Perry County Grooms

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PACE, John COLTER, Caroline 1888-Nov-09
PAINELL, J STOKES, Nora 1908-Feb-29
PAINES, Arbie MCDOWELL, Edna 1910-Jun-29
PALMER, A J MILLSTEAD, Carnelia 1911-May-15
PALMER, Benjamin MANNING, Lora 1902-Dec-19
PALMER, C C FARLOW, W W 1899-Jun-11
PALMER, E BURNETT, J E 1896-Oct-14
PALMER, Ed PALMER, Josephine 1886-Jan-24
PALMER, Murdock DENNIS, Pearley 1910-Nov-16
PALMER, Robert A HINSON, Anna 1911-Sep-11
PALMER, S L JOHNSON, Nicy Millian 1901-Jan-27
PALMER, Thomas HINTON, Eran M 1878-Aug-10
PALMER, W J LAUREDINE, Agness 1900-Oct-10
PARDUE, B C YOUNG, Frances E 1881-Dec-31
PARKER, Archie HERRING, Daisy 1912-Jun-17
PARKER, J E DOSSETT, Laura 1904-Oct-29
PARKER, J M DRAUGHN, Mary 1894-Dec-31
PARKER, Louis HILLS, Rosie 1907-Apr-27
PARKER, W M SYLVESTER, Eliza 1903-Dec-30
PARTER, Graves TAULSON, Bettie 1911-Nov-09
PARTIN, W L MCSWAIN, Effie 1890-Dec-25
PATRICK, S D BATES, Ford 1889-May-30
PATRON, William ONEAL, Nancy E 1883-Mar-08
PATTEN, Jeff FAIRLY, Victoria 1893-Dec-17
PATTERSON, D B COURTNEY, Susan Ann 1897-Sep-14
PATTERSON, Samuel MYERS, Dollie 1892-Apr-07
PATTON, Jeff CARTER, Margaret 1882-Mar-02
PEARCE, Alfred RILEY, Anna R 1885-Apr-26
PEARCE, Andrew HOGAN, Emma 1892-Dec-11
PEARCE, E W BROWN, Jemmie 1910-Apr-03
PEARCE, Isaac HINTON, Mariah 1881-Jul-28
PEARCE, J E GATTIS, Fannie B 1905-Feb-23
PEARCE, Leon LAMBERT, Elizabeth M 1879-Feb-15
PEARCE, Levi GAMMELL, Mary M 1891-Nov-05
PEARCE, Oscar MILES, Bell 1909-Jan-01
PEARCE, W RUNNELS, Jane 1888-Feb-09
PEARCE, Washington PALMER, Mary Ann 1882-Jan-10
PEARCE, William MCCARDLE, Mattie 1885-Oct-01
PEARE, James PALMER, Margaret 1880-Oct-28
PEARSALL, J W CURRY, Annie 1896-Sep-04
PERKINS, H M GILLIS, Flourdine 1912-Aug-03
PERKINS, John HOLDER, Emma 1888-Dec-31
PERKINS, King HINTON, Caraline 1912-Dec-15
PERKINS, King STRONG, Susan 1908-Jan-31
PERKINS, Mose CARTER, Catherine 1885-Nov-05
PERKINS, Samuel HINTON, Sarah 1904-Feb-23
PERKINS, T B STAFFORD, Alice 1888-Jan-19
PERKINS, W S PEARCE, Ada 1892-Mar-02
PERKINS, W S SIMMONS, Mary Jane 1884-Nov-12
PERKINS, Willie MCDONALD, Missoury 1885-Dec-07
PERRY, Dan MCKENZIE, Louisa 1889-May-29
PERRY, John RICE, Alice 1908-Jul-25
PERRY, Will WILSON, Lov 1905-Dec-19
PETERSON, Willie COLLINS, Sallie 1901-May-16
PHILYAW, Dave WILLIAMS, Laura 1909-Dec-06
PICKETT, Frank JOHNSON, Leona 1905-Jul-10
PIERCE, Bwdro BEDONE, Florence 1911-Jun-27
PIERCE, Scott JOHNSON, Dona 1906-Oct-29
PIGFORD, O R WOOTEN, T F 1892-Jan-26
PIPKINS, C L BRADLEY, Jurutha 1910-Mar-23
PITMAN, L F MCLEMORE, Viney 1889-Oct-17
PITMAN, P H JORDAN, S E 1904-Dec-29
PITTMAN, Floyd JONES, Roena 1906-Sep-03
PITTS, Alex WHITE, Verda 1910-Oct-24
PITTS, Ammon CLARK, Florence 1908-Oct-13
PITTS, Charley SMITH, Viola 1911-Dec-27
PITTS, William PALMER, Nancy 1899-Feb-23
PITTS, William R SMITH, Julia 1906-Dec-25
PLOWDEN, Henry ROBINSON, Vinie 1905-Jul-17
POLK, B J MILLER, Rinnie Bell 1909-Oct-18
POOL, James WILLIAMS, Mary 1909-Dec-25
PORTER, Samuel WARREN, Margaret 1884-Dec-04
POTTS, C M LEWIS, John W 1900-Oct-28
POWELL, G G JONES, M E 1886-Feb-18
POWELL, M E WHIDDON, E 1890-Feb-05
POWELL, Z H JONES, Jane 1887-Jan-29
PRINE, J E MENASCO, Clara 1900-Dec-27
PRINE, T M CLINTON, Laura 1889-Jul-22
PRINE, W J SMITH, Mary 1899-Jan-12
PRINE, W J WHITE, Gertrude 1911-Jul-27
PRYOR, Green HOLLIMON, Siney 1889-Nov-07
PRYOR, Green MERRITT, Mary 1901-Nov-10
PRYOR, William BONNER, Evon 1892-Sep-28
PRYOR, William HINTON, Clarisa 1887-Apr-22
QUICK, A J CHAPPELL, Laura A 1884-Sep-04
QUICK, S E TRAVIS, O A 1891-Oct-20
QUICK, W J WALL, V L 1890-May-21



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