Perry County Grooms

F - G

FAIL, J W FOSTER, Lula B 1912-Jul-03
FAIRCHILD, R E FAIRLEY, Lizzie 1909-Dec-23
FAIRFIELD, G W HOVER, Eugenia 1886-Oct-14
FAIRLEY, A H FAIRLEY, Jane 1897-Dec-25
FAIRLEY, Alex TILLMAN, Eliza Mrs 1910-Jan-29
FAIRLEY, Alex S BRELAND, Angeline 1878-Jan-17
FAIRLEY, Ceasar CARTER, Rena 1898-Dec-28
FAIRLEY, E W CARTER, Nora 1909-Aug-12
FAIRLEY, Edgar FAIRLEY, Leoner 1908-Oct-03
FAIRLEY, Enoch BOULTON, Asberry 1895-Oct-15
FAIRLEY, Enoch SMITH, Martha 1891-Jul-25
FAIRLEY, Hamer COLEMAN, Charity 1890-Dec-18
FAIRLEY, Henry KIMPPLES, Carrie 1909-Jul-04
FAIRLEY, Henry SELLERS, Bulah 1905-Jul-26
FAIRLEY, J E STRONG, Ella 1899-Dec-27
FAIRLEY, J G RIPLEY, B E 1888-Dec-12
FAIRLEY, J P YAHN, Vennia 1901-Jun-10
FAIRLEY, J W FAIRLEY, Isabell 1896-Jun-24
FAIRLEY, Joe BRELAND, Eddie 1904-Sep-08
FAIRLEY, Joe DANTZLER, Ader 1902-Apr-26
FAIRLEY, Joe MOODY, Josephine 1904-Jun-02
FAIRLEY, John BENJAMINE, Mary Bell 1908-Dec-10
FAIRLEY, John COURTNEY, Lena 1900-Jul-15
FAIRLEY, John Wesley MCINNIS, Harriet 1880-Aug-05
FAIRLEY, London MCSWAIN, Rachel 1893-Mar-06
FAIRLEY, Lorenza BRELAND, Catharine 1878-Mar-14
FAIRLEY, Lorenzo BLACKWELL, Cora 1906-Dec-31
FAIRLEY, Mack BOULTON, Susan 1890-Oct-31
FAIRLEY, Mackie BRELAND, Watson 1897-Jun-27
FAIRLEY, Neal BROOMFIELD, Malissie 1911-Dec-04
FAIRLEY, Peter MCSWAIN, Lizie 1892-Dec-29
FAIRLEY, Robert Jr RAYBURN, Myra 1892-Dec-12
FAIRLEY, Rufus MYERS, Jinne 1887-Dec-08
FAIRLEY, Sol FAIRLY, Emma 1897-Nov-12
FAIRLEY, W C B DAVIS, Lucy A 1908-May-03
FAIRLEY, Warner BOULTON, Emaline 1887-Sep-09
FAIRLY, Charley PERKINS, Lola 1903-Dec-29
FAIRLY, Jacob CARTER, Quena 1890-Jul-31
FALCONER, G P ARRINGTON, Sophronia 1907-May-04
FALLON, James MCGINN, Mary 1887-Feb-15
FARLOW, W W PALMER, C C 1899-Jun-11
FARMER, Gees PRINE, Sallie 1898-Jun-12
FARMER, Norman DOUGLASS, Hettie 1901-Jan-09
FASIN, Rufus MAMON, Mary 1909-Mar-21
FATUM, Edward BRADLEY, Sarah 1904-Jan-11
FAVRE, Thomas NICHOLS, Maggie 1895-Nov-11
FAYSON, Rufus BAULTON, Maranda 1894-Mar-14
FELLINGRIM, Austin A ARNOLD, Agnes 1883-Feb-05
FENN, William COURTNEY, Elizabeth 1904-Jul-02
FERGUSON, Randolph MIXON, Martha 1882-Mar-07
FERGUSON, Thomas SYLVESTER, Virgin C 1907-Apr-28
FIKES, Robert Pain Rev BRADFORD, Carter Wingate 1911-Dec-16
FILLINGIN, A L DRAUGHN, Martha 1905-Jan-01
FISHEL, E C ANDERSON, Doris 1912-Jun-12
FISHER, Henry PERKINS, Mollie Mrs 1910-Nov-03
FITCH, Richard JONES, Lucy 1909-May-24
FLEMING, Ab MYERS, Celia 1884-Oct-23
FLOWERS, John FALKNER, Sarah 1904-Oct-16
FOIL, Elijah EDWARDS, Ada 1907-Dec-15
FORD, Charles F BULLOCK, Chelly 1886-Dec-28
FORD, J W JONES, Perlie 1909-Apr-18
FORD, James SLADE, Ellen 1883-Dec-05
FOREMAN, J W M BOULTON, Maggie 1897-Mar-04
FORTENBERRY, Gass BUTLER, Abie 1910-Dec-18
FORTNER, Shack HINTON, Sealy 1910-Feb-03
FOSTER, S G HOLLIMAN, Mattie 1910-Feb-10
FRANKLIN, J W HOLDER, Francis 1904-Feb-21
FRANKLIN, Sidney HUBBARD, Carrie 1907-Dec-28
FRANKS, Luke HANDS, Malinda 1885-Jun-22
FRAYER, Hillicard HARTFIELD, Nellie 1883-Feb-01
FREEMAN, C W SUMMERS, Linnie 1911-Dec-17
