Perry County Brides


RAMES, Annie HARDY, Rob 1912-Mar-09
RAMSAY, Battiest MYERS, Arnie 1889-Dec-26
RAMSAY, Narcies JOHNSON, William 1885-Aug-03
RAMSEY, Lettie WALKER, Anderson 1887-Dec-23
RANKINS, Minnie Lee WHITE, Frank 1905-Mar-02
RATLIFF, Cela Mrs BURNS, Ruffin 1910-Dec-14
RATLIFF, Olevia MCCORY, Jim 1905-Jan-20
RAWLES, Allice ROGERS, Travis 1880-Oct-12
RAWLES, Laura A ALTMAN, John 1877-Dec-20
RAWLES, Nancy C BYNUM, P M 1878-Dec-04
RAYBURN, Calona TAYLOR, Marshall 1912-Mar-22
RAYBURN, Myra FAIRLEY, Robert Jr 1892-Dec-12
RAYBURN, Viola SHAW, A E 1909-Jun-23
READY, Zula CONWAY, Henry 1912-Apr-14
REAVES, Rosa JOHNSON, George 1909-Oct-27
REDMOND, Frances A BOND, Cephas 1879-Sep-03
REED, Allmeta HOLLIMAN, Sam 1903-Mar-10
REED, Annie OTTES, Willis 1908-Jun-11
REID, Margarett STONE, J B 1903-Sep-16
RESON, Ellen BANKS, George 1909-Mar-07
RHODES, Bell CHAPPELL, Columbus C 1882-Mar-29
RHODES, Laura A LIGHTSEY, George R 1881-Dec-20
RICE, Alice PERRY, John 1908-Jul-25
RICH, Martha BURCH, Alexander 1884-Sep-10
RICH, Mary J BEST, Will 1905-Jun-25
RICH, Nancy Ann ODOM, Prentice 1884-Aug-20
RIGGS, Florence ROBERTSON, J R 1888-Oct-17
RIGGS, Lucia MOORE, W S 1892-Mar-02
RIGGS, Meddie HINTON, T F 1910-Dec-28
RILEY, Anna R PEARCE, Alfred 1885-Apr-26
RILEY, Viney GARRAWAY, Benjamin 1881-Nov-16
RIVERS, Alberta BARNS, Will 1909-Aug-07
RIVETTE, Lizzie ODOM, Hiram D 1903-May-11
ROBERTS, Bettie SOLEY, Isaac 1889-Apr-07
ROBERTS, Sarah BOULTON, Alex 1908-Nov-29
ROBINSON, Louisa WHITE, Ben 1911-Jul-31
ROBINSON, Myrtee L R LOTT, George H 1890-Dec-25
ROBINSON, Sallie SMITH, Thomas 1911-Sep-13
ROBINSON, Vinie PLOWDEN, Henry 1905-Jul-17
ROCKCHILD, America HUDSON, Emanuel 1906-Aug-12
RODGERS, Catherine BARNES, Frank 1908-Jun-13
RODGERS, Isabella FREEMAN, Walter 1902-Sep-17
RODGERS, Mattie JORDAN, A C 1902-Apr-19
RODGERS, Pearly CALLAWAY, J S 1908-Jul-23
ROEBUCK, Mary STACKS, Horace 1908-Nov-19
ROGERS, Mattie E JORDEN, A C 1902-Feb-22
ROPER, Sallie HERRINGTON, B Z 1909-Apr-08
ROSS, Virginia BROOKS, Eugene 1909-May-10
RUNNELLS, Nancy J HERRALD, James 1892-Mar-23
RUNNELLS, Rebecca TRAVIS, B F 1911-Oct-28
RUNNELS, Jane PEARCE, W 1888-Feb-09
RUNNELS, Lizzie RUNNELS, L M 1894-Mar-01
RUNNELS, Martha ODOM, John 1908-Aug-10
RUNNELS, Rebecca E NOBLES, John S 1895-Oct-17
RUWAN, Mary CALLAHAN, D J 1887-Apr-14
RYLE, Millie L STAMPER, J S 1907-Jul-06
RYLES, Jersey EDWARDS, Ammon 1909-Mar-10



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