Perry County Brides

W - Z

WADE, Charity GANT, Dave 1890-Jun-25
WADE, Ella SIMPSON, Albert 1889-Jul-25
WADE, Gertrude MELTON, E K 1903-Dec-28
WADE, Jane YATES, Ella 1888-Jul-01
WADE, Martha MCCALLUM, Joe 1886-Feb-18
WADE, Ramsie MCCALLUM, Jim 1906-Dec-06
WAITS, Lillie BURNETT, Dunkin 1911-Jul-18
WALKER, Gertrude ARMSTRONG, Will 1909-Jun-19
WALKER, Julia CARTER, Alex 1897-Jul-06
WALKER, Mary GROVE, Dave 1907-Apr-13
WALKER, Matilda HASLER, Peter 1911-Oct-07
WALLEY, Barbary BREWER, S B 1887-Aug-30
WALLEY, E E DIKES, George 1886-May-26
WALLEY, Elizabeth BROWN, E H 1895-Mar-17
WALLEY, Elizabeth FREEMAN, Nowel 1887-Dec-08
WALLEY, Elizabeth HINTON, Wiley 1910-Feb-24
WALLEY, Girtie EASTERLING, James O 1906-Apr-15
WALLEY, Ira MEADOWS, Jack 1912-Sep-22
WALLEY, Laura BLACKLEDGE, R L 1910-May-10
WALLEY, Letha BROWN, Joe 1904-Jul-09
WALLEY, Liddie LAURENDISA, Joe 1898-Dec-19
WALLEY, Mahala WATSON, J T 1911-Feb-17
WALLEY, Martha HINTON, Walter 1905-Jan-04
WALLEY, Mary SMITH, C H 1893-Jul-28
WALLEY, Rosabell GUTHRIE, J W 1902-Jan-16
WALLEY, Sarah LAURENDERIE, J L 1896-Dec-23
WALTERS, Lucy COURTNEY, Felder F 1902-Mar-30
WALTERS, Luella YOUNG, Harman 1905-May-03
WARD, A V Mrs ESTRIDGE, J M 1889-Apr-21
WARD, Anna BOULTON, Daniel G 1903-Jan-20
WARD, Louisa A JONES, Talma S 1888-Dec-05
WARD, Mary THOMPSON, W W 1891-Apr-15
WARD, Melissa MCGINLEY, P B 1888-May-13
WARD, Ora SUTHERLAND, Walter 1908-Jan-03
WARDEN, Harriet LEE, Samuel R 1885-Mar-08
WARREN, Ida L MCQUISTON, W C 1879-Sep-11
WARREN, Margaret PORTER, Samuel 1884-Dec-04
WASHINGTON, Ella WILLIAMS, Wesly 1889-Aug-01
WATERS, Dora Ann WHITE, C B 1892-Sep-21
WATKINS, Deala WASHINGTON, Cleamon 1912-Dec-22
WATKINS, Elizabeth GRAY, Truman 1890-Nov-19
WATSON, Ella CREEL, Charlie 1909-Mar-16
WATTS, Amelia MCCOMB, John 1882-Jun-01
WATTS, Annie HUDSON, J C 1884-Apr-01
WATTS, Azzie RAWLS, S P 1885-Jul-16
WATTS, Margaret MOTT, Warren 1886-Oct-07
WATTS, Saly WILSON, Felix 1908-Jul-28
WATTS, Willie STEPHEN, Burke 1905-Apr-23
WEBSTER, Laura COX, Lathan 1903-Dec-25
WEDGEWORTH, Elizabeth BURKETT, Gabriel 1879-Mar-13
WEEKS, Mamie MCDONALD, Carl 1907-Jan-30
WELLS, Susie JONES, Robert 1909-Aug-27
WESCOT, Mary S DONELL, E P 1886-Jun-29
WEST, Charlott BOULTON, Trav 1909-Aug-24
WEST, Irean HENRY, Bennie 1912-Dec-26
WEST, Lizzie CARTER, Ed 1911-Aug-05
WEST, Lula BOOTHE, Henry 1912-Aug-04
WEST, Ruby BURBEE, H F 1908-Apr-16
WEST, Sarah DAVIS, Edmund 1880-Apr-03
WHEATLEY, Lucretia RAYBURN, James 1903-Apr-05
WHEELER, Mary STUTTS, James 1896-Nov-09
WHEELER, Sarah BARNETT, Gabe 1906-Mar-22
