Perry County Brides


SALTER, Lela WASHINGTON, Nathan 1909-Dec-01
SANDERS, Cara JONES, Oscar 1912-Jul-04
SANDERS, Sophronia HOWZE, Robert 1890-Mar-03
SANFORD, Georgia MYRICK, Wyatt 1908-Jul-19
SANFORD, Kezzie JENKINS, George 1909-Mar-11
SANTEE, Alice P DAVIS, Henry 1888-Mar-22
SANTEE, Harriet STALWORTH, George 1887-Jul-21
SANTEE, Rachel READ, Isaac 1883-Mar-08
SAPP, Eran ODOM, Sidney A 1878-Jul-04
SAPP, Matilda CRAFT, H B 1885-Aug-22
SAUBBERRY, Jane DICKEY, John Calvin 1880-Jan-15
SCOTT, Alice WASHINGTON, Tip 1908-Nov-04
SCOTT, Ledy EVANS, John 1894-Jul-05
SCOTT, Margaret SMITH, Lee 1893-Feb-02
SCOTT, Martha BRADFORD, James 1889-Jul-25
SCOTT, Millie CARTER, Cleave 1906-Jan-04
SELLERS, Bulah FAIRLEY, Henry 1905-Jul-26
SENNETT, Gertrude CONNER, O W 1890-Apr-30
SETTER, Rosa BOULTON, Frank 1906-Oct-26
SHAFFORD, Weltha J DALBEAR, Joseph E 1911-Nov-09
SHEPARD, Nancy A BRELAND, R E 1889-Oct-31
SHEPHARD, Lucy MCDONALD, J C 1909-May-09
SHOEMAKE, Norah RYALS, R M 1904-Nov-15
SHORE, Chelley DRAUGHN, G D 1894-Oct-21
SHOTTLES, Mary D MARTIN, Alexis G 1880-Jan-28
SHOWELL, Hudle HILLMAN, J S 1910-Aug-03
SHOWS, Alice HYATT, Guss 1906-Feb-18
SHOWS, Florence CRATES, Samuel 1905-Aug-13
SIMMONS, Belle MYERS, A D 1889-Jan-19
SIMMONS, Leola MCLENDON, David L 1907-Jun-22
SIMMONS, Mary Jane PERKINS, W S 1884-Nov-12
SIMS, Alabama MCGILVARY, Henry 1890-Jan-02
SIMS, Ardella JOHNSON, Thomas 1888-Dec-08
SIMS, Nancy HUDDLESTON, G W 1909-Dec-15
SLADE, Ellen FORD, James 1883-Dec-05
SLAY, Fannie A WILLIAMSON, C R 1905-Sep-10
SMALL, Effie L BYRNE, Thadeus P 1906-Nov-14
SMITH, Annie MCLEOD, Charley 1899-Apr-09
SMITH, Belle BOULTON, James B 1895-Apr-04
SMITH, Callie WALLEY, A B 1905-Nov-08
SMITH, Carrie K DENMARK, Webster C 1907-Dec-03
SMITH, Delia A MATHENY, James 1882-Sep-07
SMITH, Julia PITTS, William R 1906-Dec-25
SMITH, Laura E BOUNDS, J W 1885-Apr-05
SMITH, Lena BEASLEY, Frank 1901-Jan-12
SMITH, Lillie GIDDENS, Jack 1904-May-15
SMITH, Louisa BOULTON, Wash 1896-Oct-17
SMITH, Maggie SCOTT, William 1902-Jul-01
SMITH, Malvina CARTER, Lem 1883-Feb-03
SMITH, Margarette HOWARD, George 1907-Nov-17
SMITH, Martha BETTS, Griffin 1880-Feb-12
SMITH, Martha FAIRLEY, Enoch 1891-Jul-25
SMITH, Mary PRINE, W J 1899-Jan-12
SMITH, Mary A BREWER, G W 1884-Sep-11
SMITH, Miranda HARTFIELD, Anderson D 1879-Nov-12
SMITH, Ola EVANS, John 1896-Jan-08
SMITH, Orcola WILLIAMS, Wiley 1909-Nov-17
SMITH, Rachel MCCALLUM, Jackson 1882-Jan-12
SMITH, Sarah BOULTON, Colin 1899-Mar-19
SMITH, Sarah ENGLISH, Wm 1882-Sep-12
SMITH, Srah RUNELS, Hugh 1908-Feb-13
SMITH, Stella MERRITT, David 1902-Jan-03
SMITH, Tempy HOILES, Henry 1912-Jan-22
SMITH, Viola PITTS, Charley 1911-Dec-27
SMITH, Wanda WALLEY, Jessie 1902-Aug-07
SOWELL, Allice HILLMAN, D A 1910-Feb-09
SPEAKS, Maud LADNER, Floyd 1910-Jan-03
SPEARS, Pearl E DUNN, Hubard 1909-Sep-04
