Perry County Brides

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TATUM, Lizzie HINTON, Jonas 1905-Dec-28
TATUM, Maggie HILL, J W 1912-Nov-20
TATUM, Ora KITCHENS, W F 1908-Sep-13
TATUM, Susiann HENRY, Grant 1912-Sep-14
TAULSON, Bettie PARTER, Graves 1911-Nov-09
TAYLOR, Annie MARTIN, Delmar 1909-Apr-16
TAYLOR, Emeline HINTON, Robert 1891-Aug-07
TAYLOR, Mamie KOONCE, Jim 1908-Jun-03
TAYLOR, Mamie G MOORE, J J 1908-May-19
TERRELL, Lizzie WHEELER, Bethel 1910-Sep-20
THAMES, Lila NAPP, Nelson 1905-Oct-16
THAMES, Lila YOUNG, Cornelius 1905-Nov-28
THOMAS, Joanna CARLTON, James 1881-Nov-26
THOMAS, Ora M HINTON, Mack M 1906-Nov-28
THOMPSON, Charity LASTER, H 1895-Nov-16
THOMPSON, Lullie WILSON, Mack 1908-Jun-08
THOMSON, Kittie CLIFTON, Connie 1905-Dec-27
THORNTON, Poco CLOWER, J C 1888-May-04
TILLMAN, Eliza Mrs FAIRLEY, Alex 1910-Jan-29
TILLMAN, Lillie CHARLESTER, Will 1910-May-10
TILLMAN, Sweety JOHNSON, George 1910-Feb-17
TILMON, Letha JONES, S L 1908-Sep-01
TINGLE, Annie NEIL, Green 1899-Mar-26
TISDALE, Leah MYERS, James 1882-Jan-27
TISDALE, March BONNER, Mollie 1878-Apr-09
TISDALE, Margaret Ann CREEL, J C 1880-Sep-02
TISDALE, Mary HUTTO, John 1885-Jul-12
TODD, Ida GREEN, Sam 1910-Jul-09
TODD, Nala SMITH, R E 1910-Apr-30
TOMPSON, Belle HINTON, Hardie 1911-Oct-01
TRAVIS, Allice HINTON, H T 1908-Sep-10
TRAVIS, Cyrine HYDE, Prentiss 1884-Oct-26
TRAVIS, Eran CARTER, W L 1883-Dec-24
TRAVIS, Martha Ann MYERS, D P 1888-Jan-31
TRAVIS, Phillis KENNEDY, Thomas 1879-Feb-27
TRAVIS, Sal BRADFORD, L J 1883-Nov-26
TREST, Ind Alice LEWIS, Harry H 1907-May-05
TRUSS, Nettie COLLINS, Earnest 1909-Dec-18
TRUTEL, Lena HAVER, James M 1891-Sep-24
TURNER, Fannie CROFT, James W 1912-Jan-17
TURNER, Mamie DOUGLAS, Henry 1908-Nov-15
TURNER, Nellie SKINNER, James 1911-Nov-19
UMPHREY, Amelia ALBRITTON, Henry 1904-Oct-13
VAUGHN, Julia WALKER, Westley 1888-Jul-25



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