Perry County Grooms

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TANNER, Horace BOLTON, Cammie 1907-Jan-21
TANNER, Walter DICKEY, Josephine 1897-Nov-25
TARSEN, Olaf COMBIE, Sarah 1909-Feb-09
TARTE, Louis ESTER, 1909-Apr-04
TATUM, Austin GRIFFIN, Emma 1910-Feb-28
TATUM, Dan BOND, Philis 1899-Feb-27
TATUM, John COLLINS, Millie 1901-Aug-09
TATUM, Mack EPHRAM, Ella 1907-Dec-25
TATUM, Ransom JACKSON, Sabra 1896-Jul-09
TATUM, Wyatt MYERS, Anner 1911-Dec-30
TAYLOR, Frank CRAIG, Sallie 1905-Jun-18
TAYLOR, Homer MCVAY, Eran 1905-Sep-20
TAYLOR, I J HOWARD, Ellar 1909-Sep-05
TAYLOR, Marshall RAYBURN, Calona 1912-Mar-22
TAYLOR, V P MANASCO, Sidney 1905-Dec-10
TAYLOR, W E LANDRUM, Lula 1911-Jun-01
TERRELL, Joe MAY, Darcus 1905-Nov-12
THIGPEN, Elijah BRAIM, Annie 1909-Feb-13
THOMAS, Aaron BRYDEN, Lizzie 1908-Dec-27
THOMAS, Charlie FAIRLEY, Mary 1907-Apr-01
THOMAS, Charlie T BOLTON, Ada O 1911-Jul-20
THOMAS, Emmer MILES, Charlie 1908-Dec-02
THOMAS, Henry GRAVE, Mary 1912-May-23
THOMAS, Luther AGE, Mamie 1908-Nov-24
THOMAS, M J MCLEOD, W S 1889-Dec-04
THOMAS, Nathan ANDERSON, Martha 1883-Nov-02
THOMAS, Sam CHERRY, Mittie 1886-May-08
THOMPSON, Cisero HARTFIELD, Elizabeth 1889-Nov-14
THOMPSON, W W WARD, Mary 1891-Apr-15
TINGLE, B F Jr HOWARD, Mary 1905-Jan-05
TINGLE, B F Jr NIXON, M A 1897-Oct-14
TINGLE, N W HOWARD, Sallie 1910-Jan-08
TISON, Well BROOKS, Mamie 1908-Nov-18
TOMPKINS, Hubert JAMES, Missie 1911-Jan-12
TONEY, N W WORTHY, Candis 1890-Oct-19
TRAVIS, A B MORGAN, Rachel 1887-Apr-14
TRAVIS, Archie ODOM, Willie 1912-Dec-22
TRAVIS, B F RUNNELLS, Rebecca 1911-Oct-28
TRAVIS, B F Dr EATON, Fannie S 1883-Mar-14
TRAVIS, E C MCKENZIE, Mary 1881-Dec-14
TRAVIS, James MCLEOD, Cilla 1885-Oct-01
TRAVIS, John O HOLLIDAY, Lorena 1896-Dec-28
TRAVIS, N C MCKENZIE, Angus 1891-Jan-14
TRAVIS, O A QUICK, S E 1891-Oct-20
TRAVIS, William MCNAIR, Ellen 1888-Jan-16
TREST, Sam JOHNSON, Fannie 1907-Dec-21
TRULOVE, T G EVANS, Susan 1890-Dec-25
TUCKER, Arthur HOLLIMON, Nancy 1882-Dec-08
TURK, Frank FAIRLEY, Callie 1910-May-07
TURK, Tom MCSWAIN, Lizzie 1907-Nov-30
TURNER, Authur STRONG, Pearley 1912-Jul-28
TURNER, Luther K BRELAND, Maggie E 1908-Sep-04
UPSHAW, Drury EDWARDS, Ellie 1906-Feb-04
URBAN, Michael John MCSWAIN, Florence Viola 1912-Apr-28
URSHERY, M L SCOTT, James 1909-May-18
VEREEN, John HINTON, Geneva 1904-Nov-02
VEREEN, Willie P CARPENTER, Bettie 1907-Sep-04



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