Perry County Grooms

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NALL, S A MENASCO, Mary 1902-May-22
NAPP, Nelson THAMES, Lila 1905-Oct-16
NARMAN, A C HASLEY, Lucy 1908-Dec-08
NEIL, Green TINGLE, Annie 1899-Mar-26
NELSON, William FULLINGHAM, Josephine 1890-Aug-13
NELSON, Willie KELLY, Jack 1912-Feb-26
NEWEL, Jeames T EDWARDS, Eliza E 1884-Aug-09
NEWELL, J W EDWARDS, F L 1902-Sep-01
NEWELL, Jesse R HARDY, Fannie 1910-Aug-27
NEWELL, John EDWARDS, Ella 1908-Jul-30
NEWELL, T H MALONE, Remcis 1908-Jul-09
NEWELL, W N HENRY, Hettie May 1912-Jul-12
NEWELL, William EDWARDS, F L 1898-Nov-02
NEWMAN, Isaac MALONE, Mahulda 1893-May-21
NEY, Jeff GILLIAN, Ellen 1884-Jun-20
NICHOLDS, Miller HOLLIMON, Eady 1885-Jan-22
NICHOLS, David E CHAPPELE, Clementine 1881-Feb-24
NICHOLS, Inez GRIFFIN, D B 1894-Jan-17
NICKS, Aaron BLAKE, Blake 1883-Feb-15
NIGHT, R L BRELAND, Mary 1908-Apr-21
NIXON, M A TINGLE, B F Jr 1897-Oct-14
NOBLE, C T ADAMS, Camilla 1909-Apr-11
NOBLES, J M APLIN, M J 1894-May-24
NOBLES, John S RUNNELS, Rebecca E 1895-Oct-17
NORRIS, W E NICHOLS, Sue C 1909-Nov-14
NORRIS, W T EASTERLING, Bernita 1886-Feb-11
NORWOOD, B F K CARTER, Laura E 1886-Dec-30
NORWOOD, Luke MCINNIS, Sylva 1902-Feb-20
OBRYAN, Jim FAIRLEY, Liza 1912-Nov-15
ODOM, Charley PITTS, Marzella 1910-Jan-05
ODOM, D R HENRY, Clara 1912-Aug-31
ODOM, Darling EDWARDS, Almeda 1881-Dec-21
ODOM, E C MCLEMORE, Sarah 1881-Mar-10
ODOM, Elander HINTON, C C 1899-Dec-19
ODOM, Hiram D RIVETTE, Lizzie 1903-May-11
ODOM, J P NEWELL, Ellen 1909-May-06
ODOM, James Ellis BREWER, Liza 1905-Jun-03
ODOM, John RUNNELS, Martha 1908-Aug-10
ODOM, M A MCRAY, Elizabeth 1879-Apr-20
ODOM, Prentice RICH, Nancy Ann 1884-Aug-20
ODOM, Sidney A SAPP, Eran 1878-Jul-04
ODOM, Vince PRESTON, Minnie 1898-Nov-23
ODOM, Willie TRAVIS, Archie 1912-Dec-22
OLIVER, Will FAIRLEY, Pinkie 1904-Oct-07
ONEAL, Alexander FAIRLEY, F A 1884-Jan-10
ONEAL, J A BRELAND, Miloiest 1898-Jun-10
ONEAL, J D CARTER, B J 1891-Apr-09
OREE, Wesley BOULTON, Pearly 1909-May-20
OTTES, Willis REED, Annie 1908-Jun-11
OWEN, Delmer HOWELL, Maggie L 1908-Dec-07
OWENS, James MYERS, Susan 1879-Feb-09



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