Perry County Grooms


CABB, John MCSWAIN, Emily 1912-Mar-09
CAIN, C R HOLT, Nettie 1908-Aug-26
CALHOON, L J SYLVESTER, Annie 1907-Dec-14
CALLAHAN, D J RUWAN, Mary 1887-Apr-14
CALLAHAN, W J GRANBERRY, Laura 1890-Nov-27
CALLAWAY, J S RODGERS, Pearly 1908-Jul-23
CAMEL, Oscar HINTON, Bama 1908-Sep-20
CAMERON, Rankin LEE, Margaret E 1883-Mar-15
CAMPBELL, I A ODOM, Dona 1905-Jan-22
CAMPBELL, Thomas J ODOM, Almeda 1901-Jul-18
CARGINS, John KNOTTS, Lucy 1912-Feb-26
CARLISLE, Wm COCHRAN, Ella 1897-May-02
CARLTON, James THOMAS, Joanna 1881-Nov-26
CARPENTER, H S CARTER, Eran 1884-Dec-04
CARPENTER, John JONES, Delia 1896-Dec-31
CARPENTER, William H HANDSON, Kate 1881-Oct-09
CARROLL, J M CROW, L M 1911-Dec-20
CARTER, Alex BEARDSLY, Clara 1891-May-07
CARTER, Alex BRADLEY, Clarise 1890-Mar-26
CARTER, Alex WALKER, Julia 1897-Jul-06
CARTER, Alex WILSON, Mary 1895-Apr-08
CARTER, Alexander GILLENDER, Harriet 1882-Aug-24
CARTER, Alpine BRELAND, Emma 1910-Aug-25
CARTER, B J ONEAL, J D 1891-Apr-09
CARTER, Billy MCSWAIN, Rosa 1896-May-02
CARTER, Cleave SCOTT, Millie 1906-Jan-04
CARTER, Ed WEST, Lizzie 1911-Aug-05
CARTER, G J MYERS, Laura B 1890-Feb-13
CARTER, George CARTER, Celia 1879-Aug-26
CARTER, George W CARTER, Sarah 1883-Feb-20
CARTER, Isacs FAIRLEY, La Bella 1894-Apr-05
CARTER, J E MILLER, Jessie 1909-Feb-16
CARTER, J U PARDUE, Sallie 1885-May-21
CARTER, Jackson CARTER, Florida 1885-Dec-29
CARTER, Joe FORKNER, Pheby 1890-Nov-13
CARTER, John PERKINS, Catherine 1892-Nov-23
CARTER, John POWE, Lillie 1894-Feb-08
CARTER, L D CARTER, S E Mrs 1911-Feb-18
CARTER, Lem MCSWAIN, Elizabeth 1886-Nov-20
CARTER, Lem SMITH, Malvina 1883-Feb-03
CARTER, M E MCBRIDE, C J 1883-Dec-14
CARTER, M J JORDAN, William 1885-Aug-20
CARTER, Morris HELVESTON, Georgia 1908-Nov-15
CARTER, Peter L ALEXANDER, Mary Ann 1906-Apr-18
CARTER, Quena FAIRLY, Jacob 1890-Jul-31
CARTER, Sam MCSWAIN, Sarah J 1894-Mar-07
CARTER, Sam STAFFORD, Sabra 1886-Apr-10
CARTER, W L TRAVIS, Eran 1883-Dec-24
CARTER, Westley BRELAND, Cora 1893-Jan-19
CARTRIGHT, Eddy HINTON, Dora A 1887-Sep-09
CEPHAS, Phil HOLLIMON, Mary 1894-Feb-14
CEPHAS, Stephen GELLARDER, Maggie 1894-Feb-01
CHAMBERS, Jordan BARNETTE, Martha 1908-Jun-20
CHAMBLISS, Charlie GRIFFIN, Edwina 1905-Mar-13
CHAPMAN, Hughie MOODY, Eran 1908-Dec-28
CHAPPELL, Columbus C RHODES, Bell 1882-Mar-29
CHARLESTER, Will TILLMAN, Lillie 1910-May-10
CHATMAN, W D DECAL, Susan 1886-Mar-29
CHATMAN, Will JENKINS, Louise 1911-May-13
CHATMAN, Yeam HINTON, Hanah 1912-Jul-10
CHEEKS, W M PICKENS, Anna 1889-Sep-01
CHILDRESS, R A LOTT, J P 1904-Apr-28
CLANTON, J G MORGAN, Emma E 1888-Aug-07
CLARK, Alex ORSO, Gussie 1906-Oct-06
CLARK, Alliman WILLIAMS, Cicero 1909-Sep-05
CLARK, Colon CLIFTON, Selly 1893-Dec-28
CLARK, Davis EDWARDS, Sulis 1911-Jan-25
CLARK, Davis HUTTO, Mary 1890-Jun-10
CLARK, E L HOLLAND, L B 1890-Mar-29
CLARK, Eligh CLIFTON, Maggie 1912-May-15
CLARK, Harvey DEMOND, Frances 1912-Sep-20
CLARK, Hughie CLIFTON, Nancee 1907-Jun-10
CLARK, J M BRELAND, Christina 1878-Feb-24