SPINKS, Ella BRYNT, Marshall 1912-Jul-27
STAFFORD, Alice PERKINS, T B 1888-Jan-19
STAFFORD, Anna Mrs HASE, Will 1910-Sep-14
STAFFORD, Eleanor E SMITH, Joseph R E 1883-Jan-25
STAFFORD, Georgian ALEXANDER, Charles 1907-Jan-24
STAFFORD, Mary M HATTON, Murphy L 1883-Oct-24
STAFFORD, Sabra CARTER, Sam 1886-Apr-10
STAFFORD, Sabra DRAUGHN, William 1892-Jun-18
STAFFORD, Sabrey HOPKINS, George 1904-Aug-20
STALLSWORTH, Dara GANDY, Jack 1912-Jul-14
STALTWORTH, Emma WEARY, W E 1908-Sep-28
STAMPS, Elizabeth DAVIS, A D 1910-Mar-13
STANBERRY, Estella JACK, Henzie 1912-Mar-27
STANFORD, Georgia BREWER, Frank 1910-Dec-27
STATES, Deanna SCOTT, Johney 1910-Jul-28
STEADON, Bertha WALTON, Willie 1911-May-13
STEEL, Lula WATTS, William 1890-Feb-24
STEVENS, Annie COOK, I H C 1877-Dec-20
STEVENS, Belle HOC, Will 1903-Oct-21
STEVENS, C T M Mrs STEVENS, B S 1910-Apr-14
STEVENS, Ella SPENSER, Simon 1912-Apr-08
STEVENS, Ema J GARRAWAY, S T Jr 1881-Nov-24
STEVENS, Emma STRONG, Anthony 1909-Oct-12
STEVENS, Lettie WARREN, J C 1908-Mar-28
STEVENS, Lottie WOODARD, B E 1909-Sep-08
STEVENS, Lucy WHITE, W H H 1881-Mar-19
STEVENS, Pearl B RUFFIN, John F 1900-Feb-06
STEVENSON, June DANIEL, John 1879-Jan-16
STEVERSON, Cora ANDERSON, Lum 1908-Sep-05
STEVESON, Lillie COOLEY, Right 1909-Feb-14
STEWARD, Ella BOULTON, Phirsee 1908-Nov-29
STEWART, Della DEARMAN, Henry 1892-Feb-09
STEWART, Margret JONES, Ed 1909-Jul-14
STEWART, Mary BOULTON, Wade 1878-May-08
STEWART, Mary D MIXON, H H 1888-Aug-21
STEWART, Mary E BURCH, William A 1879-Sep-15
STEWART, Rockslean DEW, Walter 1912-Feb-26
STEWART, Susan L MCINNIS, D D 1891-Aug-12
STITUM, Annie JACKSON, Daniel 1904-Jun-04
STOKES, Nora PAINELL, J 1908-Feb-29
STRONG, Bell SANTEE, Anderson 1900-Mar-10
STRONG, Cass Sadie MCCARTY, Mitchel 1907-Jun-24
STRONG, Ella FAIRLEY, J E 1899-Dec-27
STRONG, Pearl HATON, George 1908-Jun-01
STRONG, Pearley TURNER, Authur 1912-Jul-28
STRONG, Sadie RICE, John 1912-Jul-22
STRONG, Susan PERKINS, King 1908-Jan-31
STRONG, Susie Ann HENRY, Look 1903-Dec-05
SUIST, Effie SUMERALL, P A V 1912-Dec-08
SULLIVAN, Nancy BOUTWELL, S B 1906-Dec-20
SULLIVAN, Parley MORRISON, John 1912-Jul-02
SUMMERS, Francis MEADOWS, A J 1904-Aug-28
SUMMERS, Linnie FREEMAN, C W 1911-Dec-17
SUMRALL, Alliem JONES, Adolphus D 1879-Feb-20
SUMRALL, Goldie JEFFCOATS, J F 1908-Mar-04
SUMRALL, Margaret E HATTEN, F N P 1878-Jan-23
SUMRALL, Mary BOUNDS, S R 1887-Sep-22
SUMRALL, Mary E LEE, John T 1880-Dec-16
SUMRALL, Octavia COLLINS, G C 1903-May-08
SWEARINGEN, Christine WALLEY, G P 1880-Jan-28
SWEENEY, Lula HENDRICKS, C M 1910-Aug-23
SYLVESTER, Annie CALHOON, L J 1907-Dec-14
SYLVESTER, Eliza PARKER, W M 1903-Dec-30
SYLVESTER, Kittie HINTON, Allen 1882-Jan-19
SYLVESTER, Virgin C FERGUSON, Thomas 1907-Apr-28



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