WHIDDON, E POWELL, M E 1890-Feb-05
WHIGHAM, Mallie MALONY, Willie 1912-Mar-03
WHITE, Alice APLIN, W C 1895-Oct-13
WHITE, Corene YOUNG, C C 1902-Jan-25
WHITE, Elizabeth DABBS, Alonzo 1908-Nov-10
WHITE, Ella SAPP, J A 1888-Jan-25
WHITE, Etta EDWARDS, Newt 1905-Nov-23
WHITE, Georgia EASTERLING, J B 1890-Jan-15
WHITE, Gertrude PRINE, W J 1911-Jul-27
WHITE, Mollie JOHNSON, Charley 1910-Apr-04
WHITE, Pulletha HARTFIELD, Tom 1904-Apr-09
WHITE, Verda PITTS, Alex 1910-Oct-24
WILLIAMS, Ada BRITT, John 1904-May-15
WILLIAMS, Anna BOND, Homer 1912-Dec-31
WILLIAMS, Bessie DAVIS, Philip 1911-Nov-18
WILLIAMS, Buriel MELTON, Christian 1910-Nov-07
WILLIAMS, Carry DENT, Albert 1888-Jul-29
WILLIAMS, Dora BULLOCK, Steven 1887-Jan-09
WILLIAMS, Hattie MOBLEY, Jesse 1907-Dec-28
WILLIAMS, Ida JOHNSON, Sol 1902-Jul-11
WILLIAMS, Jane WERO, Henry 1886-May-08
WILLIAMS, Janie LEE, Bob 1912-Jul-28
WILLIAMS, Laura PHILYAW, Dave 1909-Dec-06
WILLIAMS, Lelia HODGES, Charlie 1907-Feb-21
WILLIAMS, Lottie GLOVER, Ed 1904-Apr-10
WILLIAMS, Lula MCCLAUD, Hudson 1910-May-09
WILLIAMS, Maggie WALKER, Tom 1909-Sep-24
WILLIAMS, Mamie HENDERSON, William 1906-Aug-13
WILLIAMS, Marie J BATSON, G Davis 1882-Jan-20
WILLIAMS, Mary POOL, James 1909-Dec-25
WILLIAMS, Nancy JORDAN, R G 1884-Sep-04
WILLIAMS, Rose MATT, William 1887-Jun-15
WILLIAMSON, Kalt RILEY, G W 1901-Jun-10
WILLIAMSON, Libretine RAMSEY, W J 1910-Dec-12
WILLIS, Mariah DUCKSWORTH, Web 1908-Jul-06
WILSON, Lov PERRY, Will 1905-Dec-19
WILSON, Lucy BERLEY, Paten 1891-Jan-31
WILSON, Mary CARTER, Alex 1895-Apr-08
WIMBERLY, Fannie Mrs HINTON, C H 1911-Apr-23
WINTER, Pearl GRIST, R L 1884-Dec-06
WOOD, Arlina BRELAND, William 1908-Jan-30
WOODARD, Dicy JONES, A J 1897-Jan-03
WOODARD, Lilley Genive MCGILL, John 1910-Jul-19
WOODARD, Mary HINTON, Ira E 1892-Nov-30
WOODARD, Retta BORRON, J C 1910-Feb-09
WOODS, Louise HARTFIELD, Alex 1903-Oct-08
WOODS, Sabra EVENS, Joe 1909-Dec-23
WOODY, Rebecca LEE, Benjamin F 1886-Jul-10
WORTHY, Candis TONEY, N W 1890-Oct-19
WRIGHT, Oreola DENNIS, W A 1898-Oct-12
YAHN, Vennia FAIRLEY, J P 1901-Jun-10
YARABOH, Jennie HUGGANS, John 1892-Jan-22
YARBOROUGH, Jane COURTNEY, Curtis 1907-Jul-21
YATES, Ella WADE, Jane 1888-Jul-01
YOUNG, Anna BEARDSLEY, Frank 1906-Aug-04
YOUNG, Elodie DONNING, R D 1909-May-01
YOUNG, Frances E PARDUE, B C 1881-Dec-31
YOUNG, Margaret M RUNNELS, Asbury 1887-Feb-23
YOUNG, May MOODY, Darkus 1901-Jul-26
YOUNG, Melvina R MELTON, R E 1886-Jan-19
YOUNG, Nettie JACKSON, Willie 1911-Jan-16
YOUNG, Nora DELOACH, Will 1907-Jul-24



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