
WOOD, Alexander HARTFIELD, Mary Jane 1890-Dec-25
WOODARD, B E STEVENS, Lottie 1909-Sep-08
WOODARD, S W HOLLIMON, Francis 1885-Feb-01
WOODS, Eddie JACKSON, T C 1910-Aug-03
WOODS, Louis HENDRIX, Louvenia 1909-Oct-25
WOODS, Rufus R HARTFIELD, Azeline 1902-Nov-16
WOODS, Wiley BOULTON, Effie 1890-Jan-30
WOODSEN, Monroe MCGILVRAY, Rena 1911-Aug-09
WOOTEN, T F PIGFORD, O R 1892-Jan-26
WORTHY, J W DEWITT, Ella 1890-Oct-19
WRENCHER, J R LYS, Viola 1911-Jul-19
YARBROUGH, Jimmy JAMES, N D 1912-May-19
YATES, Jesse DENHAM, Susie 1911-Oct-19
YATES, John BARBER, Lillie A 1912-Jan-14
YOUNG, C C WHITE, Corene 1902-Jan-25
YOUNG, C J CASTLE, Mandy 1910-Apr-11
YOUNG, Cornelius THAMES, Lila 1905-Nov-28
YOUNG, Harman WALTERS, Luella 1905-May-03



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