FREEMAN, G P W BRELAND, Susan 1884-Feb-20
FREEMAN, H J BOULTON, Saphronia 1888-Jul-04
FREEMAN, J H MCCOY, Carrie 1884-Aug-31
FREEMAN, James MCLENDON, Lucy 1910-Dec-24
FREEMAN, Joe LOTT, Bessie 1912-Jun-03
FREEMAN, Lewis E BREWER, Spicey 1905-Dec-20
FREEMAN, Lucus LOTT, Bertha 1912-Dec-22
FREEMAN, M E HAM, W J 1883-Nov-16
FREEMAN, Macon BREWER, Annie 1912-Apr-25
FREEMAN, Nowel WALLEY, Elizabeth 1887-Dec-08
FREEMAN, Walter RODGERS, Isabella 1902-Sep-17
FROST, J L GRAY, Isabel Mrs 1889-Sep-11
FULLIN, W A LEE, D S 1885-Dec-26
FUQUAY, W E CAIN, Maybell 1910-Jul-24
GAINES, Quincey FOWLER, Mary 1905-Apr-25
GALDEN, M LYNAM, Rosalind Olive 1909-Dec-15
GALLOWAY, J B BUSH, Margaret M 1891-Feb-19
GALLOWAY, Oscar T HOWELL, Adele 1907-Jan-05
GAMBLE, Jerry MCGILVRAY, Rosa 1886-Sep-30
GANDY, Jack STALLSWORTH, Dara 1912-Jul-14
GANT, Dave WADE, Charity 1890-Jun-25
GARRAWAY, Benjamin RILEY, Viney 1881-Nov-16
GARRAWAY, J P MYERS, L R 1888-May-26
GARRAWAY, Jim FOSTER, Dashia A 1908-Dec-26
GARRAWAY, S T Jr STEVENS, Ema J 1881-Nov-24
GATLIN, Ben G HODGES, Carrie 1907-Apr-06
GENSLEE, Joe PIPER, Maggie 1910-Mar-20
GIBSON, Joe MUMPHREY, Leona 1904-Nov-24
GIBSON, Mark MCCOMB, Alice 1886-Apr-04
GIBSON, O C MARTIN, W I 1902-Dec-25
GIDDENS, Jack SMITH, Lillie 1904-May-15
GILBERT, A D MIXON, S E 1890-Sep-16
GILL, R HAMSOME, Millie 1910-Mar-17
GILLANDER, Green BONNER, Elizabeth 1887-Mar-31
GILLIS, J M DRAUGHN, Lizzie 1885-Feb-05
GIPSON, Brazie LOPER, Julia 1896-May-10
GIPSON, John MILLSAP, Liddie 1909-Feb-20
GLASCOE, William I N LUCAS, Melvina E 1907-Jun-20
GLOVER, Ed WILLIAMS, Lottie 1904-Apr-10
GOFF, R H FAIRLEY, Silverine 1888-Apr-25
GOLDSBY, John JOHNSON, Hattie 1907-Aug-29
GOODCHILD, Monroe ARRINGTON, Ethel 1912-Jun-27
GOODWIN, L A FURTICK, Annie 1908-May-21
GRAY, George HUSTON, Nettie 1910-Oct-03
GRAY, Truman WATKINS, Elizabeth 1890-Nov-19
GRAY, Will DANTZLER, Caroline 1910-Jun-10
GRAYHAM, J A PRINE, Frances L 1883-Feb-20
GREEN, C W FAIRLEY, Clara E 1878-Dec-08
GREEN, James F GUYSE, Minnie Ola 1911-Apr-25
GREEN, Joseph M MCDONALD, Candice M 1887-Feb-09
GREEN, Sam TODD, Ida 1910-Jul-09
GREEN, W W HINTON, R L 1899-May-04
GRIFFIN, D B NICHOLS, Inez 1894-Jan-17
GRIFFIN, Dandy HARTFIELD, Eliza 1897-Jul-15
GRIFFIN, George A HUGES, James 1883-May-11
GRIFFIN, Isaac HOLLIMAN, Cora 1892-Apr-26
GRIFFIN, Nollie BENJAMINE, Pearlie 1912-Feb-17
GRIFFIN, Sam DANTZLER, Julia 1894-Jan-07
GRIFFIN, Soloman MCLEOD, Maggie 1888-Apr-26
GRIFFIN, Solomon HALLIMAN, Frances 1891-Jul-16
GRIFFIN, William HOLLOMAN, Nardis 1882-Dec-28
GRIGGS, Aaron POLK, Cora 1904-Apr-24
GRIMSLEY, William BULLOCK, Mary 1891-Jan-08
GRIST, R L WINTER, Pearl 1884-Dec-06
GROUT, J L COUCH, J A E 1884-Mar-20
GROVE, Dave WALKER, Mary 1907-Apr-13
GROVES, Ed BRADFORD, Hannah 1909-Apr-15
GULLY, J H PALMER, Nettie G 1907-Dec-25
GURLEY, Louis ELKINS, Malissie 1909-Oct-21
GUTHRIE, J W WALLEY, Rosabell 1902-Jan-16
GUY, John CARTER, Lielybelle 1890-Sep-16
GUY, John FAIRLEY, Tilda 1899-Mar-01
GWIN, J A HINTON, Katie 1903-Dec-31



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