CLARK, Loyed PALMER, Mandy 1884-Oct-27
CLARK, Oliver HINTON, Louella 1910-Jan-12
CLARK, San HINTON, Nellie 1889-May-19
CLARK, W E BRELAND, Catherine 1886-Dec-14
CLARK, Zallie CLIFTON, Lizer 1911-Jan-27
CLAYTON, Eli CHATMAN, Ollie 1904-Oct-03
CLEVELAND, Joe OSTON, Alice 1909-Jun-21
CLIFTON, Charley EDWARDS, Annie 1898-Sep-20
CLIFTON, George LANDRUM, Mary 1912-Aug-02
CLIFTON, George PALMER, Lizzie 1890-Feb-23
CLINTON, Jackson LOVLIP, Mary 1879-Mar-11
CLINTON, William JOHNSON, Mary 1881-Feb-15
CLOWER, J C THORNTON, Poco 1888-May-04
CLUFF, W E RIGGS, L R 1890-Feb-13
COATS, Abram GARNER, Charity 1898-Oct-10
COCHRAN, Anazeah BOND, Nellie 1880-May-30
COCHRAN, Harris HAYES, Dellar 1911-Feb-22
COCHRAN, L D BURCH, Ella 1907-Apr-14
COCHRAN, R F GIPSON, Julia 1897-Nov-28
COCHRAN, Solomon COCHRAN, Susie 1911-Oct-22
COLEMAN, G W MCSWAIN, Aretta 1904-May-09
COLEMAN, S A MORGAN, D G 1902-Oct-02
COLLINS, Earnest TRUSS, Nettie 1909-Dec-18
COLLINS, G C SUMRALL, Octavia 1903-May-08
COLLINS, Peter BRADLEY, Bella 1894-Dec-12
COLLINS, Peter BRELAND, Angeline 1879-Dec-23
COLLINS, Wesly MYERS, Laura 1887-Jan-20
COLLINS, Willie BLAKLEY, Will 1912-Aug-05
CONNER, O W SENNETT, Gertrude 1890-Apr-30
CONWAY, Henry READY, Zula 1912-Apr-14
CONWAY, Nathan JOHNSON, Hattie 1904-Sep-05
COOK, George MITCHELL, Mamie 1909-Mar-07
COOK, I H C STEVENS, Annie 1877-Dec-20
COOLEY, Hubert MCDONALD, Ida 1889-Jan-30
COOLEY, J K FAIRLEY, Jane 1883-Dec-13
COOLEY, Right STEVESON, Lillie 1909-Feb-14
COOLEY, Wm W FAIRLEY, Catharine 1882-Oct-05
COOPER, James LEWIS, Eliza 1889-Apr-27
CORKRON, J A COOLEY, Mary A 1903-Feb-26
COTTONGIM, Robert BRITTAIN, Ella K 1891-Apr-19
COUCH, J A E GROUT, J L 1884-Mar-20
COULTER, Ran FOXWORTH, Willie May 1907-Nov-02
COURTNEY, Curtis YARBOROUGH, Jane 1907-Jul-21
COURTNEY, E T FORTENBERY, Janetta 1910-Oct-16
COURTNEY, F F BARTON, Nora 1904-May-02
COURTNEY, Felder F WALTERS, Lucy 1902-Mar-30
COURTNEY, I P HATHORN, Bessie 1900-Jan-10
COURTNEY, M M EVANS, Dona 1912-Mar-24
COURTNEY, S F ALBRITTON, Sarah J B 1897-Jul-25
COURTNEY, Virgil HATTON, Mattie 1904-Dec-18
COWAN, E Lucian FULLILOVE, Isabella 1906-Apr-05
COWART, Joe HARRISON, Jane 1896-Dec-24
COWART, Oliver R BRELAND, Christian 1882-Jun-18
COX, Lathan WEBSTER, Laura 1903-Dec-25
CRAFT, Arthur J HAUGH, Addie 1911-Feb-12
CRAFT, H B SAPP, Matilda 1885-Aug-22
CRAFT, Oscar BRELAND, Delia 1906-Sep-19
CRAFT, W A BARLOW, M V 1887-Aug-14
CRAFT, William CRAFT, Bettie 1891-Jan-08
CRATES, Samuel SHOWS, Florence 1905-Aug-13
CREEL, Charlie WATSON, Ella 1909-Mar-16
CREEL, J C TISDALE, Margaret Ann 1880-Sep-02
CREEL, Pink ODOM, Eva 1906-Dec-02
CREWS, Will MOODY, Mary 1911-Sep-26
CROFT, James W TURNER, Fannie 1912-Jan-17
CROW, L M CARROLL, J M 1911-Dec-20
CROWLEY, Elijah MCGILVRAY, Susie 1907-May-18
CUDAHOE, Thomas Berry LEWIS, Mary Idell 1907-Mar-21
CULLARS, Jack HUGGER, Mamie 1904-Apr-14
CULPEPPER, W M MEADOWS, Delphena 1896-Mar-15
CUNNINGHAM, David MCGEE, Viola 1908-Jul-13
CURSNELL, Berry HINTON, Caroline 1900-Dec-31



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